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With pleasant 70-80F (21-27C) temperatures, November is an ideal time to visit tropical Hawaii and enjoy outdoor activities. But what should you pack to dress comfortably? If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: the key is breathable, lightweight clothing with layers for changing conditions and the occasional rainy day.

The best items to bring include shorts, T-shirts, sandals, dresses, rompers, lightweight pants, and short-sleeve shirts. You should also pack a light pullover, bikinis, beach cover-up, rainjacket and carry an umbrella.

Here’s everything you need to know on what to wear for your Hawaii visit in November.

The Weather in Hawaii in November


November brings pleasant weather to Hawaii. Average daily high temperatures are between 81° and 85° Fahrenheit for most islands. The water remains an amazing warm at 80°F, perfect for hitting the surf or beachcombing. At night, temperatures dip to a comfortable 68° to 73°.

Despite being the cool season in Hawaii, most sweaters remain packed away.


Rain showers are sporadic and brief in November. The windward or eastern sides of the islands receive the majority of rainfall, though not as heavy as the humid summer months. Expect occasional sun showers, breezy trade winds, and balmy seas.

Thanks to its tropical latitude, Hawaii sees only minimal seasonal change in temperature or weather patterns throughout the year.

What to Pack

With mild sunny days and temperatures in the 80s, pack light clothing, though toss in one warm layer for cool nights and air-conditioned spaces. A swimsuit is essential. And don’t forget the sunscreen – the tropical sun is fierce.

Other items like light rain jackets, hiking shoes, hats, and sunglasses provide protection and comfort as you explore the islands. As the locals say, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes”. Be prepared for some passing showers and variations in wind or cloud coverage by having versatile layers and gear.

But November sees generally positive weather and is considered an ideal time for many activities.

Typical Daytime Outfits


When packing for a November trip to Hawaii, light and breezy tops are key. Flowy blouses, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton, and loose tank tops are perfect for combating the tropical heat. Make sure to bring tops with UV protection as the November sun in Hawaii is still quite strong.

Some great options include:

  • Lightweight button-down shirts or blouses in bright, fun prints to embrace the Hawaiian vibe.
  • Moisture-wicking athletic tops if you plan on being active.
  • Swim tops and coverups for beach days.
  • Light cardigans or kimonos in case of cooler breezes at higher elevations.


When it comes to bottoms, breathable lightweight fabrics that provide airflow will keep you comfortable on warm Hawaiian days. Options like linen pants, cottonskirts, and shorts are ideal. Consider packing:

  • Loose-fitting linen or cotton pants in light colors.
  • Casual skirts and dresses, perfect for the laidback Hawaiian lifestyle.
  • Denim cutoff shorts to throw on for adventures.
  • A sarong which can double as a swimsuit coverup or skirt.


While footwear is often an afterthought when packing, having the right shoes is essential for comfort on your Hawaii vacation. Look for shoes that can transition smoothly from outdoor adventures to casual evenings out. Some top options include:

  • Sandals with good arch support for full days of walking and hiking.
  • Water shoes or sandals for beach days and water activities.
  • Lightweight sneakers that can get wet if visiting waterfalls or streams.
  • Wedges or cute flats to dress up an evening look.


The right accessories can take your Hawaiian looks to the next level while also providing practical protection from the strong sun. Be sure to pack:

  • Wide-brim sun hats to shield your face and shoulders.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes in style.
  • Lightweight scarves or wraps that can offer extra sun coverage or warmth if needed.
  • Waterproof carrying bags to store essentials for beach days or adventures.

By focusing your Hawaii wardrobe on lightweight, breathable pieces designed for warm weather, you’ll stay cool while soaking up the island vibes. Don’t forget sun protection accessories to prevent burns! Have fun planning stylish outfits tailored to a November trip to this tropical paradise.

Evening and Semi-Formal Wear

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are a great option for evening wear in Hawaii during November. The weather is warm enough to wear light, flowy fabrics like chiffon, lace, or crepe. Some perfect picks are:

  • A mid-length wrap dress in a tropical print or bright, bold color
  • An off-the-shoulder lace dress for a romantic look
  • A sleeveless A-line dress with a full skirt that’s great for dancing the night away at a luau

Accessories like statement earrings, a flower in your hair, and strappy heels or sandals nicely pull these fun dresses together. Just bring a pashmina or light cardigan in case there’s a cool breeze off the ocean at night.

Cover Ups

Even with balmier evening weather, having a cover up is still essential for nights out in Hawaii. Stylish options include:

  • A kimono or duster in a lightweight, breezy fabric like chiffon or crepe
  • A crocheted or lace shrug or bolero that adds texture and detail
  • A colorful sarong that can be worn in different ways, like as a skirt, strapless dress, or shawl

These pieces pull together everything from sundresses to gowns while adding a touch of island style. They also make great photos for documenting your fabulous vacation! Just be sure to choose cover ups in breathable natural fabrics so you stay comfortable all night long.

What to Wear in the Water


When packing your suitcase for a November trip to Hawaii, be sure to include swimwear. Even though Hawaii’s weather cools down a bit in the fall and winter months, the ocean and pool temperatures stay pleasantly warm year-round.

A swimsuit is a must for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or just basking poolside with a tropical drink in hand.

For women, the top swimsuit picks for Hawaii in November are sporty bikini tops paired with boyleg or hipster style bottoms. The extra coverage on the bottom balances out wearing just a bikini top. One-piece suits are also a great choice, especially if you plan to be active in the water.

Rash guards paired with board shorts or bikini bottoms make excellent swimwear too. This combo provides both sun protection and comfort while participating in watersports. For men, square leg swim trunks and athletic board shorts reign supreme.

Beach Cover Ups and Accessories

Though temps are balmier in Hawaii during the fall and winter months compared to other destinations, you may still get chilly, especially after sunset. Pack a lightweight beach cover up or sweater to stay cozy post-swim or for evenings out.

Beach wraps that tie at the waist or kimono-inspired designs make excellent choices. For the ultimate in convenience, opt for a swimsuit cover up with a hood for extra warmth and pockets so you do not have to lug around a bag.

Do not forget the accessories to complete your water-ready ensemble in Hawaii! Protect your eyes from glare off the water with a fun pair of sunglasses. Wide-brim hats add shade and style. Water shoes, flip flops, or sandals are great for walking to and from the beach.

Try a bold summery pedicure beforehand since your feet will be on display in flip flops. And do not forget the sunscreen – pack plenty with a high SPF to shield your skin.

Water Temperature 77-80°F
Air Temperature 73-83°F

As you can see, the ocean and air stay balmy enough for swimming in Hawaii in November. With the right swimsuits and accessories, you will be ready to enjoy all the water activities the islands have to offer during your fall or early winter vacation.

Considerations for Kids and Babies


When choosing tops for kids and babies in Hawaii in November, breathable and lightweight options are key. Cotton shirts and blouses allow air to circulate and dry quickly if wet. For extra sun protection, choose tops made with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) fabrics or with built-in hoods.

Rash guards are also fantastic for protecting tender skin from the strong subtropical sun. Tank tops and short sleeve tees strike the right balance between coverage and coolness.


Similar to tops, lightweight and breathable bottoms are ideal for little ones. Shorts and skirts enable air flow to keep kids comfortable in Hawaii’s balmy November temperatures, which average 81°F. For girls, skorts (skirts with built-in shorts) prevent overexposure while allowing movement.

Partial to pants? Choose lightweight cotton blends or moisture-wicking activewear for versatility. And don’t forget the swimwear! Pack multiple suits so there’s always a dry one ready to go.


Closed-toe shoes protect tiny toes from injury; look for adjustable straps for growing feet. Water shoes work well for playing in the surf and soft sand. For dry land adventures, lightweight sneakers or sandals allow the foot to breathe while providing needed support. And don’t forget the baby!

Wide-brim sun hats and baby carriers are must-haves to keep little noggins shaded.


Don’t forget the accessories when packing for Hawaii! Hats reduce sun exposure on delicate skin and shade eyes. For babies, a UV protective sun canopy on a carrier shelters from harsh rays. Waterproof swim diapers prevent messes for water play.

And don’t hit the beach without reef-safe sunscreen, designed to protect skin without harming marine environments. For water fun, arm floaties provide extra confidence and safety. And plastic water shoes allow kids to comfortably explore tide pools while protecting little feet.


With pleasant 70-80F temperatures, packing breathable, lightweight clothing is key for Hawaii in November. Bring shorts, T-shirts, dresses, sandals and bathing suits along with a light sweater and jacket. Pay special attention to sun protection with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Following these packing recommendations will have you stylishly prepared to enjoy the islands during this beautiful fall month.

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