New surf magazine ‘nude’ launches with app

Kainos by Sarah Lee on FlickrA new quarterly surf culture magazine is launching alongside a custom, free iPhone app. Co-founders Matt Luttress and Chance Carpenter say ‘nude‘ will be “documenting surf stories from the ageless sea… focusing on enchanting art and cultural stories.”

In print, the bilingual publication will be distributed at select locations on each of the major Hawaiian Islands. Digitally, it will explore surfing’s elegant roots in both article and short films through the app.

Luttress and Carpenter say that ‘nude’ aims to create an unparalleled mobile magazine experience, seamlessly melding the beauty of print with the immediacy of digital. The magazine will release a teaser trailer for a new surf story every Friday via the app.

“Surfing is an elegant endeavor that was born, practiced, and perfected here in Hawaii. Our goal with nude is to cohesively portray surfing’s beauty, history, and elegance into a publication that will speak to both surfers and non-surfers alike,” the co-founders say in a statement. “By integrating short films into the bilingual publication’s narrative voice, nude wants to embrace the innovative elements the iPhone has brought to the publishing industry.”

While the modern sport of surfing is being covered from every conceivable angle, the historic and esoteric stories that make surfing so interesting are largely overlooked by today’s media. By bridging the gap between the past and present, ‘nude’ will shine a light on these iconic stories.

The premiere print issue of ‘nude’ will be distributed on November 1 across Hawaii, as well as in Tokyo, Sydney, and New York.

Download the ‘nude’ app here. There is also a Google+ page, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

Photo by Sarah Lee/Flickr. Her story will be told on Oct. 4, 2013.

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