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With its beautiful beaches, scenic hikes, and tropical weather, Hawaii is a dream vacation destination any time of year. If you’re planning a February getaway to the Aloha State, you may be wondering what to pack for the weather and activities.

We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive packing guide tailored for Hawaii in February.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Pack light layers like shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits as well as some warm layers like jeans, sweaters and light jackets for the cooler mountain areas. Don’t forget sun protection including hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Hawaii’s Weather in February

What to pack for Hawaii

What’s the Temperature Like?

February is one of the warmest months in Hawaii, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to low 80s Fahrenheit (around 24-28°C). The weather is consistently balmy and pleasant during the day.

However, nights can get quite chilly, with lows dropping into the mid 60s. Pack layers if you plan to be out at night!

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How Much Rainfall Occurs?

February falls within Hawaii’s rainy season. However, the showers tend to be brief and scattered rather than prolonged downpours.

You can expect about 5 inches of rain in February on average. Always wise to pack rain jackets or umbrellas just in case!

Tips for Packing Based on Hawaiian Weather

  • Pack lightweight, breathable clothing items like shorts, tanks, tees, and sundresses.
  • Have warmer layers for cooler nights, like jeans, sweatshirts, or light jackets.
  • Bring moisture-wicking fabrics if planning activities that cause sweating.
  • Pack a mix of closed-toed walking shoes and sandals.
  • Don’t forget the hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen!
  • Consider bringing a compact rain jacket and travel umbrella.

The National Weather Service provides up-to-date Hawaii weather forecasts to help finalize packing decisions leading up to your February vacation!

Clothing and Footwear


When packing tops for Hawaii in February, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon. Tank tops, t-shirts, and short-sleeve button downs are great options.

Light sweaters or cardigans are also good for the cooler evenings. Stick to bright, tropical colors and patterns as well.

Here are some top ideas to pack:

  • Tanks tops
  • T-shirts
  • Short-sleeve button downs
  • Lightweight sweaters or cardigans


For bottoms, shorts and lightweight pants or skirts are recommended. Denim shorts, linen pants, and cotton skirts allow your skin to breathe in the balmy weather. Consider packing:

  • Denim shorts
  • Linen or cotton pants
  • Lightweight skirts
  • Leggings or yoga pants for outdoor activities or lounging


You’ll want to bring at least two swimsuits for your Hawaii vacation. Opt for suits made from quick-drying, durable fabrics that provide sun protection.

For women, think sporty bikinis or one-piece suits. For men, pack a couple pairs of board shorts.

And don’t forget a rash guard or swim shirt for extra coverage!


The weather is warm in Hawaii during February, with average highs around 80°F (source). But temperatures can drop into the 60s at night.

Pack a lightweight jacket or hoodie, ideal for sightseeing, dining outdoors, or trips to Volcanoes National Park.


Finally, your Hawaii footwear selection should include:

  • Sandals
  • Water shoes for adventures
  • 1-2 pairs of sneakers/walking shoes

When choosing sandals, look for a sturdy sole and straps that securely fasten for hiking and sightseeing. And water shoes with grip and quick drying abilities are great for waterfall rappelling or ocean activities.

Toiletries and Beach Essentials

Essential Toiletries

When packing toiletries for your February Hawaii vacation, focus on the essentials to save luggage space.

You’ll want to bring sunscreen, aloe vera gel, aftersun lotion, and other skin products to heal and protect yourself after long days in the tropical sun and saltwater.

Hawaii gets very humid so consider bringing dry shampoo and other products that add volume.

Don’t forget necessities like toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc. If you plan to go hiking, pack insect repellent as well.

You can buy many generic toiletries in Hawaii if you forget something, but branded options may be limited or expensive. Consider packing travel-size versions of your favorite products. You can find helpful Hawaii packing lists on sites like SmarterTravel and PlanetWare.

Beach Bag Must-Haves

No trip to Hawaii is complete without ample beach time. When packing your beach bag, sun protection remains essential even in February. Bring a hat, UV-blocking shirt, and reef-safe sunscreen.

Other beach bag essentials include sandals, swimsuit, coverup, small beach towel, and mini cooler with water and snacks.

Don’t forget waterproof accessories like waterproof phone case, Bluetooth speaker for music, portable charger, reading material, and collapsible water bottle. If hitting the waves, pack surfboard/boogie board rentals, rash guard, waterproof GoPro to capture epic footage, and secure dry bag for valuables.

A beach bag filled with such essentials will keep you smiling all vacation long!

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Additional Packing Considerations

Additional Packing Considerations

Packing for Flight and Travel Days

When packing for your flight and travel days to Hawaii in February, there are some key things to consider:

  • Pack layers – Bring some light sweaters, cardigans, and jeans that you can layer up or down depending on the airplane/airport temperature. Flights can sometimes get chilly!
  • Compression socks – Wearing compression socks on long flights can help increase blood circulation and reduce swelling in your feet and ankles. This makes travel days much more comfortable.
  • Neck pillow and eye mask – Having a supportive neck pillow and an eye mask for sleeping will make red-eye flights more bearable.
  • Snacks and empty water bottle – Bring healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts, and fresh fruit to eat during travel. You can fill up your water bottle once you’re through airport security.
  • Entertainment – Download movies, ebooks, magazines, or playlists on your phone or tablet to keep you occupied during any long flights.
  • Comfortable shoes – Pack a pair of slip-on shoes like sandals or slippers to change into if your main shoes start to feel uncomfortable after hours of travel.

By preparing for time spent in transit, you’ll feel much more refreshed upon arriving in gorgeous Hawaii! 🏝

What Not to Bring

When visiting Hawaii in February, there are also some things tourists often overpack that you may want to leave at home:

  • Too many clothes – Since it will be warm and beachy, you really don’t need extensive outfits. Focus on swimwear, coverups, sundresses, shorts, tanks, and flip flops.
  • Valuable jewelry – Best to leave precious jewels at home and opt for fun locally made artisan jewelry instead if you want to accessorize your looks.
  • Too many shoes – With warm weather and beach activities, you’ll likely spend most of your time in sandals. Only pack other shoe options if you plan to hike or need closed-toed shoes for certain adventures.
  • Fancy evening wear – Hawaii has a casually elegant dress code most everywhere, so you likely won’t need formal gowns or tuxedos. A nice sundress or polo shirt with slacks is dressy enough.
  • Bulky toiletries – Decant things like shampoo and sunscreen into smaller travel-size containers so your luggage doesn’t get too heavy.
  • Valuable documents – Only carry your passport, necessary credit cards/travel documents, and a small amount of cash. Leave the rest of your valuables securely stored at home.

By leaving behind non-essentials, you’ll have more room for souvenirs on your trip back! Aloha! ☺️

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Packing for a February vacation in Hawaii can seem tricky, but keeping versatility, layers, and sun protection in mind will ensure you have everything needed for a fantastic trip. Focus on multi-use lightweight layers along with beach and hiking essentials.

Following our detailed packing guide, you’ll be ready to fully embrace the beautiful beaches and island adventures that await. Have a wonderful February getaway in paradise!

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