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  • 22 Inch Italian Sterling Silver Puka Shell Necklace


    This island-inspired necklace featuring genuine puka shells will transport you straight to the warm shores of Hawaii. The perfectly imperfect, naturally textured shells are strung together on a classic 22 inch Italian sterling silver chain, allowing the seashell’s natural hues and organic shapes to shine through. Known as a symbol of the ocean, puka shells…

  • Blue Flower Puka Shell Anklet – Hawaiian Surfer


    This beautiful Puka Shell Anklet features smooth white seashells accented with blue flowers for a touch of color. At 9″ long, it has an elastic stretch cord and clasps closed securely. Handmade with care, this anklet epitomizes the Hawaiian island vibe. It’s perfect for the beach, pool, surfing, or anytime you want to channel laidback…

  • Handmade Puka Shell Choker – USA Seller


    Discover this stunning 16 inch Puka shell necklace featuring natural cowrie shells and a Tibetan silver Celtic cross pendant. Handcrafted by artisans, each necklace is unique. The lightweight stainless steel memory wire ensures a perfect fit and all-day comfort. Gleaming white Puka shells collected from the shores of Hawaii add natural beauty. Interspersed between are…

  • Hawaiian Pink White Rhinestone Necklace – 18″


    My handmade Pink and White Hawaiian Puka Shell Necklace with Plumeria Flowers is a stylish and unique accessory. This 18″ necklace features: Beautiful pink and white polymer clay plumeria flowers with sparkling rhinestone accents Genuine puka shells in shades of cream and pink strung together on durable nylon cord Surfer style that pairs well with…

  • Hawaiian Puka Shell Jewelry


    These handcrafted Hawaiian puka shells are a one of a kind piece. Expertly gathered from the island of Molokai, the shells are strung together with durable nylon cord for strength and showcase an exquisite Hebrew cone shell clasp. With its vibrant pops of teal seaglass, this unique accessory can be styled as a bracelet, anklet…

  • Hawaiian Puka Shell Necklace – Various Lengths Available


    Experience the beauty of natural puka shell jewelry with this handcrafted necklace. Lovingly assembled from genuine shells collected without harming sea life, each piece is unique. Select 16 to 24 inch lengths in classic white. Layer for effortless style or mix with our bracelets. Ideal for all outfits. Since no two shells are identical, slight…

  • Hawaiian Puka Shell Necklace: Authentic and Stylish


    Experience the beauty of Hawaii with this handmade puka shell necklace. Lovingly crafted on the island of Kauai, each shell is naturally shaped by the ocean into a unique work of art. The holes in the center of the shells come from the surf breaking off the tops, creating an opening that is smoothed by…

  • Hawaiian Surfer Necklace Set: 2 White Puka Shells


    Presenting this beautiful and unique Puka Shell Necklace, handcrafted with natural sea shells to delight and accent your style. This 18″ adjustable necklace features a double strand of luminous white shells, expertly strung together to showcase their organic shapes and soothing natural hues. The timeless simplicity of this accessory makes it so versatile. It can…

  • Hawaiian Surfer Puka Shell Necklace Duo – 18″


    Introducing our Natural Square Cut Choker and Puka Shell Necklace Set – An Effortlessly Chic Look This beautiful set includes a natural square cut choker and two puka shell necklaces, expertly hand-crafted with genuine shells. The neutral hue will complement any outfit, giving you an effortlessly chic look. The square cut choker features a clean,…

  • Hawaiian Surfer Shell Bracelet with Blue Flowers


    This handmade 7″ Puka shell bracelet features beautiful blue flowers and smooth white seashells, capturing the essence of Hawaiian surf style. Expertly crafted by hand, it’s the perfect accessory whether you’re riding the waves or dreaming of island adventures. With elastic stretch, this bracelet adjusts to fit most wrist sizes for all-day comfort. Its simple…

  • Hawaiian Surfer Shell Necklace – 20″ (Set of 2)


    Presenting the Natural Square Cut Choker Puka Shell Necklace – An Exquisite Beach-Inspired Accessory This lovely 20 inch puka shell necklace features natural seashells arranged in a chic square pattern that brings a touch of the islands to your look. The smooth, ivory-hued shells are handcrafted into a statement piece that makes a perfect complement…

  • Hawaiian Surfer Tiger Puka Shell Necklace – White 20″


    Introducing the timeless white tiger puka shell necklace. Handcrafted with genuine Hawaiian shells, this 20 inch necklace embodies the laidback essence of the islands. The naturally smooth and lightweight white shells feel wonderful against the skin, while the classic round shape creates a relaxed surfer vibe. Whether layered or worn alone, this high quality necklace…

  • OBX Style Puka Shell Necklace: Beach Chic Jewelry


    Introducing the perfect summertime accessory – this Hawaiian-inspired white puka shell choker with smooth, rounded shells. The choker measures 40cm long and can extend up to 47cm, providing a comfortable, adjustable fit. 🌊 🏊 Safe for the pool and ocean – the shells won’t fade or deteriorate in water. 📦 Free UK shipping with same-day…

  • Puka Plumeria Necklace – Hawaiian Seashell, Blue Yellow


    This fun seashell and polymer clay flower necklace features beautiful puka shells and a vibrant plumeria flower charm. Perfect for day at the beach or your next luau party. Handcrafted with care using quality materials. Features: Puka shells and handmade polymer clay plumeria flower charm Length: 18 inches Surfer and Hawaiian style Handmade Please contact…

  • Puka Shell Necklace: Genuine, Stylish, and Versatile!


    Discover the beauty of hand crafted puka shell necklaces. Each necklace is lovingly created using premium puka shells collected from the shores of Hawaii. The creamy white shells complement colorful accent pukas for a look that captures the essence of the islands. Choose from three sizes – small, medium and large – in lengths from…

  • Seaglass Clasp Necklace with Puka Shells – 8 words


    Discover the beauty of Tahitian pearls with this stunning necklace. Handpicked 11mm peacock pearl is surrounded by natural puka shells gathered from Molokai’s pristine beaches. Expertly hand-braided with aqua seaglass clasp, this 18″ necklace evokes the magic of the South Pacific. Peacock Tahitian pearl shines with iridescent rainbow hues Natural puka shells sustainably gathered in…

What are puka shell necklaces?

Puka shell necklaces are made from genuine shells found in Hawaii. Puka means "hole" in Hawaiian - the small holes occur naturally as the shells are tumbled smooth in the ocean over many years. The shells are hand-strung and knotted to create beautiful, bohemian-style necklaces.

How are puka shells made into necklaces?

Skilled Hawaiian artisans carefully drill small holes in each shell, then string them by hand on silk or nylon cord. Decorative knots and beads made from materials like wood, bone and glass are added between shells. The necklaces may have single or multiple strands.

What is the meaning behind puka shell jewelry?

Puka shells represent good luck, prosperity, nature's beauty and the Hawaiian island lifestyle. Wearing a shell necklace evokes a sense of relaxation, tranquility and the soothing sounds of the ocean.

How do you wear puka shell necklaces?

Puka necklaces have a casual, beachy vibe perfect for everyday wear. They look great solo or layered together with other strands. You can also accent them with natural elements like freshwater pearl or coconut wood beads. Their neutral tones work with any outfit.

What is the best length for a puka shell necklace?

Common lengths are 16 to 20 inches for single strands, and 18 to 30 inches for adjustable bib/choker styles. Choose shorter lengths to be worn high and show off the shells. Longer lengths complement lower necklines. For versatility, opt for an adjustable length.

How can you tell if a puka shell necklace is authentic?

Look for naturally imperfect shells with variations in color and texture. Shells should not look identical. The stringing should include hand-tied knots, not crimped metal pieces. Made in Hawaii stamps help verify authenticity.