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With its tropical climate, stunning natural beauty, and relaxed island vibe, it’s no wonder Hawaii attracts famous faces looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and New York City. If you’re wondering which celebrities live in Hawaii, read on for the inside scoop.

Some of the most famous celebrities who reside in Hawaii at least part-time include Oprah Winfrey, Duane “Dog” Chapman, Clint Eastwood, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson, and more.

Oprah Winfrey’s Hawaiian Haven

Oprah’s sprawling Maui estate

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey fell in love with the Hawaiian islands many years ago and purchased a sprawling 43-acre estate on Maui’s Hana Coast in 2002 for a reported $32 million. Her magnificent property boasts a main house with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, multiple living rooms, a media room, and floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing breathtaking ocean views.

There’s also a separate guest house and a caretaker’s cottage on the grounds.

Over the years, Oprah has hosted many celebrity friends at her Hawaiian haven, including famous pals like Gayle King, Tyler Perry, and the Obamas. She once threw an elaborate two-day birthday bash there with over 100 guests in attendance.

Her estate features lush tropical landscaping, palm trees, waterfalls, koi ponds, and stunning infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s easy to see why the talk show queen finds her Maui retreat so peaceful and rejuvenating!

The talk show queen’s love for the islands

“I fell in love with Maui because of the serenity and the beauty”, Oprah has said about what draws her to the Hawaiian islands time and time again. “The island gives you a sense of balance and well-being. The aloha of Hawaii comes from a culture that understands humanity.”

The former talk show host appreciates the slower pace of island living and makes an effort to visit her Maui estate at least once a year to unwind and recharge. When Oprah is there, she enjoys taking in the island vibes, swimming in the warm ocean waters, going on scenic hikes, practicing yoga, spending time in her vegetable garden, and entertaining friends over home-cooked meals.

It’s truly a magnificent oasis tailor-made for rest, relaxation, and connection with nature.

“I love the sounds, the smells, the aura, the vibe. I love being outdoors. I love the air, I love the wind moving through the trees”, Oprah has gushed about her favorite things in Maui. Her passion for the Hawaiian islands is unwavering, so there is no doubt her plush Maui estate will continue to be a cherished refuge for years to come.

The aloha spirit has clearly captured Oprah’s heart!

Dog the Bounty Hunter Calls Hawaii Home

Hawaii is Dog’s stomping grounds

The famous bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman has long called Hawaii his home. Known for his long blond mullet hairstyle and leather-clad appearance, Dog was born in Denver but moved to Hawaii in 1989 after meeting his fifth wife Beth Smith during a bounty hunting case.

The island chain quickly became Dog’s stomping grounds as he tracked down bail jumpers and fugitives across Oahu, Big Island, Maui and Kauai over the next three decades.

According to Dog in an interview with Hawaii Magazine, he fell in love with the Aloha State’s natural beauty and welcoming culture: “There’s just something about these islands – the spirit – that allows you to feel warmth and belonging.”

He also appreciated the state’s bail recovery laws which supported his line of work. Dog and his wife Beth raised their family in Hawaii, splitting time between Oahu and Colorado. Even after Beth’s passing from cancer in 2019, Dog continues to film his reality shows and work cases out of Honolulu to this day.

Dog’s family roots in the islands

In addition to making Hawaii his home base for over 30 years, Dog’s family tree also has roots in the islands. His grandfather was part-Hawaiian. According to, Dog’s great-grandmother Mary Kai Davis was born and raised on Oahu in the late 1800s.

Genealogy records show that the Kai ohana (family) traces back many generations as native Hawaiians. It seems bounty hunting runs in Dog’s blood!

Dog is truly part of the Hawaii community. He regularly participates in events supporting Hawaii charities like the Aloha Medical Mission and Make-a-Wish Foundation. His bounty hunting style blends street smarts with the Hawaiian values of family, loyalty and justice.

While Colorado may be where he was born, Hawaii kai (the ocean waters) are a big part of what shaped the Dog the Bounty Hunter the world knows and loves today.

Actor Clint Eastwood’s Long History in Hawaii

Clint Eastwood’s mansion on Maui

Clint Eastwood, the legendary Hollywood actor and director, has long had a special affinity for Hawaii. Specifically, Eastwood owns a $9.2 million home on the island of Maui that sits right on the beach in the exclusive gated community of Honoapi’ilani Highway (1).

The sprawling mansion contains 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms across nearly 6,500 square feet of living space (2). Eastwood reportedly spent years searching for the perfect property in Hawaii before finally settling on this idyllic location back in 2007.

By all accounts, Eastwood cherishes his Maui estate and retreats there frequently with family and friends. The property features panoramic ocean views, a large saltwater pool, and lush tropical landscaping.

When not directing films or acting, Eastwood enjoys relaxing at his Hawaiian home, playing golf at nearby courses, exploring Maui’s natural wonders, and hosting gatherings on his expansive oceanfront patio (3).

The actor’s special connection to the island

So what is it exactly about Hawaii, and Maui in particular, that Eastwood finds so alluring? For starters, the actor has described the islands as “the most beautiful place on earth” and one where he feels most at peace (4).

The laidback lifestyle and welcoming spirit of Hawaiians has appealed to Eastwood since his earliest visits there decades ago. Even as one of Hollywood’s most famous faces, Eastwood appreciates that islanders treat him just like a regular resident.

Eastwood also has a decades-long friendship with prominent Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho, who passed away in 2007. The two became close back when Eastwood first started visiting Hawaii in the 1960s. In the late musician’s honor, Eastwood has helped support various charities and foundations in the state (5).

It’s clear a real sense of ‘ohana’ exists between Eastwood and Hawaii, which is why he continues to frequently vacation at his Maui estate over 50 years since he first set foot on the islands. With no signs of slowing down at age 93, fans can likely expect Eastwood to be relaxing on the shores of Maui for many years to come.

Hawaii Native Bruno Mars

Born and raised in Honolulu

Bruno Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, was born and raised in the beautiful paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. As a young boy, Bruno grew up surrounded by the vibrant culture, tropical landscapes, and rhythmic island music that make Hawaii such an inspiring place to live.

Bruno was exposed to music from a very early age thanks to his very talented family. His father, Peter Hernandez Sr., was a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn who performed Polynesian music in Waikiki, while his mother, Bernadette “Bernie” Hernandez, was a singer and dancer.

With music always playing at home, it’s no wonder Bruno quickly developed a passion for entertainment.

Bruno’s musical roots

Growing up in Hawaii had a profound impact on Bruno’s musical style. The island vibe, laidback grooves, and reggae-influenced sounds of his childhood home state can be heard throughout many of his catchy pop hits.

From “The Lazy Song” to “24K Magic,” Bruno seamlessly blends smooth melodies with funky rhythms in a way that feels beachy and bright.

In addition to the local Hawaiian music scene, Bruno was heavily influenced by legends like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Isley Brothers, and The Police. He studied their musical catalogues closely while developing his own unique style and eventually landed a record deal with Atlantic Records at a young age.

Today, the Hawaii native is one of the most successful pop artists in the world, having sold over 200 million singles worldwide. Even as a global superstar, Bruno remains deeply connected to his Hawaiian roots.

The spirit of aloha, meaning love, compassion, mercy and joy, permeates his upbeat music and high-energy live shows.

Singer Jack Johnson’s Commitment to Protecting Hawaii

Jack Johnson’s foundation supporting Hawaii

The talented musician Jack Johnson founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation in 2003 to support environmental education and sustainability projects in his home state of Hawaii (

The foundation has funded nearly $2 million in grants and scholarships to empower communities in Hawaii to care for their natural resources. Some major initiatives include installing solar systems at schools, restoring watersheds and coral reefs, teaching children about sustainability, and promoting plastic waste reduction statewide.

For example, the foundation installed photovoltaic systems at over 20 schools across Hawaii’s islands to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and teach students about renewable energy. These solar panel projects are estimated to offset over 3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

The foundation also launched the Aloha ‘Āina curriculum in 2018 to connect over 15,000 students to nature through place-based lessons on sustainability.

The singer’s environmental efforts

Beyond his foundation’s projects, Jack Johnson has spearheaded many personal efforts over the past two decades to protect Hawaii’s natural beauty and resources. He has collaborated with local environmental groups to promote eco-friendly practices at his concerts in Hawaii by eliminating single-use plastics, using biodiesel in tour vehicles, and more.

Johnson also filmed an impactful virtual reality documentary called The Smog of the Sea in 2017 highlighting the problem of plastic pollution in oceans worldwide. Statistics estimate over 11 million metric tons of plastic waste enter our seas each year, devastating ocean ecosystems.

Johnson aimed to capture stunning underwater footage of marine life tangled in garbage patches to inspire greater environmental awareness and action from viewers.

Additionally, the musician has used proceeds from his annual concerts, albums, and merchandise to support nearly 300 charitable partners focused on the environment, arts, education, and human rights in Hawaii and globally.

His grassroots approach and generosity have enabled tremendous progress in building sustainable communities.


From Oprah Winfrey’s sprawling Maui estate to Clint Eastwood’s plantation-style mansion, Hawaii offers respite from the glare of Hollywood for several celebrities. The islands have also produced homegrown stars like Bruno Mars, while others have found inspiration there like Jack Johnson and his environmental foundation.

With its unbeatable weather and landscapes, Hawaii will likely continue welcoming famous residents looking to escape big city life.

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