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With its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and world-class resorts, the Hawaiian island of Maui is a dream vacation destination for many. But before hopping on a plane, you may be wondering what you can expect to pay for gas during your island getaway.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Gas prices in Maui generally range from $5.00 to $6.00 per gallon, with costs varying by region. Prices tend to be higher at stations in more touristy areas.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about current gas prices throughout Maui, historical trends and costs, what’s behind pricing fluctuations, and tips for saving money at the pump during your Hawaiian vacation.

Current Gas Prices in Maui

North and West Maui (Lahaina, Kapalua, Kahului Airport Area)

Gas prices in West Maui tend to be a bit higher than other parts of the island. As of December 2023, the average price for regular unleaded gas is $5.19/gallon in Lahaina and Kaanapali according to AAA’s gas price finder.

The Costco in Kahului usually has some of the lowest gas prices in central and north Maui, averaging around $4.15/gallon.

Central Maui (Kahului, Wailuku, Waiehu)

Central Maui around Kahului Airport, Wailuku and Waiehu has a good mix of gas stations with varying prices. Stations right off the Hana Highway in Kahului tend to be more expensive while Costco has the cheapest prices. The average for regular unleaded in the Kahului area is around $4.85/gallon.

South Maui (Wailea, Kihei)

South Maui gas prices are pretty comparable to Central Maui. According to GasBuddy, the average gas price in the Wailea-Makena-Kihei area is $4.82/gallon as of December 2023.

Upcountry & East Maui (Makawao, Hana)

Gas prices tend to be higher the further you get from Kahului. Expect to pay around $5/gallon for regular gas in Upcountry towns like Makawao. And gas prices soar on the road to Hana, getting as high as $6-7/gallon in the rural towns beyond Paia.

Historical Gas Price Trends in Maui

Gas prices in Maui, Hawaii have fluctuated over the past couple of decades, with periods of sharp increases and declines. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in Hawaii peaked at over $4 in 2008, declined to around $3 in 2009, then climbed back up to $4 again by 2012.

More recently, average gas prices in Hawaii hit a high of $3.965 per gallon in October 2018. Since then, prices have fallen, bottoming out at $2.413 per gallon in April 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic when fuel demand plummeted.

Prices have rebounded since then but have remained below 2018 levels.

There are a few key factors that impact gas prices in Maui and Hawaii overall:

  • Global oil prices – Like all states, Hawaii’s gas prices generally reflect trends in the global price of crude oil.
  • Isolation – Hawaii’s geographic isolation means all refined oil products have to be shipped long distances to the islands, raising costs.
  • Limited competition – Only two refineries supply fuel to Hawaii, restricting options and flexibility.
  • State taxes – Hawaii has some of the highest state gas taxes in the U.S., currently adding over 60₵ per gallon.

Gas prices on Maui itself tend to be very similar to those on Oahu where the main ports and refineries are located. At times, prices can be slightly higher on Maui and the other Neighbor Islands that incur added distribution costs from Oahu.

Price Differences Among Maui Gas Stations

While the overall price trends are similar statewide, gas prices can vary significantly between stations, even across Maui. As of December 2022, prices range from $4.39 to $5.29 per gallon according to AAA.

Gas stations located right off the main highways and in busier tourist areas like Lahaina, Kihei, and Wailea tend to have higher costs. Smaller stations and those tucked away in residential neighborhoods are often cheaper in Maui as well as in other islands.

Maui Area Avg. Gas Price Dec. 2022
Kahului Airport area $4.959
Lahaina/Kaanapali $5.029
North Shore/Paia Town $4.709
Upcountry/Kula $4.499

There can easily be a difference of $0.30 or more per gallon across Maui depending on the station location and timing of price changes. Using apps like GasBuddy can help find the best gas prices close by wherever you are on the island.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, gas prices in Maui and Hawaii will likely continue experiencing occasional price spikes during periods of global uncertainty and remain higher overall compared to most mainland states. More fuel efficient and electric vehicles are great options given Hawaii’s year-round warm climate.

The opening of more stations in less touristy areas could also help by increasing competition. But the extra transportation costs to ship fuel to Hawaii will always impact pricing. Checking for regular promotions and learning where locally-owned stations offer savings is wise for Maui residents and visitors aiming to save at the pump!

What Impacts Gas Prices in Maui?

Gas prices in Maui, like elsewhere, are affected by a variety of factors. From the global price of crude oil to seasonal demand spikes, many key components determine the rise and fall of fuel costs on the Valley Isle.

Crude Oil Prices

The single biggest contributor to fluctuating gas prices is the international price of crude oil. With Maui completely dependent on imported fuel, global supply and demand for crude is passed on directly to island drivers.

Oil is traded as a commodity on the global market. Disruptions to major producers like Russia, or growth in large consumer markets like China and India, cause swings in pricing that echo all the way to Maui’s pumps.

Seasons and Peak Travel Times

Though an island, tourism makes seasonal gas price shifts familiar to local drivers. Prices typically rise 10-20 cents per gallon approaching and during the busy winter travel season between Christmas and Easter. Increased visitor demand pumps up island gas consumption, impacting costs.

Similarly, major holidays and events like spring break, summer travel season, and whale season attract flocks of visitors. Their rental cars hit resort gas stations en masse, spiking seasonal demand – and prices at the pump.

Location and Competition

Lastly, a station’s location and nearby competition can push area gas prices around 10-15 cents up or down. Cities like Kahului offer multiple, fiercely-competing stations keeping costs lower. Yet more remote locations sport fewer, or even solitary options – granting higher pricing freedom.

Maui gas was averaging $5.19/gallon in December 2022 – with more remote Hana pump prices spiking over $.20/gallon higher than Kahului’s most affordable options. So location matters, but follows broader oil market and seasonal shifts – best monitored through Hawaii’s statewide gas price surveys.

Tips for Saving Money on Gas in Maui

Avoid Stations at Popular Tourist Spots

Gas stations situated near popular tourist destinations and resorts often charge higher prices due to increased demand. Consider filling up at local stations off the beaten path to save up to 20 cents per gallon.

Look for Discounts & Loyalty Programs

Many gas stations offer special discounts and loyalty programs for members that can net savings of 5-10 cents per gallon. Popular apps like GasBuddy also provide real-time gas prices and member discounts.

For example, the Costco membership program offers average gas discounts of 5-10 cents per gallon which can yield good savings for frequent drivers.

Consider an Electric or Hybrid Rental Car

Car Type Average Gas Cost/Day
Standard Car $12
Hybrid Car $5
Electric Car $0

Opting for a hybrid or electric rental car can cut gas costs in half or eliminate them completely, saving $5-12 per day. Advance reservations are required for availability. As Hawaii’s eco-friendly infrastructure expands, so too do eco car rental options.


So there you have it – everything you need to know about gas prices throughout gorgeous Maui. Now that you know what to expect and ways to save, you can focus your Hawaiian vacation planning on all the incredible beaches, hikes, sunsets and relaxation you plan to enjoy.

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