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Hawaiian day is a fun theme day that allows you to break out your most vibrant, colorful attire. If you want to really get into the Hawaiian spirit, you’ll need to plan an outfit that embraces the tropical, beachy vibe that Hawaii is known for.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Wear brightly colored shirts or dresses, Hawaiian print patterns, flower accessories, and sandals or flip flops for Hawaiian day.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to plan the perfect Hawaiian day outfit, including:

Different outfit ideas for women, men, and children

Tips for accessorizing your Hawaiian look

Where to shop for authentic Hawaiian print fabrics and clothing

Hawaiian Themed Outfit Ideas for Women

Floral dresses or skirts

When it comes to dressing up for Hawaiian Day, nothing screams tropical paradise more than a vibrant floral dress or skirt. These pieces are not only stylish but also perfect for embracing the island spirit. Opt for dresses with bold, colorful prints featuring hibiscus flowers, palm trees, or tropical fruits. Pair your dress with a cute straw bag and some sandals, and you’ll be ready to sway to the rhythm of the Hawaiian music.

Patterned blouses

If you prefer to wear pants instead of dresses or skirts, a patterned blouse is a great choice. Look for blouses with Hawaiian-inspired prints like pineapples, surfboards, or ocean waves. These patterns will add a fun and playful touch to your outfit. Pair your blouse with some denim shorts or capris for a casual and chic look. Don’t forget to accessorize with some statement earrings or a colorful bracelet to complete your Hawaiian ensemble.

Straw hats and flower crowns

No Hawaiian outfit is complete without a fabulous headpiece. For a more traditional look, opt for a straw hat adorned with a colorful ribbon or a flower crown made with tropical flowers. These accessories not only protect you from the sun but also add a touch of elegance and femininity to your outfit. Experiment with different styles and find the one that suits you best. You can even create your own flower crown using real or artificial flowers for a personalized touch.

Sandals and wedges

When it comes to footwear, comfort and style should go hand in hand. For a Hawaiian-themed outfit, choose sandals or wedges that are both fashionable and practical. Opt for sandals with tropical prints or embellishments like seashells or beads. If you prefer a bit of height, wedges are a great option. They provide extra support and stability while still keeping your feet comfortable. Make sure to choose footwear that complements your outfit and allows you to dance the hula with ease.

Hawaiian Themed Outfit Ideas for Men

Hawaiian print shirts

When it comes to dressing for Hawaiian Day, a classic Hawaiian print shirt is a must-have. These shirts are known for their vibrant colors and bold floral patterns, which instantly give off a tropical vibe. Whether you opt for a short-sleeved or long-sleeved version, you’re sure to make a statement with this iconic piece of clothing. Pair it with some khaki pants or shorts for a relaxed and stylish look.

Brightly colored shorts

Another essential item for your Hawaiian-themed outfit is a pair of brightly colored shorts. Think vibrant blues, oranges, and yellows that mimic the colors of the ocean and the sun. Not only will these shorts add a pop of color to your ensemble, but they will also keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Combine them with a simple white t-shirt or a matching Hawaiian print shirt for a cohesive and fun look.

Flip flops or sandals

When it comes to footwear, you can’t go wrong with a pair of flip flops or sandals. These casual and comfortable shoes are perfect for a day in the sun. Opt for a pair in a neutral color like black or brown, or go for something more daring with a tropical pattern. Just make sure to choose a pair that is both stylish and practical, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking and standing.

Accessories like sunglasses and hats

To complete your Hawaiian-themed outfit, don’t forget to add some accessories. Sunglasses are a must-have for protecting your eyes from the bright sun, and they also add a touch of coolness to your look. Consider choosing a pair with colorful frames or lenses to match the tropical theme. Additionally, wearing a hat like a straw fedora or a wide-brimmed sun hat not only protects you from the sun but also adds a stylish and beachy element to your outfit.

For more inspiration and ideas on Hawaiian-themed outfits, you can visit websites like or These websites offer a wide range of Hawaiian clothing options for both men and women.

Hawaiian Themed Outfit Ideas for Kids

Bright sundresses for girls

For a Hawaiian-themed day, bright sundresses are a perfect choice for girls. These dresses are lightweight and comfortable, allowing your little ones to move freely and enjoy the festivities. Look for dresses in vibrant floral prints or tropical patterns to capture the essence of Hawaii. Pair them with cute sandals or flip flops, and don’t forget to accessorize with flower hair clips and leis for that extra touch of island flair.

Hawaiian print shirts for boys

Boys can also get into the Hawaiian spirit with stylish Hawaiian print shirts. These shirts typically feature bold and colorful patterns, such as hibiscus flowers, palm trees, or surfboards. They are perfect for adding a touch of fun and vibrancy to your child’s outfit. Pair the shirt with comfortable shorts or khaki pants, and complete the look with sandals or sneakers. Your little boy will be ready to embrace the Hawaiian vibes!

Flower hair clips and leis

No Hawaiian outfit is complete without flower hair clips and leis. Flower hair clips add a pop of color to any hairstyle, whether it’s a simple ponytail or braids. They are available in various sizes and designs, allowing you to mix and match to create a unique look. Leis, on the other hand, are traditional Hawaiian garlands made of flowers or shells. They can be worn around the neck or as a headpiece, adding a touch of authenticity to your child’s Hawaiian ensemble.

Sandals or water shoes

When it comes to footwear for a Hawaiian-themed day, sandals or water shoes are the way to go. Sandals are comfortable and breathable, perfect for strolling along the beach or participating in outdoor activities. Opt for sandals with non-slip soles to ensure your child’s safety. Water shoes, on the other hand, are ideal if your child will be spending time in the water. They provide protection and grip on wet surfaces, allowing your child to explore the Hawaiian waters without any worries.

Remember, the key to a successful Hawaiian-themed outfit for kids is to embrace the vibrant colors, floral patterns, and tropical elements that represent the beauty of Hawaii. So, let your child’s personality shine through their outfit and have a great time immersing yourself in the Hawaiian spirit!

Hawaiian Accessories to Complete Your Look

When it comes to dressing up for Hawaiian Day, the right accessories can make all the difference. They not only add a touch of authenticity to your outfit but also help you immerse yourself in the tropical vibes of the Hawaiian culture. Here are some must-have accessories that will complete your look and make you the star of the party:

Flower crowns and leis

No Hawaiian outfit is complete without a beautiful flower crown or a colorful lei. These iconic accessories instantly bring the spirit of the islands to life. Flower crowns are made with fresh or silk flowers, while leis are typically made with vibrant Hawaiian flowers such as plumeria or hibiscus. You can wear them around your head, neck, or even as a bracelet. They add a touch of natural beauty and create a festive atmosphere wherever you go.


Protecting your eyes from the sun is essential, and what better way to do it than with a stylish pair of sunglasses? Hawaiian-themed sunglasses often feature fun and vibrant patterns like tropical flowers, palm trees, or surfboards. They not only shield your eyes from harmful UV rays but also add a cool and playful touch to your overall look. So don’t forget to grab a trendy pair of sunglasses to complete your Hawaiian ensemble!

Straw hats and visors

A straw hat or visor is a practical yet fashionable accessory that can’t be overlooked for Hawaiian Day. Not only do they provide shade and protection from the sun, but they also add a touch of laid-back style to your outfit. You can choose from a wide variety of straw hats, including wide-brimmed hats for extra sun protection or visors for a more sporty look. Whichever style you choose, it will surely enhance your Hawaiian attire.

Beach bags and backpacks

Carrying your essentials in a Hawaiian-inspired beach bag or backpack is not only practical but also adds a touch of beachy charm to your overall look. Look for bags made with vibrant colors, tropical prints, or even featuring the iconic hula dancers or surfboards. These bags are not only perfect for carrying your sunscreen and beach towel but also serve as a stylish accessory that complements your Hawaiian outfit. So grab a beach bag or backpack that matches your style and get ready to have some fun in the sun!

Where to Shop for Hawaiian Fashion

Brick-and-mortar Hawaiian/surf shops

If you’re lucky enough to live near a coastal town or a popular tourist destination, you might find brick-and-mortar Hawaiian or surf shops nearby. These specialty stores offer a wide range of Hawaiian fashion items, including aloha shirts, muumuus, sarongs, and accessories like leis and hair clips. They often carry authentic Hawaiian brands and designs, allowing you to truly embrace the Aloha spirit. Plus, shopping in person gives you the opportunity to try on different styles and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your Hawaiian Day outfit.

Online retailers like Amazon and Etsy

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are numerous retailers like Amazon and Etsy that offer a vast selection of Hawaiian fashion. From modern interpretations to traditional designs, these platforms have something for everyone. Simply browse through their extensive catalogs, read customer reviews, and find the perfect pieces to complete your Hawaiian Day ensemble. Don’t forget to check the sizing charts and shipping options to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Vintage and thrift stores

If you’re looking for unique and one-of-a-kind Hawaiian fashion items, consider exploring vintage and thrift stores. These treasure troves often hold hidden gems from past eras, allowing you to create a truly original Hawaiian-inspired outfit. Keep an eye out for retro aloha shirts, vintage floral dresses, and accessories that add a touch of nostalgia to your ensemble. Shopping at these stores not only helps you stand out from the crowd but also promotes sustainability by giving pre-loved clothing a second chance.

Remember, when shopping for Hawaiian fashion, it’s important to prioritize quality and authenticity. Look for reputable sellers and brands that adhere to ethical production practices. And don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a personalized and vibrant Hawaiian Day look that reflects your unique style and personality!


With the right bright, bold outfit and fun tropical accessories, you’ll be ready to celebrate Hawaiian day in style. The most important thing is to have fun with your look and show off your Hawaiian spirit. Don’t be afraid to go all out with patterns, flowers, and bright colors to embrace the island vibe.paired with a lei, Hawaiian-themed accessories like flower crowns and sunglasses, and sandals or flip flops.

Now that you know exactly what to wear, you can start planning your outfit. Hawaiian day only comes around once a year so take this chance to break out your most vibrant, fun ensemble. Aloha!

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