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With pleasant temperatures, fewer crowds, and lower prices than other times of the year, November is a great time to visit Hawaii. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Hawaii enjoys warm, mostly dry weather in November with highs around 80°F and lows in the mid 60s°F.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Hawaii’s weather in November including average temperatures, rainfall, humidity, sunrise/sunset times, and tips on what to pack.

Average Temperatures and Weather Conditions

Average High and Low Temperatures

The average high temperature in Hawaii during November is around 84°F (29°C), while the average low is 72°F (22°C). The weather is warm and balmy throughout the month. Some variation occurs across the islands, with slightly cooler temps at higher elevations on islands like Maui and Hawaii Island.


November falls during Hawaii’s wetter winter season. However, the islands typically still see sunny skies more often than rain. Expect short-lived rain showers a couple times per week that pass through quickly. Rainfall amounts average 1-3 inches across the islands.

Humidity Levels

With an island location surrounded by ocean plus lush, tropical landscapes, Hawaii sees moderately high humidity year-round. In November, average relative humidity levels are between 65-75% during the daytime hours.

Sunrise and Sunset Times

During November, the sun rises around 6:20-6:30am and sets around 5:40-5:50pm across Hawaii, giving nearly 11 hours of daylight. The further west you travel among the islands, the earlier the sunrise and sunset times.

Ocean Temperatures for Swimming and Surfing

The average ocean temperature around Hawaii in November is very comfortable at 79°F (26°C). Water conditions are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and other ocean activities without a wetsuit.

What to Pack for Hawaii in November


November is still warm in Hawaii, especially on the beaches. Temperatures range from 78-88°F (25-31°C), so you’ll want lightweight, breathable clothing. Still, cooler nights and rain are possible, so pack a light jacket and light layers. Here’s what you should pack:

  • Light sundresses, tanks, shorts, skirts, and pants
  • T-shirts and breathable shirts
  • A light sweater or hoodie
  • Rain jacket or windbreaker
  • Sandals and sneakers/walking shoes
  • Hat and sunglasses

Avoid bulky items and overpacking. Stick to light, versatile clothing you can mix and match. Having fewer items to keep track of and wash will make your vacation more relaxing.

Beach Gear

November is a nice time to enjoy Hawaii’s amazing beaches. Pack these essentials:

  • Swimsuit and coverup
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen and aloe vera gel for sunburns
  • Portable waterproof speaker
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Snacks like granola bars, fruit, trail mix

Don’t forget water shoes or flip flops for both land and sea! Reef and coral can be sharp, so water shoes prevent cuts.

Hiking Essentials

November is a prime month for hiking popular trails like the Kalalau Trail on Kauai. For outdoor adventures, pack:

  • Hiking shoes/boots with good traction
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Hiking poles for stability
  • Small backpack for supplies/snacks
  • Bug spray, first aid kit, sun protection

Hawaii’s weather can change quickly in higher elevations. Pack breathable layers like moisture-wicking shirts. A light poncho doubles as rain and wind protection.

Always check conditions beforehand and avoid risky trails if rain or winds pick up. Be flexible and have backup plans for beach days if needed. By packing thoughtfully for Hawaii in November, you’ll be comfortable and ready for any type of weather!

Typical Weather Conditions and Events

November is a delightful time to visit Hawaii. With temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit and pleasant trade winds blowing, you’ll find mostly sunny days perfect for beachgoing and other outdoor adventures across the islands.

Mild Temperatures

During November, average high temperatures reach 79-83°F for all the major Hawaiian Islands. The mercury rarely exceeds 85°F, even on the hottest days. Overnight lows dip down to 66-70°F, allowing for cool and comfortable sleeping weather.

The cooling trade winds maintain their steady flow in November. These northeasterly breezes help moderate the subtropical heat and keep things feeling fresh. You can expect winds of 10-20 mph regularly.

Little Rainfall

November falls during Hawaii’s dry season. Rainfall averages 1-3 inches across the islands, lower than the wetter winter months. Showers tend to be brief and isolated when they do occur.

However, the big island of Hawaii does see slightly more rain on its windward east side thanks to moisture carried ashore by the trades. The Kona side stays much drier in the lee of the massive volcanoes.

Great Beach & Surf Conditions

With hot temperatures, low humidity, and minimal rain, November serves up primo beach weather. The ocean temperatures hover around 78°F, warm enough for swimming yet refreshingly cool on hot days.

The surf starts picking up in November after the flat summer swells. Waves in the 6-10 foot range become more common, pleasing intermediate and advanced surfers. Meanwhile, the winds create fun wave-kayaking and windsurfing opportunities.

So whether you want to sunbathe, snorkel, or catch some waves, you’ll find November offers fabulous outdoor conditions throughout Hawaii.


With pleasant weather, fewer tourists, lower prices, and exciting holiday events, November is an ideal time to plan your Hawaiian getaway. Pack light, breathable clothing along with beach essentials like sunscreen.

Be prepared for passing tropical showers by bringing a compact rain jacket and travel umbrella. Enjoy warm ocean temperatures for surfing, snorkeling, or kayaking as you take in the islands’ lush natural scenery.

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