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With its rich, smooth flavor and aromatic scent, Kona coffee is one of Hawaii’s most prized agricultural products. If you’re visiting Hawaii and want to purchase high-quality Kona coffee straight from the source, you’ll have plenty of excellent options across Hawaii’s Big Island where it’s grown.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: the best places to buy Kona coffee in Hawaii are at the dozens of farms scattered across the Kona side of Big Island that offer farm tours and cupping events, and directly from stores and cafes in Kona or the major cities like Hilo and Kailua-Kona. Coffee purveyors on other Hawaiian Islands also sell locally grown Kona coffee.

Kona Coffee Farm Tours and Tastings on Big Island

When visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, one of the must-try experiences is a Kona coffee farm tour and tasting. Kona coffee is renowned worldwide for its exceptional flavor and quality, thanks to the unique climate and volcanic soil found in the Kona region. There are several options available for tourists who want to explore the world of Kona coffee firsthand.

Take a Tour and Taste Test at an Individual Farm

One of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the world of Kona coffee is by taking a tour and taste test at an individual farm. Many Kona coffee farms offer guided tours where visitors can learn about the coffee-growing process, from planting the coffee trees to harvesting and roasting the beans. You’ll get a chance to see the lush coffee fields up close and even try a freshly brewed cup of Kona coffee. Some farms also have on-site shops where you can purchase bags of freshly roasted coffee to take home as a delicious souvenir.

Check out a Coffee Collective or Cooperative

If you’re interested in exploring a variety of Kona coffee options in one place, consider checking out a coffee collective or cooperative. These establishments bring together coffee from multiple farms in the Kona region, offering visitors the chance to taste and compare different flavors and profiles. It’s a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics that make Kona coffee so special. Some coffee collectives also offer educational presentations or workshops where you can learn more about the coffee-making process and the history of Kona coffee.

Browse Shops Near Kona Airport Before You Leave

If you’re short on time or prefer a more convenient option, you can browse shops near the Kona Airport before you leave the island. Many local coffee shops and specialty stores in the Kona area carry a wide selection of Kona coffee brands and products. You can find everything from whole bean coffee to ground coffee, flavored blends, and even Kona coffee-infused snacks. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite Kona coffee items or pick up unique gifts for friends and family back home.

When it comes to experiencing the rich flavors of Kona coffee, there are plenty of options available on the Big Island of Hawaii. Whether you choose to take a tour at an individual farm, visit a coffee collective, or explore shops near the Kona Airport, you’re sure to find delicious Kona coffee to satisfy your caffeine cravings and bring a piece of Hawaii back with you.

Shops and Cafes Across the Big Island

If you’re visiting the Big Island of Hawaii and looking to buy some authentic Kona coffee, you’re in luck! The island is home to numerous shops and cafes where you can find this world-renowned coffee. Whether you’re in the Kona area, Hilo, or Kailua-Kona, there are plenty of options for you to explore.

Look in the Kona Area

When it comes to Kona coffee, there’s no better place to start your search than in the Kona area itself. The region is famous for its coffee farms, and many of them have their own shops where you can purchase freshly roasted beans. You’ll find a wide variety of flavors and blends to choose from, allowing you to experience the true taste of Kona coffee.

If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, consider visiting one of the smaller, family-owned coffee farms. Not only will you have the opportunity to taste and purchase their coffee, but you may also get a chance to learn about the coffee-growing process from the farmers themselves. It’s a unique and educational experience that coffee enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

Search in Hilo

While the Kona area is known as the coffee capital of the island, Hilo also has its fair share of coffee shops and cafes. Hilo is the largest city on the Big Island and offers a diverse range of coffee options. From local roasters to trendy cafes, you’ll find something to suit your taste buds.

One popular spot in Hilo is the Hilo Farmers Market, where you can find a variety of local products, including Kona coffee. The market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in the local culture while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed Kona coffee.

Check Out Kailua-Kona

Kailua-Kona, located on the west coast of the island, is another great place to find Kona coffee. This lively town is known for its vibrant coffee scene, with numerous cafes and shops lining the streets. Take a stroll along Ali’i Drive and you’ll find an abundance of options to satisfy your coffee cravings.

One popular spot in Kailua-Kona is the Kona Coffee Living History Farm, where you can learn about the history and cultivation of Kona coffee. They also have a gift shop where you can purchase freshly roasted Kona coffee to take home with you. It’s a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge of Kona coffee.

So, whether you’re in the Kona area, Hilo, or Kailua-Kona, there are plenty of shops and cafes across the Big Island where you can buy authentic Kona coffee. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor this world-renowned beverage while exploring the beautiful island of Hawaii.

Buy from Roasters and Retailers on Other Islands

If you are visiting Hawaii and want to get your hands on some delicious Kona coffee, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the Big Island. There are plenty of roasters and retailers on other islands that offer this world-renowned coffee. Whether you are on Oahu, Maui, or Kauai, you can find a variety of options to satisfy your caffeine cravings.


Oahu, known as “The Gathering Place,” is not only famous for its stunning beaches and vibrant city life but also for its coffee scene. When it comes to Kona coffee, you will find several roasters and retailers on the island. One popular destination is the famous Waialua Estate Coffee & Chocolate, located on the North Shore. This family-owned business has been producing high-quality coffee for over 150 years. They offer a range of Kona coffee products, including whole bean, ground, and even chocolate-covered coffee beans. Another great option is the Honolulu Coffee Company, which has several locations across the island. They have a wide selection of Kona coffee blends that you can enjoy in-store or take home with you.


Maui, also known as the “Valley Isle,” is another great place to find Kona coffee. One notable roaster on the island is the MauiGrown Coffee Company. They have a beautiful plantation where they grow their coffee, allowing visitors to experience the process firsthand. You can take a tour of the plantation and learn about the coffee-making process before enjoying a cup of their delicious Kona coffee. Another popular option is the Maui Coffee Roasters, located in Kahului. They offer a wide selection of Kona coffee blends, including flavored options like macadamia nut and coconut. Don’t miss the chance to savor a cup of Kona coffee while enjoying the breathtaking views of Maui.


Kauai, also known as the “Garden Isle,” is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its coffee farms. When it comes to Kona coffee, Kauai has some fantastic options for you to explore. One of the most well-known is Kauai Coffee Company, which is the largest coffee estate in Hawaii. They offer a variety of Kona coffee products, from single-origin to blends, all produced on their 3,100-acre plantation. Another great option is the Kauai Coffee Plantation, where you can take a guided tour of the farm and learn about the cultivation and processing of Kona coffee. With its lush landscapes and delicious coffee, Kauai is a must-visit destination for any coffee lover.

No matter which island you are visiting in Hawaii, you can find a wide range of roasters and retailers offering Kona coffee. Make sure to explore these options and bring home a taste of Hawaii’s finest coffee. Remember, when purchasing Kona coffee, look for the “100% Kona” label to ensure you are getting the real deal. Enjoy your coffee journey across the islands!


With dozens of coffee farms scattered throughout the Kona region offering tours and tastings, along with cafes and shops selling locally roasted coffee across the Big Island, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to purchase high-quality, authentic Kona coffee during your Hawaiian vacation. For a true farm-to-cup experience, tour the lush orchards yourself and chat with local growers before purchasing their beans. Or if short on time, you can pick up packaged Kona coffee at stores in Kona, Hilo, Kailua-Kona and even on the other islands. Savor the flavor of Hawaii’s famous Kona coffee and bring home a bag of these prized beans as the ultimate Hawaiian souvenir.

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