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Riding the bus in Hawaii can be an affordable and convenient way to get around, but how much do the buses actually cost? This comprehensive guide will provide details on bus fares for the various public transportation systems across the islands.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Public bus fares in Hawaii range from $2.00 to $3 for a single ride ticket depending on the island and bus system. Monthly passes offer discounts and cost between $45 and $80.

Oahu Bus Fares

TheBus Single Ride and Day Pass Costs

Riding the bus in Oahu can be an affordable and convenient way to get around. TheBus offers single ride tickets starting at $3 for adults, with reduced rates for seniors, youth, and persons with disabilities. You can pay using cash when boarding or use a prepaid pass.

If you plan to take multiple bus trips in one day, a 1-Day Pass for $7.50 makes sense. This pass allows unlimited rides until 3:00 AM the next morning. An economical choice for visitors exploring Oahu for the day without a rental car!

TheBus Monthly Pass Options

For Honolulu residents or long-term visitors needing ongoing transportation, TheBus offers monthly passes to save money. The regular Adult Monthly Pass is $80.

Unlimited trips for a whole month at those rates is a steal! Compare that to paying the $3 adult single ride fare twice per day, which would cost $180 over four weeks. The math shows monthly passes provide great savings for regular bus riders in Oahu.

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Maui Bus Fares

Maui Bus Single Ride and Day Pass Prices

Riding the bus in Maui can be an affordable and convenient way to get around the island. The Maui Bus offers both single ride fares and day passes at reasonable prices.

A single ride fare costs just $2 per person. This allows you to ride the bus for 2 hours and make as many stops as you’d like before needing to pay again or transfer to another route. At only $2 a ride, the bus is a budget-friendly transportation option for visitors and residents alike.

If you plan to take multiple bus trips in one day, a day pass is likely the better value. An adult day pass is only $4, while a child’s day pass (ages 6-17) is just $2. With a day pass, you can take unlimited rides from the time of purchase until the last bus of the service day.

Since a single ride is $2, the day pass pays for itself after just 2 rides. It’s a great option if you’ll be hopping on and off the buses frequently.

Discounted Monthly Maui Bus Passes

In addition to single ride and day pass options, the Maui Bus also offers discounted monthly passes to frequent riders.

An adult monthly pass costs $45 and a child’s monthly pass is $25. To qualify for the discount, passes must be purchased for consecutive months. With 31 days in a month, that shakes out to just $1.45 per day for adults and 80 cents per day for kids.

This is an amazing deal for unlimited access to the island’s public transportation system.

The bus also offers monthly passes to seniors (65+), people with disabilities, and Medicare card holders at an even deeper discount. These riders pay only $20 per month. That’s less than 65 cents per day—talk about a great bargain!

Unlimited monthly passes allow you to plan excursions across Maui without worrying about the cost of each bus trip. Regular commuters can also save big bucks compared to driving and parking a car every day.

Hawaii Island Hele-On Bus Fares

Hele-On Single Ride and Day Pass Fees

Riding the Hele-On bus on Hawaii Island offers an affordable and convenient way to get around. Hele-On operates 18 routes across the island with buses running daily. Fares are charged based on the number of zones travelled through.

The single ride fare ranges from $2 for 1 zone up to $7 if travelling through 5 or more zones. Hele-On also offers a 1-Day Pass for unlimited rides within a 24-hour period for just $5.

With bus stops located throughout towns and communities, the Hele-On bus provides accessible transportation to popular attractions and destinations across Hawaii Island. According to the Hele-On website, over 3.2 million passenger trips were taken on Hele-On buses in 2021.

Ridership continues to grow each year as more residents and visitors discover the affordability and convenience of travelling by Hele-On bus.

Hele-On Bus Monthly Pass Savings

For frequent bus riders, purchasing a Hele-On monthly pass offers even more travel savings. An unlimited monthly ride pass is available for $60, providing passengers 31 days of unlimited trips. When compared to purchasing daily passes, the monthly pass offers a saving of over 50% for regular commuters.

Additionally, Hele-On offers monthly passes free of charge to seniors over 65 and people with disabilities.

The Hele-On bus service partners with public agencies, attractions, hotels, and activity providers across Hawaii Island to offer inclusive travel packages bundling discounted bus passes with activity discounts.

Packages like the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Happy Bus Pass or Hilo Hospitality Pass make getting around easier for both visitors and residents. Travelling by Hele-On bus allows riders to reduce transportation costs while also reducing their carbon footprint when sightseeing across Hawaii’s beautiful Big Island.

Kauai Bus Fare Costs

The Kauai Bus Single Ride and Day Ticket Prices

Riding the Kauai bus offers an affordable and convenient way to get around the Garden Isle. The county bus system charges $2 for a single ride ticket purchased on board, with discounts available for youth, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Travelers who plan to take more than one bus trip per day can save money by buying an unlimited use day pass for $5 from bus drivers or select retailers.

Monthly and Annual Kauai Bus Passes

For Kauai residents and long-term visitors requiring routine transportation, monthly and yearly bus passes offer unmatched affordability. An adult monthly pass costs $50, while the yearly pass comes out to $550 (equivalent to $45 per month).

Discounts reduce these amounts for qualifying youth, seniors, and persons with handicaps.

Compared to driving a car, riders with monthly or annual passes save substantially on expenses like gas, parking, maintenance, and insurance. According to the Kauai Bus website, over 70% of residents utilizing the bus system purchase monthly or yearly passes.

These environmentally friendly locals commend the quality service, extensive routes across the island, and exceptional value that busing on Kauai provides.

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As you can see, bus fares in Hawaii range from $2.00-$3.00 for single ride tickets and $40-$80 for monthly passes, depending on which island you’re visiting.

Understanding the bus costs in advance allows you to efficiently budget for transportation as part of your Hawaiian vacation or daily commute.

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