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The CBS crime drama NCIS Hawaii follows a team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents who tackle criminal cases on the picturesque Hawaiian islands. One of the main characters goes by the nickname ‘Boom Boom’, which has left many viewers wondering – who is the actor that plays this role?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The character of Boom Boom on NCIS Hawaii is played by American actor Enver Gjokaj.

Introducing Boom Boom

Background on the character

The character of Boom Boom, played by Enver Gjokaj, made his first appearance in season 2 of NCIS: Hawaii. Boom Boom is a bomb tech expert who joins the NCIS: Hawaii team to assist them with a difficult case involving explosive devices.

Not much is known yet about Boom Boom’s background, but it seems he has extensive experience dealing with IEDs, landmines, grenades, and other explosive ordinances. He brings unique skills and knowledge to the table and has already proven himself invaluable in helping the team solve a dangerous case.

Boom Boom has an offbeat personality and brings some quirky humor to the team dynamic. He seems to be intelligent and methodical in his work, carefully analyzing explosive devices before deciding how to safely disarm them.

Underneath his joking exterior, Boom Boom takes his job very seriously and understands the immense responsibility of working with volatile explosives.

It will be exciting to learn more about what drives this character and why he chose such a dangerous career dealing with bombs and explosives on a daily basis. His expertise will likely continue to come in handy as the NCIS: Hawaii team faces new threats involving weaponry and explosives in future cases.

Enver Gjokaj’s acting career

The actor behind Boom Boom, Enver Gjokaj, is probably best known for his recurring role as Agent Daniel Sousa on the Agent Carter TV series. He also had a regular role as Officer Billy Underwood on Rizzoli & Isles.

Some of his other notable TV credits include parts on Community, Dollhouse, The Rookie, and SEAL Team. On the film side, he has appeared movies such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and The First Purge.

Gjokaj earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Agent Carter in 2016. He is clearly a talented actor capable of disappearing into different roles in both television and film.

It will be exciting to see Enver Gjokaj bring charm and humor to the role of Boom Boom on NCIS: Hawaii. And hopefully we will continue to learn more about what makes this quirky bomb expert tick as the series continues!

The expertise and quick thinking Gjokaj brings to this character already has viewers looking forward to his next scene.

Boom Boom’s Role on NCIS Hawaii

Duties and responsibilities on the team

As a valued member of the NCIS Pearl Harbor team, Boom Boom serves in the vital role of explosive detection canine handler alongside his human partner Ernie Malik. Together, this dynamic duo utilizes Boom Boom’s superior sniffing abilities to sweep crime scenes and military installations for traces of hazardous materials that could threaten the safety of their island ohana.

Some of Boom Boom’s key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Searching vehicles, luggage, packages, etc. for explosive materials and hazardous chemicals
  • Assisting the team during raids, arrests, and emergency operations by helping clear buildings and outdoor areas
  • Providing a psychological deterrent to would-be criminals through his imposing presence

As the only explosive detection canine on the NCIS Pearl Harbor team, Boom Boom plays an integral part in nearly all of their field operations. His participation ensures maximum safety for both the agents and innocent civilians in Hawaii.

Key storylines and scenes featuring Boom Boom

Boom Boom has had his fair share of memorable scenes and storylines in his debut NCIS series season. In one of his first appearances in episode 2, aptly titled “Boom Boom”, he assisted Jane Tennant and Jesse Boone during the thrilling takedown of a violent fugitive smuggling explosives onto the island.

Later in episode 5, “When the Light Goes Out”, Boom Boom helped track a sniper targeting key energy authority figures across Oahu. His keen canine senses led agents straight to the culprit’s nest on a high-rise rooftop.

Perhaps Boom Boom’s shining moment came in episode 9, “Impostor Syndrome”, when he helped stop a brazen gunman attempting an armored truck heist at Pearl Harbor military base. Boom Boom helped distract the gunmen long enough for agents to disarm and arrest them without incident.

With many more high stakes cases on the horizon, Boom Boom is sure to see plenty more action going into NCIS Hawaii’s second season. His unique talents provide invaluable support that helps the NCIS team protect paradise from all criminal threats.

Fan Reception and Future Possibilities

Viewer reactions to the character

Boom Boom, played by Martin Martinez, has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from NCIS: Hawaii viewers since his first appearance in season 1. Fans have praised the character’s fun-loving and laidback personality, as well as his refreshing dynamic with Special Agent Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey).

Many viewers see Boom Boom as a breath of fresh air and enjoy his casual rapport with the team. His jokes and one-liners always elicit laughs from audiences. In online discussions, fans often refer to him as the “comic relief” that helps balance out some of the show’s more dramatic plotlines about crime and corruption.

There is also significant appreciation for the representation that Boom Boom brings as a main character who is Filipino American. This allows NCIS: Hawaii to showcase more Asian American perspectives and experiences. Overall, Martinez’s performance has clearly resonated with fans.

Potential future arcs for Boom Boom

Given the positive viewer response, it seems likely that showrunners will expand on Boom Boom’s storylines and give him more screentime. Some possibilities that fans have speculated about include:

  • More backstory on his family or upbringing in Hawaii
  • Romantic interests – perhaps a summer fling!
  • Undercover assignments that highlight his quick thinking and street smarts
  • Clashes with authority figures due to his casual working style

There is also room for more tension between Boom Boom and Special Agent Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon), who is more rigid and by-the-book. Their odd couple dynamic tends to produce comedic gold. Many viewers hope to see this partnership explored in further detail.


In the CBS drama NCIS Hawaii, the character of Boom Boom brings both skill and personality to the team. Played capably by actor Enver Gjokaj, Boom Boom looks to have an integral role on the show moving forward.

As more episodes air, fans hope to see even more fantastic action and layered character development from this fan favorite character.

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