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If you’ve ever wondered exactly how far paradise is from the Grand Canyon State, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about the distance and travel time between Hawaii and Arizona when planning vacations, moves, or just daydreaming about sandy beaches and palm trees.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Hawaii is approximately 2,551 miles from Arizona by air, a distance that takes about 6 hours to fly direct.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down all the nitty-gritty details about the distances and travel times between Hawaii and Arizona. You’ll learn about driving distances, flight distances and durations, routes, and more to help you plan your next big trip.

Driving Distance from Arizona to Hawaii

Given that Hawaii is an island chain located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is literally impossible to drive there from the state of Arizona. To travel by car between these two states, you would need to load your vehicle onto a container ship or ferry to make the 2,400+ mile journey across ocean waters.

So while the straight line distance between Arizona and Hawaii is approximately 2,450 miles, there is no actual driving route that connects them. Attempting to plot a driving direction in Google Maps between cities in these states returns an error message stating “We could not calculate directions between Arizona and Hawaii”.

Overland and Ferry Route

If someone was incredibly determined to drive between Arizona and Hawaii while transporting their car, it could theoretically be done by taking an indirect route involving driving north to Canada, loading the vehicle onto a ferry, sailing to Alaska, then loading it onto a container ship across the Pacific before finally disembarking in Hawaii.

This extremely roundabout trip would cover over 5,000 miles of driving plus multiple sea journeys of 1,000+ miles each. It would be exorbitantly expensive and take weeks to accomplish. Needless to say, for practical travel purposes flying is the only reasonable option to get between the mainland USA and Hawaii!

Flight Distance and Duration from Arizona to Hawaii

Direct Flights

There are currently no direct flights available between Arizona and Hawaii. The journey would involve a flight distance of over 2,900 miles across the Pacific Ocean, which is too far for most commercial aircraft to fly nonstop.

Connecting Flights through Major Hubs

Most flights from Arizona airports like Phoenix Sky Harbor International to Hawaii hubs such as Honolulu connect through major west coast airports like Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Seattle (SEA) or Las Vegas (LAS).

A typical itinerary involves first flying to one of these hubs, which takes 2-3 hours, then connecting onwards to Honolulu which is an additional 5-6 hour flight over the ocean. So the total travel time usually ranges from 7.5 to 9 hours depending on routing.

Some sample flight times from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport include:

  • PHX to LAX: 2 hours
  • LAX to HNL (Honolulu): 5.5 hours
  • Total elapsed flight time: 7.5 hours
  • PHX to SFO: 2.5 hours
  • SFO to HNL: 5.5 hours
  • Total elapsed flight time: 8 hours

Flying to Hawaii through a hub airport allows the use of larger aircraft like Boeing 737s and Airbus A321s that have the range to efficiently cross the Pacific. It also gives travelers access to more flight options if they want to visit other Hawaiian islands beyond just Honolulu.

No matter which hub you transit through, prepare for a long yet scenic flight out over the blue Pacific before arriving in paradise! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to America’s tropical vacation destination.

Hawaii’s Island Groups and Individual Island Distances from Arizona

The Hawaiian Islands Chain

The Hawaiian Islands consist of 8 major islands and 124 islets, reefs and shoals that stretch over 1,500 miles across the North Pacific Ocean. The islands were formed by underwater volcanic eruptions over millions of years, with the oldest island of Niihau estimated to be 4.93 million years old.

The Hawaiian chain features islands still being formed by active volcanoes – the Big Island of Hawaii is still growing from eruptions from the Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes. This island formation process across a “hot spot” in the Earth’s mantle creates one of the most isolated and geographically unique island chains in the world.

In terms of distances from Arizona, the Hawaiian Islands stretch across vast expanses of the Pacific, located approximately 2,400 to 2,700 miles southwest of the mainland United States. This distance and Hawaii’s isolation in the middle of the ocean contribute to its exotic, paradise-like mystique for many Arizona vacationers.

However, traversing these ocean distances does require significant travel times, generally at least 5 hours just to reach California by plane from Arizona, plus another 5-6 hour flight over open waters to reach Hawaii itself.

Distances to Individual Hawaiian Islands

Within the Hawaiian island chain, distances and travel times from Arizona depend on which specific island a traveler is visiting:

  • To Oahu/Honolulu – approximately 2,469 miles and an 11-12 hour flight with a connection
  • To Maui – approximately 2,548 miles and a 12 hour journey
  • To the Big Island of Hawaii – about 2,690 miles, taking 12+ hours door-to-door
  • To Kauai – roughly 2,616 miles and a 12 hour trip

As Hawaii’s westernmost major island, Niihau is likely the closest to Arizona at approximately 2,450 miles in distance. Yet reaching the privately-owned “Forbidden Island” provides a whole different challenge for travelers.

No matter which Hawaiian island ultimately tempting Arizonans, tackling such immense ocean distances demonstrates why Hawaii seems like paradise so worth the lengthy journey.

Popular Arizona and Hawaii Flight Routes and Duration

Phoenix to Honolulu

The most popular and fastest flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport takes approximately 6 hours. Most major airlines like American, United, Delta and Hawaiian Airlines offer nonstop services covering the 2,556 miles distance.

Fares can vary greatly based on season and range from $300-$800 roundtrip. Travelers departing from Phoenix can expect to pay on the lower end during shoulder seasons like September and October.

Phoenix to Maui

Flights from Phoenix to Maui’s Kahului Airport take roughly 6 hours 15 minutes to cover the 2,636 miles. Hawaiian, American and Alaska Airlines provide nonstop services to Hawaii’s second largest island. Roundtrip fares are very similar to Honolulu, generally ranging between $350-$800.

November through mid-December tends to offer some of the best prices on this popular vacation route.

Phoenix to Kona

The flight time from Phoenix to the Big Island’s Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport clocks in right around 6 hours 30 minutes to traverse the 2,771 mile distance. Alaska and American run direct flights a few times per week while Hawaiian offers a daily nonstop.

With fewer carriers operating this route, prices are often $100+ higher than other islands. However, the sparkling Kona Coast’s world-class beaches and incredible snorkeling make it worth the extra cost for many travelers.

Tucson to Honolulu

Flying from Tucson International Airport, the trip to Honolulu spans approximately 7 hours 20 minutes covering 2,671 miles. American and Hawaiian provide the only nonstop services connecting Arizona’s second largest city to Oahu.

Roundtrip fares fluctuate between $400-$900 depending on high/low season demand. Mid-August to late October tends to see lower pricing thanks to Tucson’s scorching summer heat.

Flagstaff to Maui

There are no nonstop flights from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport to Maui. Travelers must connect through Phoenix or other hubs, making for a long journey of 9+ hours typically. Still, the chance to trade Arizona’s high elevation chill for Maui’s lush rainforests and stunning beaches compels many to undertake the lengthy trip.

Fares from Flagstaff run very close to pricing from Phoenix during peak seasons but can be $100+ cheaper in shoulder months.

Hawaii and Arizona Climate Comparisons

Hawaii and Arizona have very different climates due to their locations. Hawaii has a tropical climate being an island chain located in the Central Pacific Ocean near the Tropic of Cancer. Meanwhile, Arizona has an arid desert climate given its inland location in the Southwestern United States.


Hawaii enjoys warm temperatures year-round with highs averaging 85°F in the summer and 78°F in the winter. Low temperatures only drop to 65°F on average even in January and February. The ocean moderates temperatures so they do not fluctuate much.

In contrast, Arizona has extreme heat in the summer and cooler weather in the winter. Summertime highs often exceed 100°F in cities like Phoenix and Tucson. Overnight lows only fall to around 80°F giving little relief.

However, December and January see average highs around 60°F and lows often dip below freezing.


The islands of Hawaii get frequent rainfall ranging from 250 inches annually on windward mountain slopes to just 10 inches in drier coastal areas. Showers tend to peak in winter but occur sporadically year-round. Arizona gets barely 12 inches of rain even in its wettest areas.

Location Avg Annual Rainfall
Hawaii Windward Slopes 250 inches
Hawaii Leeward Areas 10 inches
Arizona Mountains 12 inches

Nearly all of Arizona’s scant precipitation falls in the summer monsoon season and winter Pacific storms. The rest of the year tends to be very dry.

Natural Hazards

Volcanoes and tropical systems pose hazards in Hawaii. Arizona mainly contends with extreme heat, flash flooding, and the very rare earthquake. Hawaii’s tropical location makes it vulnerable to tropical storms and even Category 4 or 5 hurricanes.

Volcanic eruptions also intermittently occur on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Traveling Between Arizona and Hawaii by Cruise Ship

Taking a cruise from Arizona to Hawaii can be an adventurous and relaxing way to travel between the two destinations. Here’s an overview of some of the key details regarding cruise travel between the southwestern state and the tropical islands.

Cruise Lines and Ports

There are a few cruise lines that offer itineraries from west coast ports like Los Angeles and San Diego to Hawaii. These include Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America, and Carnival Cruise Line.

To begin your cruise to Hawaii from Arizona, you would likely need to first fly or drive to one of these ports in California.

Some cruises to Hawaii also depart from Vancouver, Canada. While further away, this can still potentially be closer than California for travelers in northern Arizona.

Length of Cruises

Cruises from California and Vancouver to Hawaii typically range from 10 to 28 days. The 10-15 day cruises generally visit the islands of Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Longer itineraries may also stop at Oahu or more remote destinations like Hilo.

The total travel time needs to factor in not just the days at sea but also getting to and from departure and arrival ports. For Arizonans, tacking on flights or long drives can add a couple days or more to the overall trip length.

Things to Do at Sea

During days spent cruising across the Pacific Ocean to and from Hawaii, travelers can enjoy live entertainment, casinos, pools, spas, fitness centers, shops, and a variety of dining options. Cruise ships essentially serve as floating resorts with activities, restaurants, and comfortable lodging.

Depending on the ship and itinerary, there may also be port days along the west coast or in Mexico on the way to or from Hawaii. This allows opportunities to explore destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, or Catalina Island.

Price and Booking Considerations

Cruises to Hawaii tend to be popular, so advance booking of 6 months to a year is recommended to get your preferred room type or level. Prices can vary greatly depending on room size, location, level of luxury, and travel dates.

Some sample prices for cruises between California and Hawaii:

  • Interior room: $100-$200 per night
  • Ocean view room: $150-$350 per night
  • Balcony room: $200-$500+ per night

When budgeting for your cruise, remember to account for flights or gas/rental cars to get to and from the ports as well. Traveling to Hawaii by cruise ship from Arizona takes planning, but with gorgeous beaches and crystal blue waters awaiting, the extra effort can absolutely be worth it!


We hope this outline has helped showcase just how far paradise truly is from the Sonoran Desert. While Hawaii and Arizona might feel worlds apart in climate and landscapes, efficient modern air travel makes linking these two iconic destinations quite easy.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or just curious about the mileage between sandy beaches and saguaro cacti, use the distances and travel times provided above to fuel your Hawaiian dreams and adventures from Arizona and beyond!

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