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For those wondering how far Hawaii is from Ohio, the answer is 4,584 miles as the crow flies. This article will provide more detail on the distance and methods for traveling between the two destinations.

Flight Distance and Times

Nonstop Flights

There are currently no direct commercial flights available between Hawaii and Ohio. The two states are over 4,900 miles apart, making a nonstop flight quite long. The average commercial jet flies around 500 miles per hour, so a direct trip would take nearly 10 hours just in the air.

Connecting Flights

Most travelers fly indirectly between Hawaii and Ohio through major airline hubs like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, or Chicago. By routing through another city, total travel times generally range from 15-22 hours depending on connections.

For example, flying from Honolulu to Cleveland with 1 stop in Los Angeles would cover around 5,800 miles total and could take an average of 18 hours.

A few helpful sites for planning Hawaii to Ohio air travel include:

  • for researching flight options and times
  • for traveler reviews of flights and airlines
  • for latest security and customs regulations

Driving Distance and Route Options

The driving distance from Hawaii to Ohio is approximately 4,739 miles if you take the most direct route. This journey would take about 3 days and 2 hours of non-stop driving at an average speed of 65 mph.

Realistically, most people would want to stop for rest, food, gas, etc so the drive would likely take 4-5 days.

Route Options

There are a few potential routes you could take to drive from Hawaii to Ohio:

  • Drive north from Hawaii through western states like California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska before heading east through Iowa and Indiana to reach Ohio.
  • Take a more southern route through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee before going north through Kentucky to Ohio.
  • Mix it up by driving northwest from Hawaii through Washington, Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas before angling southeast to Ohio.

The middle option through the southern states is about 100 miles shorter than driving through the northern routes. However, the northern routes may offer more scenic views.

Road Trip Planning Tips

Before embarking on the Hawaii to Ohio road trip adventure, make sure to plan accordingly:

  • Map out your route and desired stops in advance
  • Get your vehicle checked thoroughly by a mechanic
  • Pack an emergency roadside kit with spare tire, jumper cables, first aid, etc
  • Bring audiobooks, podcasts, and music to make the long hours of driving more enjoyable
  • Download helpful apps like GasBuddy to locate the cheapest gas stations along your route

Properly preparing for this epic cross-country drive will make the experience less stressful and more fun. Safe travels!

Cost Comparison of Travel Methods

When planning a trip from Ohio to Hawaii, the cost of travel can be a major factor in choosing the method of transportation. Here is a comparison of some of the most common options for getting to the islands.


Flying is generally the fastest way to get to Hawaii, with nonstop flights taking around 10-12 hours from major airports in Ohio. However, airfare can be quite expensive:

  • Roundtrip flights from Ohio to Honolulu typically range from $800-$1,500 per person.
  • You’ll also need to factor in costs for checked baggage, seat selection, in-flight meals, and other ancillary fees when budgeting for your flight.

The major airlines like United, American, Delta and Hawaiian Airlines all offer direct flights from Ohio hubs like Cleveland and Columbus. Signing up for fare alerts and being flexible with your travel dates can help find cheaper airfares.

Cruise Ship

Taking a cruise from the West Coast to Hawaii takes 5-12 days depending on the ship, route and ports of call. Cruises allow you to see multiple islands while only unpacking once. Costs vary greatly based on room type, ship amenities and duration of sailing:

  • Inside staterooms start around $100/person per night. Balconies, suites or luxury ships can cost $500+ per night.
  • You’ll also pay extra for shore excursions, drinks, specialty dining, photos, spa treatments and other onboard purchases.
  • Don’t forget you need airfare or other transportation to the departure port, often in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Cruises can offer an affordable way to island hop. Watch for deals and you could save up to 40% off brochure fares. Just factor in all additional costs when comparing to airfare.

Cargo Ship

An adventurous option is booking passage on a cargo ship sailing between the mainland and Hawaii. Voyages take 10-15 days with sparse amenities. You’ll need to provide your own food and entertainment. Costs are very reasonable though:

  • Fares start around $100/person per day for a dormitory room, up to $150/day for your own cabin.
  • Ships depart from ports like Long Beach, CA, Tacoma, WA or even Ohio’s Port of Cleveland.
  • Few ships offer passenger berths now, so book far in advance.

With stops at lesser-visited islands and plenty of peace and quiet, cargo ships offer a unique way for travelers to reach Hawaii while saving up to 50% on the trip cost. Just know space is very limited.


Method Duration Cost Per Person
Flying 10-12 hours $800-1,500 roundtrip
Cruise Ship 5-12 days $100-500 per night
Cargo Ship 10-15 days $100-150 per day

As the numbers show, you have several options to fit various budgets and travel styles. Weigh costs against convenience, amenities and stops to pick the Hawaii route that works for you. Safe travels!


In summary, the distance between Hawaii and Ohio is approximately 4,584 miles. While long, this distance can be traversed in around 10 hours by plane or 4-5 days by car, depending on the route taken.

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