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Hawaii and Georgia may seem worlds apart, but just how far are these two iconic destinations from each other? This comprehensive guide will examine the distance between Hawaii and Georgia using multiple measurements.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Hawaii and Georgia are approximately 4,577 miles apart if you were to fly directly between them.

Flight Distance from Hawaii to Georgia

Direct Flight Distance

The direct flight distance from Hawaii to Georgia is approximately 4,977 miles (8,008 km). This lengthy journey would take nearly 8 hours of air time between popular departure points like Honolulu and arrival cities such as Atlanta or Savannah.

Given the immense distance spanning almost the entire width of the mainland United States, direct commercial flights are not available.

To put the distance in perspective, a flight from Hawaii to Georgia would be similar to taking a plane from Los Angeles to New York City. According to data from Distance Calculator, the straight linear distance from Honolulu, Hawaii to Atlanta, Georgia is 4,962 miles.

So travelers embarking on this route should prepare for a remarkably long haul.

Actual Flight Options and Duration

Since direct plane routes do not exist, passengers will need to choose flights with one or more stops. Most journeys involve catching a plane from Hawaii to the West Coast, then transferring to another flight heading east across the country.

It usually takes at least 12-20 hours to fly from Hawaii to Georgia with a layover, depending on your particular itinerary. Let’s compare some potential flight plans:

  • Honolulu to Atlanta with a stop in Phoenix – About 18 hours total
  • Kona to Savannah with a stop in Los Angeles – Approximately 16 hours gate-to-gate
  • Maui to Augusta through San Francisco – Around 20 hours with the lengthy layover

As shown above, a few airline options exist but they require considerable travel times. The routes may also be more expensive than shorter domestic US flights. Savvy travelers can utilize flight search engines like Kayak or Expedia to find the fastest trips fitting their budget.

Driving Distance Between Hawaii and Georgia

Driving from Hawaii to Georgia is certainly possible, but it would be quite an epic road trip adventure spanning over 5,000 miles across the United States. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what that cross-country drive would entail:

Total Driving Distance: 5,186 miles

According to Google Maps, the total driving distance between Honolulu, Hawaii and Atlanta, Georgia is 5,186 miles if you take the most direct route. This journey would traverse across 9 different states over at least 4 long days of non-stop driving.

Suggested Route

While there are a few options for driving routes from Hawaii to Georgia, the most efficient path would likely be:

  • Honolulu, HI to Los Angeles, CA: 2,556 miles
  • Los Angeles, CA to Albuquerque, NM: 736 miles
  • Albuquerque, NM to Oklahoma City, OK: 637 miles
  • Oklahoma City, OK to Little Rock, AR: 412 miles
  • Little Rock, AR to Atlanta, GA: 448 miles

This route takes you diagonally across the southern part of the country while minimizing backtracking or unnecessary detours along the way.

Drive Time

Driving the entire distance from Hawaii to Georgia without stopping would take a minimum of 4 days and 4 hours of non-stop driving at an average speed of 60 mph. Factoring in stops for gas, food, rest, etc., the drive time could easily extend to 5-7 days.

Route Segment Distance Drive Time at 60 mph
Honolulu, HI to Los Angeles, CA 2,556 miles 42.6 hours
Los Angeles, CA to Albuquerque, NM 736 miles 12.3 hours
Albuquerque, NM to Oklahoma City, OK 637 miles 10.6 hours
Oklahoma City, OK to Little Rock, AR 412 miles 6.9 hours
Little Rock, AR to Atlanta, GA 448 miles 7.5 hours
Total 5,186 miles 4 days, 4 hours

That’s a whole lot of road trip tunes and snack breaks!

Fuel Costs

Over a 5,000+ mile journey, fuel costs can really add up. Assuming a fuel efficiency of 25 mpg and an average gas price of $3.50 per gallon, the total estimated fuel cost would be around $740. Make sure to budget extra for any maintenance issues or surprise costs over such a lengthy drive.

While a Hawaii to Georgia road trip adventure sounds exciting in concept, the massive distance and time investment is not practical for most travelers. Still, for the free-spirited road warriors with time to spare, it could be an epic and scenic American cross-country journey.

Just be sure your car and sanity are up for the challenge! 😉

Nautical Miles Between Islands and Mainland

When comparing the distances between islands like Hawaii and the mainland United States, using nautical miles is the most accurate measurement. Here’s a detailed look at using nautical miles to analyze the distances.

Why Use Nautical Miles

Nautical miles are specifically defined to measure distances at sea. One nautical mile equals 1 minute of arc of latitude. This means nautical miles directly correspond to the actual geographic distances between locations on the Earth’s surface.

By contrast, standard statute miles used on land can vary slightly in different countries. So nautical miles are more precise for maritime navigation and calculating distances over water.

Distances from Hawaii to Mainland USA

The main Hawaiian Islands are located roughly 2,400 nautical miles from the closest point on the mainland United States. Specifically, here are some key distances:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii to San Diego, California: 2,557 nautical miles
  • Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California: 2,556 nautical miles
  • Honolulu, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington: 2,306 nautical miles

As you can see, the distance spans over 2,500 nautical miles to reach Hawaii from the closest mainland cities. That’s nearly 3,000 statute miles—a very significant journey over nothing but ocean!

How Hawaii Compares to the Caribbean

Honolulu to Los Angeles 2,556 nautical miles
Miami to Nassau, Bahamas 185 nautical miles

In comparison, you can see that popular Caribbean destinations like the Bahamas are less than 200 nautical miles from Florida. The much greater distance to Hawaii demonstrates why native Hawaiians lived in relative isolation for so long before external contact.

For more geographic analysis, see the detailed information at the National Hurricane Center website.

Differences in Climate and Geography

Comparing the Climates of Hawaii and Georgia

The climates of Hawaii and Georgia couldn’t be more different. Hawaii has a tropical climate year-round, with warm temperatures, high humidity, and consistent rainfall. Georgia, on the other hand, has a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters.

Let’s break down the climate differences:

  • Temperatures – Hawaii’s average year-round temperature is around 80°F. Georgia has big seasonal shifts, with average summer temps of 90°F and winter lows around 40°F.
  • Precipitation – Hawaii gets rain consistently all year, averaging 50-70 inches across the islands annually. Georgia sees around 50 inches as well, but most of it falls during the summer months.
  • Humidity – Both states are humid! Hawaii’s humidity averages around 70% all year. In Georgia, humidity spikes in the summer to about 90% but drops to around 60% in the winter.
  • Sunshine – Sunny Hawaii enjoys nearly constant blue skies, with around 262 sunny days per year on average. Georgia still sees a fair amount of sun at around 205 days annually.

Geographic Differences between the Regions

In addition to climate contrasts, Hawaii and Georgia don’t have much in common geographically. Hawaii is an archipelago made up of volcanic islands in the Central Pacific Ocean, over 2,000 miles from the nearest continental land mass.

Georgia lies in the southeastern United States, bordered by other states on the mainland.

Here are some key geographic differences:

  • Landforms – Hawaii’s islands feature rugged volcanic mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, and black sand beaches. Georgia’s landscape consists of rolling hills, farmland, marshes, beaches, and the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Surrounding waters – Deep blue Pacific waters surround Hawaii, with an abundance of tropical marine life. Georgia borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east but also contains lakes, rivers, and swamplands.
  • Size – Hawaii’s combined land area is just over 10,900 square miles, spanning island distances of around 1,500 miles. Georgia encompasses almost 60,000 square miles.
  • Isolation – Hawaii is over 2,380 miles from California, and farther from any continents. Georgia is well connected to other southern mainland states.

So in essence, Hawaii forms a remote island chain in the Pacific, while Georgia is situated on lush North American mainland. The geography shapes their climates and ecosystems.


To summarize, Hawaii and Georgia are separated by approximately 4,577 miles as the crow flies, making for a lengthy journey between these two iconic American destinations by plane, car or sea. Their vast distance is just one notable difference, as their climates, geography and cultures provide a stark contrast as well.

Hopefully this guide provided plenty of detail to illustrate the distance between these far-flung points.

While they may be distant, travelers making the trek will surely expand their horizons and gain an appreciation for the diversity of the United States landscape from sea to shining sea.

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