Island feet most sweet

Despite a fondness for slippers and bare feet, Hawaii residents use more Odor-Eaters products per capita than any other state. According to a survey by Combe Inc., which aims Odor-Eaters at people who are “nervous about foot odor and wetness,” Hawai`i consumed its product line at a rate more than double the national average. Frank Haas, marketing director for the Hawai`i Tourism Authority, noted that people here love to enjoy the great outdoors. “For these activities, people are usually shoe-less,” he said.

“It’s a good thing, then, that Hawaiians lead the nation in per capita consumption of Odor-Eaters products, as we’re sure to keep our feet smelling sweet,” Haas added in a Combe press release issued today.

The HTA received a “Sweetest Smelling Feet State” plaque from Combe to commemorate the “De’stink’tion.”

According to the survey, the top ten per-capita Odor-Eater consuming states are Hawai`i, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, Vermont, New York, North Dakota, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

At the bottom of the list were California, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi.

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