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The hit HBO show White Lotus, which revolves around the guests and employees at a luxury Hawaiian resort, has stirred up immense interest among fans regarding its filming locations across the island state.

If you’re wondering where exactly White Lotus was shot in Hawaii, you’ve come to the right place!

In short, White Lotus was primarily filmed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea in 2021. But the production team also shot various scenes at other breathtaking locations on Maui and Oahu islands over the course of two months.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide a deep dive into all the main Hawaiian shooting spots that appeared on the show, from the White Lotus resort itself to key places the characters visited during their vacation misadventures.

We’ve organized the locations according to the islands they are situated on for easy reference as you plan your own Hawaii trip to visit these places.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea – The White Lotus Resort

The Luxury Grounds & Accommodations

Sprawling over 22 acres of lush grounds, the Four Seasons Resort Maui offers guests a tranquil Hawaiian paradise. The resort’s sophisticated accommodations fuse contemporary Island style with classic Hawaiian design.

Guests can choose from spacious hotel rooms or residential-style suites, many offering breathtaking ocean views from private balconies or lanai.

The Spa & Wellness Center

After soaking up the Hawaiian sunshine, guests can pamper themselves at the resort’s luxury spa. Spread out over two floors, the spa offers a variety of rejuvenating treatments including massages, facials, body wraps, and more.

There is also a spacious outdoor hydrotherapy garden where guests can relax in whirlpools, saunas, and cascading waterfalls. For those looking to break a sweat, the fitness center is open 24/7 and offers classes like yoga, Pilates, and aqua aerobics.

The Restaurants & Bars

The Four Seasons Resort Maui boasts an array of dining options showcasing locally sourced Hawaiian cuisine. The signature restaurant, Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante, offers authentic Italian fare coupled with an extensive wine list.

More casual options include the Ocean Bar & Grill which serves local fish and seafood dishes on an outdoor terrace, and the Lobby Lounge known for its artisanal cocktails and tapas. And no trip to Hawaii is complete without a traditional luau, held on-site complete with fire dancers and Hawaiian music.

The Pools

Without a doubt, the pools are a highlight of the Four Seasons Maui. There are three outdoor pools to choose from, including an adults-only “Serenity Pool” lined with cabanas. Families flock to the heated keiki (children’s) pool which features a waterslide and shallow areas perfect for little ones.

Guests can also take a dip in the main pool or relax in private cabanas while being served poolside cocktails and dining. According to the resort’s website, the pools stretch an impressive 87,000 square feet combined.

Other Notable Filming Locations on Maui

Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach is a stunning stretch of sand located on Maui’s southwestern shore. Several scenes featuring the fictional Four Seasons White Lotus resort were filmed on Wailea Beach, capturing its beautiful blue waters and golden sand.

The beach provides fantastic views of the nearby islands of Kahoolawe and Molokini. With its gentle waves, Wailea Beach is an excellent spot for swimming, snorkeling and paddling.

Mokapu & Ulua Beach

The dazzling Mokapu and Ulua beaches served as additional shooting sites for the Four Seasons resort scenes. Ulua Beach is widely considered one of Maui’s best beaches, with crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling and sea turtle sightings.

Nearby Mokapu Beach features a picturesque offshore islet and calm swimming conditions. Together, these beaches capture the idyllic tropical atmosphere that the show’s creators were aiming for with the White Lotus resort.

Maluaka Beach

Tucked away near Makena State Park, Maluaka Beach provided a gorgeous natural backdrop for beach scenes with characters like Rachel, Paula and Olivia. This stretch of golden sand fringed by swaying palms was used to film several pivotal conversations that take place oceanside.

With mesmerizing views of Molokini crater, Maluaka allowed the filming crew to showcase the stunning natural beauty of Hawaii.

Makena Beach & Golf Club

Located just south of Wailea, Makena Beach and the adjacent Makena Golf Club appears briefly in White Lotus as part of the fictional Pineapple Suite luxury resort complex. The golf club’s meticulously manicured fairways and scenic coastal views reinforce the opulent retreat setting.

Makena Beach, sometimes called “Big Beach”, also charms visitors with its long stretch of glistening sand. Its powerful shore break makes it appealing for bodyboarding and surfing when conditions permit.

Haleakalā National Park

While not a primary filming site, Haleakalā National Park gets a brief glimpse in White Lotus during an emotional scene between Rachel and her father. Haleakalā is acclaimed for its otherworldly volcanic landscape and the incredible panoramic views available from its high-altitude overlooks.

Sunrise is considered the optimal time to experience Haleakalā’s majesty. The inclusion of this iconic natural park highlights Hawaii’s wealth of awe-inspiring vistas beyond its beautiful beaches.

Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park is featured only briefly during a transitional driving scene in White Lotus. However, it provides a window into Maui’s lush interior rainforests and striking rock formations. The park is centered around the towering Iao Needle, a famous 1,200-foot tall rock pinnacle ensconced in misty green jungle.

Lush walking trails through the valley transport visitors into the heart of Hawaii’s unspoiled natural splendor. Although not a major filming location, Iao Valley captures Maui’s incredible biodiversity beyond its famed shorelines.

Key Shooting Spots on Oahu

Turtle Bay Resort

The luxurious Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore served as the backdrop for The White Lotus resort in the show. With its lush gardens, beachfront villas, and stunning ocean views, Turtle Bay was the perfect setting to portray the wealthy clientele and paradisiacal atmosphere depicted in the series.

Several key scenes featuring actors such as Jennifer Coolidge and Steve Zahn were filmed on the grounds of Turtle Bay. In particular, Tanya’s (Coolidge) beachfront villa and the resort’s seaside paths and pools offered idyllic filming locations.

The cast and crew spent over 2 weeks shooting on site at Turtle Bay to capture exterior and interior scenes.

In an interview, creator Mike White explained that Turtle Bay was chosen due to its remote location and upscale environment mirroring the exclusive feeling the show wanted to convey with its fictional White Lotus resort.

The ending scene showing Tanya decide to purchase the villa as her new vacation home was also shot at Turtle Bay.

La Mariana Sailing Club

The iconic tiki bar and restaurant La Mariana Sailing Club in Honolulu served as a lively filming site for The White Lotus capturing scenes with Murray Bartlett’s character Armond. La Mariana, opened in 1957 along the Keehi Lagoon, was the perfect fit for the 1970s atmosphere and look the production team envisioned for some of the resort party scenes.

In particular, La Mariana hosted the pivotal party scene where Shane (played by Jake Lacy) offends Armond leading to growing tensions between the two characters throughout the season. During production, the bar was redecorated to better match Armond’s outdated sense of style as the eccentric resort manager.

According to Variety, star Murray Bartlett relished the experience of filming at the nostalgic tropical oasis. La Mariana allowed the show to convey a surreal atmosphere and an intriguing setting for key events and character interactions to unfold.

Byodo-In Temple

The scenes depicting Belinda’s (Natasha Rothwell) surprise spiritual retreat were filmed at the stunning Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. Overlooking the lush green mountains of Oahu, this replica of a 900-year-old Buddhist temple provided beautiful scenic shots and a quiet, meditative setting.

In particular, the temple’s impressive Courtyard featured a breathtaking large gold Buddha statue under which Belinda has a conversation with Tanya about finding her purpose. Other temple elements like the ponds, bridges, and gardens also offered unique backdrops for Belinda’s journey of self-reflection and dream visualization exercises shown.

In an interview with USA Today, actress Natasha Rothwell described how awe-inspiring it was to shoot at the iconic temple, helping inspire Belinda’s spiritual awakening portrayed. The exotic location aligned perfectly with the show’s exploration of existential themes.


We hope this detailed guide to the various Hawaiian locations featured on White Lotus helps you better understand where exactly the show was filmed. As you can see, the production team did a phenomenal job capturing the natural and man-made beauty across Maui and Oahu that continues to enchant visitors from all over the world.

So set your sights on Hawaii for an unforgettable island-hopping trip to explore these places in real life. From world-famous beaches to historic sites cloaked in spirituality, you too can embark on your own enlightening adventures, drama-free!

Just be sure not to mimic the questionable choices of the White Lotus vacationers.

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