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  • Seashell Anklet – Surfer Style Hawaiian Jewelry


    Experience the Aloha spirit with this beautifully handcrafted Genuine Puka Shell Anklet. This 9.5″ ankle bracelet features ethically sourced natural white seashells woven together in the traditional Hawaiian style. Perfect for beach days or adding a touch of island flair to any outfit. Genuine puka shell and metal barrel clasp Length: 9.5 inches Surfer style,…

  • Seashell Cowrie Necklace and Anklet Set


    Introducing the eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind Nativu Beach Jewelry collection, handcrafted with care by local artisans in the sunny shores of Arraial do Cabo, Brazil. Each piece in this collection helps support the local economy while making a sustainable fashion statement. Nativu necklaces, chokers and anklets are made from natural, upcycled cowrie shells collected from Brazilian…

  • Tiger Puka Shell Surfer Choker Necklace – 6-7mm


    {This 18ct Gold Puka Shell Necklace Is Beautifully Handmade By Hawaiian Artisans Using Classic 6-7mm Tiger Shells Found On Hawaiian Beaches. Select 12″ to 30″ lengths in beautiful bright yellow 18ct gold-plated settings with durable stainless steel wire and easy locking clasps. Authentic Hawaiian tiger puka shells feature tiny natural spirals – a sign of…

What are puka shell necklaces?

Puka shell necklaces are made from genuine shells found in Hawaii. Puka means "hole" in Hawaiian - the small holes occur naturally as the shells are tumbled smooth in the ocean over many years. The shells are hand-strung and knotted to create beautiful, bohemian-style necklaces.

How are puka shells made into necklaces?

Skilled Hawaiian artisans carefully drill small holes in each shell, then string them by hand on silk or nylon cord. Decorative knots and beads made from materials like wood, bone and glass are added between shells. The necklaces may have single or multiple strands.

What is the meaning behind puka shell jewelry?

Puka shells represent good luck, prosperity, nature's beauty and the Hawaiian island lifestyle. Wearing a shell necklace evokes a sense of relaxation, tranquility and the soothing sounds of the ocean.

How do you wear puka shell necklaces?

Puka necklaces have a casual, beachy vibe perfect for everyday wear. They look great solo or layered together with other strands. You can also accent them with natural elements like freshwater pearl or coconut wood beads. Their neutral tones work with any outfit.

What is the best length for a puka shell necklace?

Common lengths are 16 to 20 inches for single strands, and 18 to 30 inches for adjustable bib/choker styles. Choose shorter lengths to be worn high and show off the shells. Longer lengths complement lower necklines. For versatility, opt for an adjustable length.

How can you tell if a puka shell necklace is authentic?

Look for naturally imperfect shells with variations in color and texture. Shells should not look identical. The stringing should include hand-tied knots, not crimped metal pieces. Made in Hawaii stamps help verify authenticity.