HIFF names new Executive Director

Chuck BollerAs part of the Hawaii International Film Festival’s (HIFF) business continuity strategy, the HIFF Board of Directors announces that, effective January 1, 2014, current HIFF Executive Director, Chuck Boller, will transition to a new Director Emeritus role and Deputy Director, Robert Lambeth, will transition to Executive Director.

Designed to support HIFF’s long-term film exhibition and education strategies, Mr. Boller will now focus primarily on fundraising and establishing a new HIFF Foundation.

HIFF Board President and Chairman, Owen Ogawa, said: “Chuck Boller is a tremendous individual and friend. Under his leadership HIFF has grown to be one of the premier venues for international cinema and solidified its position as the gateway to the U.S. market for Asian and Pacific Rim film. His tireless efforts have led to a recent revitalization of the organization and we are very happy that he will remain a part of the HIFF team and family as Director Emeritus. In this capacity Chuck will pursue new projects and initiatives for HIFF – opportunities we have been talking about but ultimately did not have time to adequately pursue given the demands of the day-to-day management of HIFF operations. At the same time Robert Lambeth has more than proven his ability to take on the challenges of the Executive Director position. Robert brings with him new ideas and energy that both complement and enhance the vision and existing initiatives put forth by Chuck. Our Ohana Members, supporters, and community at large can rest assured that the team responsible for making HIFF the success it has become will remain intact and continue to look for new ways to enhance the festival experience and educational opportunities HIFF provides.”

HIFF Executive Director, Chuck Boller said: “2013 marked my 23rd year working with HIFF and my 13th as Executive Director. I have enjoyed it immensely and am proud of where HIFF is today and of what HIFF has become. It is incredibly rewarding to see your dreams come true.

My HIFF team and I have always had wonderful ideas and goals. HIFF has, however, not always had the funding necessary to carry out these ideas and attain these goals. With the addition of Creative Lab at HIFF two years ago, new and alternative funding is particularly important. The creation of a HIFF Foundation and other funding mechanisms addresses these and other needs, particularly those of HIFF’s many education programs. I look forward to taking on new projects for HIFF that I did not have the opportunity to pursue previously. I am excited by these new challenges and to the opportunities for HIFF and for me personally that they represent.

Robert Lambeth has been superb as HIFF’s first-ever Deputy Director and now will move into the much-deserved position of Executive Director. Both Robert and my philosophy and thoughts about HIFF mesh perfectly and his wisdom, dedication, business acumen and work ethic are extraordinary. Robert is definitely the man to take HIFF into the future.”

HIFF Deputy Director, Robert Lambeth said: “It is an honor for me to be part of such an extraordinary organization and I am very grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from the HIFF Board of Directors and from previous Executive Directors Chuck Boller and Jeannette Paulson. Thanks to their great leadership, for over 33 years HIFF has made a vital and tangible difference to the lives of so many in our Hawaii ohana. I look forward to building on that worthy legacy and I’m truly excited about HIFF’s future potential.”

The HIFF Spring Showcase will take place from April 4-10, 2014. For more information visit www.hiff.org

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