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The aloha guide to Hawaii’s paradise – beaches, hikes, food, and culture for an unforgettable island experience

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A Guide To Movies Filmed In Hawaii

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With its stunning tropical landscapes and variety of locales, Hawaii has been a prime spot for Hollywood productions…

Would Hawaii Survive Without Tourism?

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With its postcard-worthy beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant culture, Hawaii has become synonymous with an idyllic tropical getaway….

Why You Shouldn’T Travel To Hawaii?

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With its world-famous beaches, amazing weather, and tropical allure, Hawaii may seem like the ultimate dream vacation destination….

Why Is Hawaii So Expensive?

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Aloha! If you’re wondering why the cost of living is so high in Hawaii, you’re not alone. Hawaii’s…

Why Is Kauai So Expensive?

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The Hawaiian island of Kauai is world-renowned for its stunning natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. However, upon arrival,…