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  • Hawaii Celebration


    Presenting these beautiful Kukui Nut Leis, handcrafted with care in Hawaii. Each lei is strung with smooth, sanded Kukui nuts collected fresh from the forest. With a diameter of approximately 1 inch, these versatile nuts add texture and shine. At 18 inches long, the leis rest comfortably around the neck for a classic Hawaiian look….

  • Hawaii Graduation Kukui Nut Lei Necklace – Black/Orange (2)


    Experience the aloha spirit with these beautiful handcrafted kukui nut leis. Crafted with care in Hawaii, these floral leis make the perfect gift or accessory for any special occasion. Highlights: Set of 2 leis, approx. 35 inches long Black kukui nuts accented with bright orange hibiscus flowers Each lei has a unique, handmade look with…

  • Hawaii Kukui Nut Lei Necklace Set – Luau Celebration


    Experience the alluring enchantment of Hawaii with these elegant Kukui Nut Leis. Handcrafted with care, each lei features approximately 35 inches of smooth, polished kukui nut beads that envelop you in island style. With a diameter of roughly 1 inch, every bead has its own unique shade and texture, strung together on durable cording for…

  • Hawaii Wedding & Graduation Essentials


    Introduce the unique and high-quality kukui nut lei necklaces handcrafted with care. Use keywords like handmade, Hawaiian, natural, eco-friendly materials. Highlight the rare and authentic kukui nuts collected sustainably from Hawaii. Mention the unique shape, color and size of each nut to showcase the one-of-a-kind nature. Include specifications like: Kukui nut size: 1 inch diameter…

  • Hawaii Wedding Graduation Kukui Nut Lei Necklace Set


    Welcome to Hawaiian paradise with our pair of beautiful black kukui nut leis accentuated with red Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Handcrafted with care, these alluring leis are sure to make a statement. The kukui nuts shine with a natural rich brown luster while the vibrant red hibiscus pops against the black backdrop. No two are exactly…

  • Hawaii Wedding Kukui Lei Necklace: Black & White Turtle


    Experience the beauty of the Hawaiian green sea turtle with this elegant black and white honu turtle shell lei necklace. Handcrafted with care, each turtle shell bead measures approximately 1 inch in diameter and has been sanded and polished for a smooth finish. No two beads are exactly alike, with the black and white patterning…

  • Hawaiian Black and White Hibiscus Lei Necklace


    Add a touch of tropical flair to your outfit with this set of two beautiful black and white hibiscus kukui nut leis. Handcrafted in Hawaii, these stunning leis feature smooth, sanded kukui nuts and large white hibiscus flowers accented with black beads. No two leis are exactly the same, as each one has its own…

  • Hawaiian Bliss: Wedding and Graduation Celebration Collection


    Capture the spirit of Hawai’i with this pair of handcrafted kukui nut leis. Lovingly strung together by artisans, each 18″ necklace contains approximately 1″ beads carved from the kukui nut, Hawaii’s official state tree. No two are exactly alike – expect a variety of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes in each unique piece. Kukui nut…

  • Hawaiian Blue Hibiscus Kukui Nut Lei Necklace


    Discover the beauty and tradition of Hawaii with this pair of handcrafted kukui nut leis. The kukui nut, also known as the candlenut, has long been used by Hawaiians for light, medicine, and adornment. Each lei measures approximately 33 inches long and features glossy, dark kukui nuts accented with bright blue hibiscus flowers. The beads…

  • Hawaiian Celebration Necklace – 2 Pack


    Add a touch of Hawaiian charm to your neck with our handmade Kukui Nut Lei. Crafted from natural kukui nuts found on the islands, these lightweight leis showcase the unique brown and white swirled pattern of the kukui in a minimalist design. With two classic leis measuring approximately 35 inches each, you can double up…

  • Hawaiian Celebration Set: 2 Kukui Nut Leis


    Experience the spirit of Hawaii with these beautiful Kukui Nut Leis. Handcrafted from natural kukui nuts found only in Hawaii, these authentic leis radiate the Aloha spirit. Each lei is carefully handmade with approximately 35 inches of kukui nut beads. The beads average 1 inch in diameter and vary slightly in color, shape and size,…

  • Hawaiian Double Kukui Nut Lei Necklace – Set of 2


    The authentic Kukui Nut Lei handcrafted in Hawaii makes a unique gift. Each lei features over 35 inches of large, hand-polished Kukui nuts with rich, natural coloring strung together on durable cord. With two leis per order, you can share one with a loved one or wear both together for a double dose of island…

  • Hawaiian Hibiscus Kukui Lei Necklace – Black/Red


    Escape to paradise with these handcrafted kukui nut leis. The black and red hibiscus design immerses you in Hawaiian culture. Each lei is unique, with the kukui nuts varying in size, shape and color. Touch the smooth sanded nuts as you slip these 35″ leis around your neck. Feel the aloha spirit come alive. Handcrafted…

  • Hawaiian Honu Turtle Lei Necklace Duo


    Introducing our beautiful handcrafted black honu turtle lei necklaces. These unique necklaces feature black lava beads carved into honu turtles with green accents. Handcrafted with care, each honu turtle lei necklace has: Black lava beads carved into honu turtles with green accents Bead diameter of approximately 1 inch Total necklace length of approximately 36 inches…

  • Hawaiian Hula Graduation Necklace Duo


    Presenting two handcrafted, unique Kukui Nut leis – no two exactly alike! Handmade with care in Hawaii, these stunning leis feature authentic Kukui nuts collected fresh from trees on the islands. The nuts are carefully sanded and polished to bring out their inner glow. Each Kukui nut is approximately 1 inch in diameter. The leis…

  • Hawaiian Kukui Nut Lei Duo


    Experience the aloha spirit with this authentic pair of handcrafted kukui nut leis. The large, round kukui nuts have been naturally dyed a rich brown hue and carefully strung together on durable cord measuring approximately 35 inches long. With an average diameter of 1 inch, each kukui nut has been sanded and polished to remove…

What are kukui nut necklaces?

Kukui nut necklaces are a traditional Hawaiian style made from the nuts of Hawaii's state tree - the candlenut tree. They are strung together to create long garland-style necklaces.

What do kukui nuts symbolize?

The kukui nut represents enlightenment, inner light, protection and peace in Hawaiian culture. It was traditionally burned for light and offered at temples.

How are kukui nut necklaces worn?

They are most often worn casually as a symbol of Hawaiian pride. Kukui nut leis are popular for graduations, weddings, family luaus and other celebrations with Hawaiian themes.

What are kukui nut necklaces made of?

Authentic kukui nut leis are handmade in Hawaii from real candlenuts mixed with carved black or brown beads, spaced between knots. The nuts have a bumpy organic texture.

What length of kukui nut lei should I choose?

Standard lengths range from 16 to 30 inches. Shorter styles are worn high as a choker while longer lengths complement lower necklines. Adjustable pull-cord closure allows you to customize the fit.

How do I care for my kukui nut necklace?

Avoid getting it wet as the wood can crack over time. Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Periodically polish with coconut oil to nourish the nuts. Re-string if cords appear frayed.

Can I wear a kukui nut necklace every day?

Yes, they are durable enough for daily wear. But being wood, they may show signs of wear over time. Consider limiting to special occasions to preserve its lifespan.

What is the meaning of a double kukui nut lei?

A double strand necklace represents harmony and sharing in relationships. They make thoughtful gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations or birthdays.

Are there other styles besides necklaces?

You can find kukui nut bracelets, anklets, headbands and earrings. For men, try a kukui bracelet or necklace made with black beads and thicker cords.