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The classic improv comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway filmed a special episode in Hawaii back in 2005. This unique tropical-themed show was filled with laughs and truly encapsulated the Whose Line spirit with a Hawaiian twist.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Whose Line is it Anyway filmed a special Hawaii episode in 2005 which featured the usual cast of Ryan, Colin, Wayne and Greg along with special guest Robin Williams. It had lots of Hawaiian-themed improv games and sketches.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Whose Line’s Hawaii special including when it aired, who appeared, what games were played, behind-the-scenes secrets and more.

When Did the Whose Line Hawaii Episode Air?

Aired in 2005 as Part of Season 7

The Whose Line is it Anyway? episode filmed in Hawaii aired on August 26, 2005 as part of season 7 of the improv comedy show. It was episode 9 of that season and was filmed on location in Waikiki, Honolulu.

Having an episode set in Hawaii provided a fun, tropical backdrop for the show’s talented improvisers Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and host Drew Carey.

Filming the show in Hawaii also allowed them to incorporate local culture, landmarks, and references into some of the improv games and sketches. For example, there were hula dancing scenes and mentions of popular Honolulu sites like Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, and Pearl Harbor.

The change of scenery from the usual Los Angeles studio gave a fresh, summer vibe to the episode.

Included in DVD Releases

The Hawaii episode, along with the rest of Whose Line’s 7th season, was later released on DVD as part of the Whose Line is it Anyway: Season 7 DVD box set. For devoted fans of the show who want to re-watch this iconic Hawaii episode, it is readily available today through that DVD compilation.

In addition to the Season 7 DVD set, the Hawaii episode is also included in The Best of Whose Line is it Anyway? Vol. 3 DVD, which culls together some of the most hilarious sketches and moments from across all Whose Line seasons and specials.

So anyone looking to own this classic Hawaii installment of the improv series can easily purchase it as part of existing Whose Line DVD collections.

Who Was in the Whose Line Hawaii Cast?

Main Cast: Ryan, Colin, Wayne and Greg

The main cast of the short-lived Whose Line is it Anyway? Hawaii included some of the show’s most beloved improv comedians:

  • Ryan Stiles – The tall, gangly Canadian was already a Whose Line veteran before joining the Hawaii cast. His quick wit and physical comedy skills were a highlight of many scenes.
  • Colin Mochrie – Known for his bald head and hilarious character work, Colin was another seasoned pro brought on board. He often played off Ryan’s eccentric personalities perfectly.
  • Wayne Brady – Arguably the most talented singer and dancer in the Whose Line cast, Wayne brought his high-energy charm to the Hawaii stage. He lit up the room every time he performed.
  • Greg Proops – The sarcastic loose cannon of the group, Greg delivered biting quips and clever banter to keep the others on their toes during scenes.

This dynamic foursome clearly had experience working together in the past, playing off each other’s strengths and balancing out their styles of humor. Their electric chemistry and ability to crack each other up contributed to some truly sidesplitting moments.

Special Guest Robin Williams

In an exciting surprise, comedy icon Robin Williams joined the main cast during select Hawaii episodes. Williams was close friends with Ryan, Colin, Wayne and Greg off-screen. His manic energy and fearless improv skills made him a natural fit for the show’s rapid-fire games and sketches.

Some of the most memorable Whose Line Hawaii clips involve Williams and the others trying to make each other laugh instead of sticking to the planned scenes. It’s clear everyone involved is overjoyed to share the stage with the comedy legend.

These unscripted interactions give fans a glimpse at Williams’ genuine warmth and humor in his element.

In the years since his tragic passing, revisiting Robin’s Whose Line appearances serves as a fitting tribute to his comedic genius. Seeing him joking around with some of his favorite people shows why he left such an indelible mark on the world.

What Games and Sketches Were Featured?

The Whose Line is it Anyway? Hawaii special featured some classic improv games with a Hawaiian twist, bringing plenty of laughs from the tropical audience.

Musical Game with Hawaiian Theme Song Parodies

One of the highlights was a musical game where the performers had to come up with parody songs using Hawaiian themes. Colin Mochrie impressed with his quick wit, inventing lyrics for “Pineapple Under the Sea” and other amusing ditties.

Ryan Stiles had the spectators chuckling as he put his gangly limbs to work doing the hula while belting out made-up verses.

Hula Hoop Game with Grass Skirts

In another side-splitting scene, Wayne Brady and guest star Jonathan Mangum donned flamingo-pink grass skirts and attempted to keep hula hoops circling around their waists. Their hysterical gyrations and ever-sinking hoops captivated the room.

At one point, Jonathan had three hoops going at various angles on his body as he shook his bon-bons, the feat bringing the house down.

Hawaii Five-O Parody

No tropical-themed Whose Line improv show would be complete without a Hawaii Five-O parody. Greg Proops took the role of detective Steve McGarrett, heading up an investigation of a stolen pineapple. His deadpan delivery combined with outlandish plot twists and wacky supporting cast brought smiles galore.

The audience voted it the funniest sketch of the night.

More Traditional Games Too Like “Greatest Hits”

In between the tropical antics, traditional Whose Line games like “Greatest Hits” also featured. For this popular game, the guys invented amusing song titles meant to be the next big hit from Hawaii. Colin Mochrie drew chuckles suggesting “Ukulele Baby” while Ryan Stiles conceived an odd ditty called “Soothing Sounds of Volcanoes”.

While putting their own spin on classic improv fare, the Whose Line cast also focused on bringing Hawaiian elements into their comedy. From swaying palm trees to erupting volcanoes, they left no tropical stone unturned in their quest for laughs.

It created an unforgettable Whose Line experience for everyone.

Behind-the-Scenes Facts and Secrets

Filmed on Location in Hawaii

The Whose Line is it Anyway? Hawaii special was filmed on location at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu. According to reports, the cast and crew spent about a week in Hawaii filming not only at the theater but enjoying the island sights as well.

They took inspiration from past Whose Line on-location specials like the ones filmed in Amsterdam and London.

Filming on-site in Hawaii presented some unique challenges but also allowed the improvisors to riff on local culture and scenery. Several games and sketches incorporated Hawaiian themes from hula dancing to surfing to traditional foods.

Took Inspiration from Past On-Location Specials

The Whose Line is it Anyway? series has always thrived when taken outside the studio to film on location. Past specials filmed in Amsterdam, London, and Las Vegas allowed the cast to improvise scenes and games inspired by local color.

So filming in sunny Hawaii provided fertile new ground for Wayne, Ryan, Jeff, Greg and the rest to play off.

Much like the cast struggling to walk normally on clogs in Amsterdam or Colin donning a Beefeater costume by the Thames river, the Hawaii special gave viewers a chance to see Whose Line stars out of their element, leaning into the local culture.

Hula dances, flowery shirts, and ukulele music abounded.

Cast Struggled with Heat in Costumes

One underreported challenge that arose during filming was the heat. While Hawaii is an idyllic tropical locale, the temperatures soared at times into the 90s. This proved difficult for cast members unaccustomed to higher temperatures, especially while wearing suits and heavy costumes.

In behind-the-scenes interviews, Wayne Brady reported having to take frequent water breaks to avoid becoming dehydrated. And there was no air conditioning inside the 19th century Hawaii Theatre to provide relief.

Jeff Davis also cited the heat as the biggest obstacle, even above learning local dialects and customs on short order.


In conclusion, Whose Line’s Hawaii episode gave fans a memorable improv experience with a tropical twist. All the usual Whose Line antics were there but taken up a notch with Hawaiian costumes, theming and special guest Robin Williams adding his signature high energy wit.

So that covers the key details on the unique Whose Line is it Anyway special filmed on location in scenic Hawaii back in 2005. It was full of laughs and allowed the talented cast to riff in a refreshing new environment outside the studio.

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