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Aloha! If you’re wondering about the meaning behind the name Sarah in the Hawaiian language, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a deep dive into the history and significance behind this beautiful name.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The name Sarah in Hawaiian roughly translates to ‘princess’ or ‘noblewoman’.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the origins of the name Sarah, its evolution and popularity over time, the symbolic meaning in Hawaiian culture, and some fun facts along the way. We’ll also look at similar Hawaiian names you might want to consider.

So let’s get started unraveling the mystery of this charming moniker!

The Origins and Meaning of Sarah

The name Sarah has a rich history and carries significant meaning in various cultures. Let’s explore its etymological roots, its significance in the Bible, and how it translates to Hawaiian.

Etymological Roots

The name Sarah is of Hebrew origin and is derived from the word “Sarai,” meaning “princess” or “noblewoman.” It has been a popular name throughout history and is often associated with grace, beauty, and strength.

In Hebrew, names are deeply rooted in their meanings and are believed to shape an individual’s character and destiny. Sarah, with its regal connotations, embodies qualities of leadership, confidence, and elegance.

Significance in the Bible

Sarah holds immense significance in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament. She was the wife of Abraham, a prominent figure considered the father of many nations. Despite initially struggling to conceive, Sarah eventually gave birth to Isaac, who became Abraham’s heir.

Throughout her life, Sarah demonstrated unwavering faith and resilience. She played a vital role in God’s covenant with Abraham and was known for her wisdom and hospitality. Sarah’s story serves as an inspiration for many, highlighting the power of faith and the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Translation to Hawaiian

When it comes to translating names from one language to another, it is essential to consider cultural nuances and linguistic adaptations. In Hawaiian, the name Sarah is commonly translated to “Kala.”

Hawaiian names often have profound meanings rooted in nature, mythology, or historical events. While “Kala” may not directly mirror the meaning of Sarah in Hebrew, it embraces the essence of the name by representing concepts such as beauty, tranquility, and grace.

It is important to note that translations of names may vary based on interpretation and cultural context. The Hawaiian translation of Sarah as “Kala” reflects the cultural exchange and adaptation of names across different languages.

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Sarah’s Popularity Over Time

The name Sarah has been a popular choice for parents in the United States for many years. It has consistently ranked among the top names for baby girls since the late 19th century. According to the Social Security Administration, Sarah ranked within the top 100 names for girls from the 1880s to the 1920s and has remained in the top 500 names since then. This enduring popularity can be attributed to its timeless appeal and biblical origins.

Trends in the United States

Throughout the 20th century, the popularity of the name Sarah experienced fluctuations. It reached its peak in the 1990s when it consistently ranked within the top 10 names for baby girls. This surge in popularity can be attributed to cultural influences such as the rise of biblical names and the popularity of the name among celebrities. However, in recent years, the popularity of Sarah has declined slightly, with other names like Emma and Olivia taking the lead.

Despite this decline, Sarah still remains a beloved and widely recognized name in the United States. It continues to be a popular choice for parents who appreciate its timeless elegance and biblical significance.

Use in Hawaii

Although the name Sarah is not of Hawaiian origin, it has gained some popularity in the Hawaiian islands. In Hawaii, where multicultural influences abound, parents often choose names from various cultures for their children.

While there are no official statistics on the popularity of the name Sarah specifically in Hawaii, it is safe to say that it is not as commonly used as traditional Hawaiian names. However, with the blending of cultures and the increasing diversity of names in Hawaii, it is not uncommon to find individuals named Sarah in the local population.

It is important to note that when considering the popularity of a name in a specific region, cultural and historical factors play a significant role. In Hawaii, names rooted in the Hawaiian language and culture are often given preference. Nonetheless, the name Sarah, with its universal appeal and rich history, can still be found among the diverse names in Hawaii.

The Symbolic Meaning of Sarah in Hawaiian Culture

In Hawaiian culture, names hold deep symbolic meanings. The name Sarah, although not traditionally Hawaiian, carries significance when used in the context of Hawaiian culture. The name Sarah is often associated with traits such as royalty, elegance, and grace. Let us explore the symbolic meaning of Sarah in Hawaiian culture.

Connection to Royalty

In Hawaiian culture, names associated with royalty are highly respected and revered. While the name Sarah itself does not have a direct Hawaiian translation, its association with royalty can be traced back to its biblical origins. In the Bible, Sarah is depicted as the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac, who went on to become a prominent figure in Jewish and Christian history. This connection to a revered biblical figure emphasizes the regal connotations associated with the name Sarah in Hawaiian culture.

Traits of a Princess

Hawaiian culture places great importance on the virtues of kindness, compassion, and grace. The name Sarah embodies these qualities, making it a fitting choice for parents who wish to bestow these characteristics upon their child. In Hawaiian folklore and mythology, princesses are often depicted as embodying these virtues, and the name Sarah aligns with this perception. It signifies a person who carries themselves with elegance, kindness, and a gentle nature.

The symbolic meaning of the name Sarah in Hawaiian culture highlights the connection to royalty and the traits associated with a princess. Although not traditionally Hawaiian, this name resonates with the values and virtues held in high regard in Hawaiian culture. It serves as a reminder of the importance of grace, elegance, and kindness in our interactions with others. So, if you’re considering the name Sarah for your child, may it bring them a sense of regality and remind them to embrace the virtues of a princess.

Fun Facts About the Name Sarah

Famous Sarahs in History

The name Sarah has a rich history and has been borne by many remarkable individuals throughout the ages. One famous Sarah is Sarah Bernhardt, a French stage actress who was known as “The Divine Sarah.” She achieved great success in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was considered one of the greatest actresses of her time. Another notable Sarah is Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough and close confidante of Queen Anne of Great Britain. Sarah Churchill was known for her strong personality and influence over the Queen.

Additionally, Sarah Siddons was a renowned British actress of the 18th century. She was known for her powerful performances in tragic roles, and her talent on stage earned her the nickname “The Tragic Muse.” Another famous Sarah is Sarah Polk, the wife of the 11th President of the United States, James K. Polk. She was known for her intelligence and political acumen, and played an active role in her husband’s presidency.

Sarah in Pop Culture

The name Sarah has made its mark in popular culture as well. One iconic Sarah is Sarah Connor, the protagonist of the Terminator film series. Played by actresses such as Linda Hamilton and Emilia Clarke, Sarah Connor is known for her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Another famous Sarah in pop culture is Sarah Jessica Parker, an American actress and fashion icon. Best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV series Sex and the City, Parker’s portrayal of the stylish and independent New Yorker resonated with audiences worldwide. Her character is often cited as a fashion inspiration and a symbol of empowerment for women.

Similar Hawaiian Girl Names


Leilani is a beautiful Hawaiian girl name that is similar to Sarah. It is derived from the Hawaiian words “lei” meaning “garland” or “flower” and “lani” meaning “heavenly” or “royal.” Therefore, Leilani can be interpreted as “heavenly flower” or “royal garland.” This name is often associated with the beauty and grace of the Hawaiian islands.


Malia is another lovely Hawaiian girl name that shares similarities with Sarah. It is a Hawaiian form of Mary and means “calm” or “serene.” Malia is a popular name in Hawaii and is often chosen for its simplicity and peaceful connotations. It is a name that evokes a sense of tranquility and harmony.


Noelani is a unique Hawaiian girl name that has a similar sound to Sarah. It combines the Hawaiian word “noe” meaning “mist” or “rain” with “lani” meaning “heavenly” or “royal.” The name Noelani can be translated as “heavenly mist” or “royal rain.” It is a name that captures the essence of the natural beauty and lush landscapes found in Hawaii.

These Hawaiian girl names, including Leilani, Malia, and Noelani, have a special connection to the Hawaiian culture and language. They embody the spirit of the islands and carry meanings that reflect the natural elements and beauty of Hawaii.


The name Sarah has a rich history and evokes images of nobility, distinction, and strength. While its popularity has fluctuated over the decades, the core meaning of ‘princess’ in Hawaiian has endured.

So there you have it – everything you could want to know about the name Sarah in the Hawaiian context. Whether you’re expecting a new keiki wahine or just researching names, we hope this guide gave you some valuable insights. Now go forth and embrace your inner princess with pride!

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