Family snubs woman in cruise threat case

The mother of 20-year-old Kelley Marie Ferguson declined to vouch for her or offer collateral for bail, and sat silently in court today as federal prosecutors called her daughter immature and unstable. Without any backing from her family, Ferguson’s public defender did not argue against the government’s request to hold her without bail.

“It’s like, ‘Oh well, if her family is not willing to stick out their neck for her, then certainly the court system shouldn’t do it either,'” assistant U.S. attorney Ken Sorenson told KITV.

Ferguson is facing federal terrorism charges after allegedly writing notes threatening to kill everyone aboard a cruise ship bound for Hawai`i last week. She reportedly wanted to get the trip canceled and get back to her boyfriend back in Orange County, Calif. Sorenson said the inter-agency response to the hoax was expensive, noting that the Coast Guard portion alone cost $336,000.

And while her 23-year-old boyfriend, John Brashear, recently spoke out in her defense, prosecutors today revealed that he had a lengthy criminal record.

Assistant U.S. attorney Ken Sorenson said Ferguson is “dependent emotionally and psychologically” on Brashear, who he said has past convictions for hit and run, drug possession and burglary.

Earlier this week, Brashear told KCAL 9 in Los Angeles that Ferguson is “not even close to being a terrorist.”

“What do you think she’s thinking right now?” he asked. “How much she wishes she could probably be with me right now; how much she knows she’s messed up and wishes she probably never would have done it.”

Prosecutors had little sympathy for Ferguson, who they said never showed any remorse for her actions. But U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo did sympathize with her family. “My heart really goes out to her parents who had to suffer and endure the pain of all this embarrassment based on her conduct,” he said.

In an interview with the Honolulu Advertiser, Ferguson’s father said she was immature but didn’t mean to hurt anybody. On behalf of his family, he said, “I am sorry for the inconvenience, disappointments, extra work put on by the cruise line, everything.”

He said that his daughter started skipping school and church after she met Brashears, and that the cruise was meant to bring the family back together.

Earlier this week, federal public defender Loretta Faymonville quipped, “Instead of being charged as a terrorist, she should be charged with being a teenager.”

But in court today before Judge Kevin Chang, Faymonville listened as the prosecution made its case, then said, “We’re not going to argue.”

Ferguson faces up to 20 years in prison.

21 thoughts on “Family snubs woman in cruise threat case

  1. I truly hope that Kelley Marie Ferguson gets punished for her actions. I was aboard the ship and yes it caused alarm and inconvenience to many people. Most of us spent a good deal of money to go on this trip and may never get back there, so I hope she can live with what she has done. At 20 yrs. old she is now an adult and should act like one. Sit in jail for a good period of time and think about it.

  2. I really feel terrible for the people on board that ship. I cannot believe the public defender has the audacity to say “she should be charged with being a teenager,” she is NOT a teenager, she is 20 years old and clearly on a path to no where. I think she deserves the maximum penalty and should spend the rest of her life outside of jail paying back the people she inconvenienced.

  3. I cant believe the Coast Guard cost is that high What are they doing anyway they get their pay to protect us not to just sit in dock. The Govermnent is stealing us blind and no one cares.


  5. Not Very Bright II

    A reader forwarded me this May 2nd update on Ms. Ferguson. It turns out that, contrary to assumptions that I had made in the previous post, her parents are not enablers, excerpt: The mother of a 20-year-old woman accused of making a terrorist threat ab…

  6. Not Very Bright II

    A reader forwarded me this May 2nd update on Ms. Ferguson. It turns out that, contrary to assumptions that I had made in the previous post, her parents are not enablers, excerpt: The mother of a 20-year-old woman accused of making a terrorist threat ab…

  7. Not Very Bright II

    A reader forwarded me this May 2nd update on Ms. Ferguson. It turns out that, contrary to assumptions that I had made in the previous post, her parents are not enablers, excerpt: The mother of a 20-year-old woman accused of making a terrorist threat ab…

  8. Kelley Marie Ferguson’s parents take zero responsibility for her actions. Yes, she is an adult, but has apparently never been treated like one. To call someone “bratty” at this point after what she has done is a complete understatement. This is far from “bratty” behavior – she did NOT throw herself down on the planks of the ship and have a tantrum. Her actions costs all of the passengers, the State of Hawaii, the Federal Government, etc. thousands of dollars and worthless anxiety. To let her off with a slap on the wrist would be a BIG mistake – the Federal Government will need to watch their back more than ever – Terrorists would now have a new excuse to tell authorities the next time they’re apprehended. Whatever Kelley’s intentions were do not justify her actions, but is she the sole person to blame? Well, you’re famous now, Kelley. Maybe someone will make a movie out of your pitiful life – then at least you’ll have some money to repay a portion of what tax money was wasted on a “bratty” person like you. But I suppose wasting my tax money on you is better than a druggie supporting middle-eastern terrorists by buying cystal meth. What do you think, Kelley?

  9. She certainly needs to go to jail, but 20 years seems harsh. I think 2 years would probably be about right.

  10. I too along with my teenage daughter were aboard the cruise. My daughter (13yrs) could not believe the “childness” act that this “ADULT” did. This was suppose to be a birthday gift to my daughter, but of course this “ADULT” had to ruin the majority of the cruise for us. What an unthoughtfull act she did to us and everyone else aboard the ship. I too hope she sits for 20 yrs and thinks about what she has done and what she has left to do when she gets out.

  11. At 20 I was working 2 jobs, I had my own apartment, was paying all of my bills and was the parent of a 2 month old son – At 20 my son was a succesful muscian with his own apartment and paying his own bills – 20 is not a teenager.

  12. Kelly has earned consequences and these have been decided. Now we are left with our thoughts:

    I’m appalled at the viciousness of comments posted here. A ruined life is not an even trade for a spoiled vacation! Anger is understandable in such a circumstance but giving voice to such a lack of perspective — for example, demanding 20 years in exchange for a few days’ inconvenience — is itself a serious cause of many problems that affect us all. The bitterness of public discourse these days is so sad, because it is so unproductive.

    We who can afford these luxuries must be responsible with our influence or risk losing all to the chaos we ourselves have been sowing.

  13. The liberal elitist directly above me: Get off your high horse

    Say what you want… it is not about someones vacation but, her complete disregard for others to the point of putting their lives at great risk.
    This is is actually the serious cause of many problems that affect us all


  14. I think she got off way too lightly. A jail term of at least 5 years would seem about right. However, 20 years would probably be on the extreme side.

    To Mr.Treder:

    Who the hell gave you or the 20 year old mentally challenged girl (and pretty ugly at that) to mess with the lives of hundreds of other normal law abiding citizens, most of whom paid hard earned cash to take their families, friends, or other loved ones for a pleasant time off. Contrary to your startlingly erroneous generalization, majority of the cruise travelers are by no means the richest crop of america.

    It’s because of selfish people like you and she that we see a lot of disparity everywhere. Your defending this act is in itself despicable! Her act is inexcusable and by playing in her defence you simply make a fool out of yourself (which I undoubtfully believe you are!)

  15. There is an alarming lack of character revealed in Ms. Ferguson’s action. She was unmarried and had a child out of wedlock with that boyfriend. That child she won’t be able to see due to her prison sentence. Will the father take care of it?
    Totally unresponsible and sinful actions. I challenge every reader to read a couple of gospel tracts about this issue. Please write me and ask for your free gospel tracts on what the Bible says about marriage. That’s a must-read for every teenager!

    Dear Kelley:
    “Flee youthful lusts, but follow after righteousness, faith, charity and peace with them that call on the Lord from a pure heart.”
    2. Tim 2:22

    I hope your prison time will help you realize what a great mistake you made. I haven’t made a cruise yet, but I was on a lot of flights to Europe. Can you imagine how others felt due to your irresponsible action. The prison time is time to repent and time to think about doing good and following the Lord Jesus and His commandments!

  16. Listen up people! If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. All you liberal babies need to shut the hell up. This woman is lucky that someone didn’t wring her neck for being a dumbass. She is a COMPLETE IDIOT! Another Darwin Award candidate. Please remove her from the Gene Pool!

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