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Need a copy of your Hawaii birth certificate? Getting a certified copy of your birth record in Hawaii is relatively straightforward whether you were born in the state or are applying from out-of-state.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: You can request a Hawaii birth certificate by mail, in-person at a vital records office, or online through the state’s E-Certify portal. You’ll need to complete an application form, pay a fee, and provide valid ID.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about obtaining a certified copy of a Hawaii birth certificate, including: eligibility requirements, the application process for in-state and out-of-state requests, acceptable forms of identification, information on authorized requestors, delivery options, details on amendment requests, and more.

Eligibility for Hawaii Birth Certificates

Born in Hawaii

If you were born in Hawaii, you are eligible to request a certified copy of your birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health. According to Hawaii law, birth certificates are only available to the person named on the certificate if they are 18 years or older.

For minors, a parent or legal guardian can request the record.

To prove your eligibility, you will need to provide a valid ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or military ID when requesting your birth record. There is a $10 fee for the first copy and $4 for each additional copy requested at the same time.

One awesome perk for Hawaii residents is that you can request a birth certificate copy online through the DOH website. This convenient option allows you to complete the entire process digitally without visiting an office.

Born Outside of Hawaii

If you were born outside of Hawaii, whether in another U.S. state or another country, you cannot request a Hawaii birth certificate. Instead, you will need to contact the vital records office in your birth state or country to obtain your original birth record.

For example, if you were born in Texas, you would contact the Texas Vital Statistics Unit to get a certified copy of your Texas birth certificate. Each state has their own laws and procedures for requesting vital records.

Once you have your original birth certificate, you can use it to apply for other identification documents if needed. While you cannot get a Hawaii birth certificate if you were not born there, you can still establish residency in Hawaii with your out-of-state or foreign birth certificate.

How to Apply for a Hawaii Birth Certificate

In-Person Application

Applying for your Hawaii birth certificate in person is a great option if you live nearby or are visiting the state. Simply go to any local state Health Department office with a valid photo ID and complete an application form. The fee is around $10-15 depending on the type of certificate.

You’ll get your certified copy right away which is perfect if you need it quickly for travel or other official business.

Mail-In Application

If you don’t live in Hawaii, applying by mail is convenient. Download a mail-in application form from the Department of Health website and fill it out completely. Be sure to include payment by check or money order.

Mail your materials to the Vital Records Office and you’ll receive your official birth certificate in 1-2 weeks. Processing by mail costs around $10-15.

Online Application

For fastest results, apply for your Hawaii birth record online. You can securely order a certified copy on the state’s VitalChek website and get it quickly without any traveling or long waits. Online orders are usually processed in 3-5 business days with standard shipping.

The total fees are around $20-25 when you include processing, shipping etc. Online is great if you need backup official documentation fast.

As you can see, Hawaii makes it pretty straightforward to get authorized copies of your birth records through various convenient options. With easy government channels for applying in-person, by mail or digitally, all paths lead to officially validating your birth details.

Identification Needed to Get Hawaiian Birth Certificate

Primary ID Options

To obtain a certified copy of a Hawaiian birth certificate, you will need to provide valid photo identification. Acceptable primary ID options include a current driver’s license, state ID card, passport, or military ID.

The ID should contain your name, photo, and date of birth, and must be issued by a U.S. federal or state government entity. Expired IDs cannot be accepted.

If applying in person, you must present the original version of your primary ID. Photocopies or digital copies will not suffice. When applying by mail, you can submit a notarized copy of the front and back of your primary ID.

Some county offices may have additional requirements regarding ID verification for mail-in applications.

Secondary ID Options

In addition to primary ID, you may also need to provide secondary identification. This additional documentation helps further validate your identity. Acceptable secondary IDs include:

  • Social Security Card
  • Current utility bill or bank statement with your name and address
  • Valid vehicle registration or title with your name and address
  • Voter registration card
  • Pay stub or W-2 form with your name and SSN

Like with primary ID, secondary identification also must be an original when applying in person. Copies can be submitted for mail-in applications, but may need official notarization. Call ahead to verify exactly what secondary IDs can be accepted by the vital records office handling your request.

Proper identification is essential to protect against fraudulent birth certificate requests. By requiring both primary and secondary ID verification, Hawaiian agencies ensure that certified copies only reach authorized individuals.

Taking the time to gather acceptable documents will streamline your application and help it get processed as quickly as possible.

Authorized Requestors for Hawaii Birth Certificates

Self Requests

To request your own Hawaii birth certificate, you must be 18 years of age or older. You will need to provide a valid government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license or passport when submitting your request. The process is straightforward when requesting your own record.

Immediate Family Member Requests

Immediate family members like parents, legal guardians, children, siblings, grandparents, or grandchildren can request a Hawaii birth certificate for a family member. You will need to provide ID and documents proving your relationship to the person named on the birth record.

Extended Family Member Requests

Aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces or great-grandparents can request Hawaii birth certificates for extended family members. You’ll need to provide ID, pay the required fees, and submit documentation like birth records proving your familial relationship.

Legal Guardian/Representative Requests

Court-appointed legal guardians with documented legal authority can order birth certificates for their wards. Executors of estates can request records on behalf of deceased persons. You’ll need to provide the proper ID and paperwork proving your legal guardianship status or executor rights.

Attorneys also have access to client birth records if they submit a notarized release authorization form signed by the client. Government agencies like law enforcement can also obtain birth records for official purposes with proper documentation.

Hawaii Birth Certificate Delivery Options

There are a few different options for receiving your certified Hawaii birth certificate copy once it has been processed by the Hawaii Department of Health:

Standard mail delivery

The default option is to have your birth certificate mailed to you via standard USPS first class mail. This option is free of charge. With standard mail delivery, you can typically expect to receive your birth certificate within 7-10 business days after it has been processed.

Expedited mail delivery

For an additional fee (around $15-20), you can request expedited mail delivery of your Hawaii birth certificate. This will ensure faster processing and mailing of your certificate via USPS Priority Mail, with expected delivery within 3-5 business days after processing.

In-person pick-up

You can also opt to pick up your Hawaii birth certificate in person at the Department of Health office in Honolulu. This option has no additional cost beyond the certificate processing fee. To pick up your certificate, you’ll need to bring a valid photo ID.

The department notifies you via phone or email when your certificate is ready for pick-up.

Electronic birth certificate

Hawaii offers an electronic birth certificate that you can access online through a secure portal. The electronic certificate has the same legal validity as the paper version, with a digital signature and seal.

To get your e-certificate, you’ll need to create an account on the portal and upload a valid photo ID for identity verification.

Choosing the right delivery method for your Hawaii birth certificate often comes down to your timeline and convenience preferences. While standard mail has no extra fees, electronic and in-person pick-up offer the fastest access for those needing their certificate more urgently.

Contact the records office if you have any questions!

Amending a Hawaii Birth Certificate

Minor Record Corrections

Sometimes there may be minor errors on a Hawaii birth certificate that need updating, such as typos in names, dates, or places. To amend these, you’ll need to fill out an Application for Amendment to Certificate of Birth form and submit it to the Hawaii Department of Health Office of Health Status Monitoring.

The application form is available online at You’ll need to provide documentary evidence to support the correction. Once submitted, minor record corrections usually take 2-4 weeks to process.

Legal Name Changes

To update your name on a Hawaii birth certificate after a legal name change, you must send a certified copy of the name change court order along with the amendment application form. For name changes due to marriage, divorce decree, or naturalization, additional supporting documents may be required.

The process takes 4-6 weeks from submission of the application. You’ll receive a new birth certificate copy reflecting the updated name. Name changes on birth certificates are restricted to natural name changes only in Hawaii.

Gender Marker Changes

Effective January 1, 2022, adults born in Hawaii can submit a gender designation amendment application to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate. Minors need parental consent.

To change gender, you must submit a notarized declaration from a licensed healthcare provider confirming the applicant’s gender identity does not match the sex designation on their birth record. Gender marker changes cost $65, take up to 30 days, and allow selecting male, female, or X gender.

2021 Hawaii gender maker change applications 1,849
Projected 2023 applications 2,500+

Compared to some states, Hawaii’s gender amendment process is reasonably straightforward. Supporting organizations like the ACLU continue working to modernize Hawaii’s birth certificate gender policies and remove surgical requirements.


Requesting a certified Hawaii birth certificate copy can easily be accomplished through the state’s online E-Certify system, by mail, or in-person at a vital records office location. While eligibility requirements, fees, and processing times vary slightly depending on your specific situation, following the application steps outlined above will ensure your request is processed smoothly.

With information on application options, ID requirements, authorized requestors, delivery methods, and amendments, this guide provides everything you need to know to get a copy of a Hawaii birth certificate.

Understanding these key details ahead of time will save you time and hassle as you navigate the request process.

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