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With towering mountains, lush valleys, black sand beaches and more, Hawaii islands are idyllic for family adventures. Deciding which one will best suit your needs depends on your priorities like budget, lodging, activities or ease of getting around.

If your family is seeking a good mix of beauty, adventure and convenience, Oahu is likely the best bet. But those wanting a more laidback and affordable trip may prefer the Big Island.

Read on as we compare the family-friendly features, highlights and considerations across Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island to help you determine the best island in Hawaii for your family getaway.

At a Glance Overview of Family-Friendly Hawaii Islands

Oahu – Easy Access and Adventure

As the most populous Hawaiian island with nearly 1 million residents, Oahu offers families the easiest access and most diverse activities. The island’s main airport receives flights from across the world, while the capital Honolulu provides plenty of family-friendly attractions like the Waikiki Aquarium, Pearl Harbor historic sites, and famous North Shore beaches.

In addition to the convenience, Oahu caters to adventure-loving families with options like snorkeling Hanauma Bay, hiking Diamond Head crater, learning to surf on Waikiki Beach, swimming with dolphins, or exploring the island via scenic hiking trails, food tours, submarine rides and boat cruises.

Maui – Beautiful Beaches and Resorts

Maui is a paradise of stunning beaches, lush rainforests, scenic drives and luxury resorts perfect for families. From building sandcastles at Ka’anapali Beach to snorkeling with sea turtles at Maluaka Beach, families can soak up the island’s natural beauty.

In addition to beach time, popular family-friendly activities include driving the scenic Road to Hana, exploring Haleakala National Park’s volcanic landscape, ziplining through verdant valleys, or watching the sunset atop Mount Haleakala.

Kauai – Scenic Wonders

With jaw-dropping scenery, Kauai enchants families seeking natural wonders. From exploring Waimea Canyon dubbed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” to boat rides along the spectacular Napali Coast, this Garden Isle impresses at every turn.

Beyond appreciating the views, outdoor-loving families can opt for zipline adventures, ATV rides through tropical rainforests, or easy hiking trails to thundering waterfalls. For relaxation, Kauai’s kid-friendly resorts dotting Poipu Beach offer pools, lagoons and childcare programs.

Hawaii (Big Island) – Affordable and Diverse

As Hawaii’s largest island geographically, the aptly named Big Island contains incredible diversity catering to different family interests. Active families can hike around erupting volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, splash in rainbow-hued tide pools at Kapoho Tide Pools or snorkel with manta rays off the Kona Coast.

For more relaxation, the all-inclusive Hilton Waikoloa Village offers lagoon-style pools, waterslides, and family suites starting at $209/night – an affordable rate compared to other islands. With so much on offer, the Big Island makes an ideal family getaway on a budget.

Comparing the Logistics – Travel, Lodging and Costs

Getting There – Accessibility Considerations

The easiest island to reach is Oahu, home of the state’s busiest airport in Honolulu. Over 20 airlines offer direct flights to Honolulu from major US and international cities. The other islands require an inter-island flight or ferry ride.

Maui has the second busiest airport, Kahului, while Kona and Hilo airports on Hawaii Island and Lihue airport on Kauai have fewer flights. Be sure to compare options across airlines when booking inter-island travel.

Ferry services run between some islands, but trips can take several hours versus a short 30-minute flight. The ferry allows you to take your car to other islands which is a major plus for family road trips. Island Hopper provides ferry service from Honolulu to Molokai and Maui.

Lodging Options Across the Islands

Oahu and Maui have extensive resort options, while Kauai and Hawaii Island lean towards more intimate bed and breakfast style inns and vacation rentals. However, all islands offer a range of family-friendly accommodations from budget condos to luxury oceanfront resorts.

For the best family experience, look for locations with pools, kids’ programs, and easy beach access.

Island Top Family Resorts
Oahu Aulani Disney Resort, Four Seasons Ko Olina
Maui Grand Wailea, Ka’anapali Beach Hotel
Kauai Grand Hyatt Kauai, Marriott Waiohai Beach Club
Hawaii Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Hilton Waikoloa Village

Budget and Affordability Factors

Oahu ranks as the most affordable island for families thanks to a wide range of hotel, dining and activity options. While more secluded islands offer fewer budget lodgings, families can save by cooking meals in condos versus dining out.

Here is a comparison of average costs for a Hawaii family vacation across the islands:

Island Lodging Cost Per Night Meal Cost Per Day for Family of 4
Oahu $200 $100
Maui $250 $150
Kauai $300 $175
Hawaii Island $275 $125

Save on activities like snorkeling, sightseeing, luaus and dolphin swims by bundling discounts on sites like Also check for deals and family packages directly on hotel and airline websites.

Oahu – Something for Everyone

As the most populous and developed island in Hawaii, Oahu offers a little something for every type of traveler. From lively urban Honolulu to quiet sandy beaches, families can find activities and attractions to please everyone.

Urban Attractions

No trip to Oahu is complete without exploring the state’s capital and largest city, Honolulu. This vibrant metropolis boasts top museums like the Bishop Museum’s Hawaiian Hall and the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Families can also have fun at the Honolulu Zoo showcasing over 1,200 animals or the indoor playgrounds at places like Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center.

Outdoor Activities

Beyond the city, Oahu has pristine beaches perfect for surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and relaxing. The iconic North Shore has world-famous breaks like Pipeline and Sunset Beach. The eastern side has calmer waters well-suited for beginners learning to surf or snorkel around sea turtles.

Hiking trails criss-cross the island, from easy walks to panoramic lookouts like Diamond Head Crater.

Accommodations for Families

Hotels and resorts across Oahu cater to kids with designated pools, games rooms, and kids’ clubs offering supervised activities. Many also have kitchens or kitchenettes handy for families. Popular family-friendly areas include Ko Olina with its lagoons and Waikiki with easy beach access.

Vacation rentals, especially near beaches, provide a homier atmosphere where children have more space to play.

With dense urban excitement, opens spaces to roam free, cultural experiences through luaus and hula shows, plus thundering but kid-friendly waves, Oahu truly has something for every member of the family.

Maui – A Beach Lovers Paradise

With over 120 miles of gorgeous coastline, Maui is truly a beach lover’s paradise. From the stunning golden sands of Kaanapali Beach to the secluded coves of Hana, there is a beach for every taste on this island.

Family-Friendly Beaches

Several of Maui’s most popular beaches offer calm waters and gentle waves that are perfect for families with young keiki (children). Top picks include:

  • Kamaole Beach Parks (I, II, and III) – These three adjacent beaches in Kihei have lifeguards, picnic tables, barbecues, restrooms, and parking.
  • Napili Beach – This crescent-shaped beach on West Maui is surrounded by lava rocks that create a protected swimming area.
  • Wailea Beach – Also known as Ulua Beach, this South Maui beach has a shorebreak that’s safe for toddlers.

Snorkeling Beaches

Many of Maui’s beaches offer excellent snorkeling right from shore. Grab your mask, snorkel, and fins and explore these underwater playgrounds:

  • Kapalua Bay – Calm, clear waters reveal colorful coral reefs and a variety of tropical fish.
  • Ulua Beach – Part of Wailea Beach, the left side features a reef teeming with marine life.
  • Maluaka Beach – Also called “Turtle Beach,” this hidden gem in Makena is named for its resident sea turtles.

Surf Beaches

With waves ranging from gentle rollers to thundering barrels, Maui has surf breaks suitable for all levels. Top choices include:

  • Honolua Bay – A marine preserve with right and left surf breaks, this bay offers epic waves for experienced surfers when conditions are right.
  • Lahaina Breakwall – The longest breakwall in Hawaii, this spot off Front Street is beginner-friendly with small waves.
  • Ukumehame Beach Park – Popular with longboarders, this West Maui beach has a sandy bottom and consistent waves.

So whether you want to boogie board with the kids, snorkel with sea turtles, or charge some epic waves, Maui’s beaches have everything a beach lover could want in paradise!

Kauai – Breathtaking Natural Wonders

Kauai is often called the “Garden Island” due to its lush green landscapes and breathtaking natural sights. From majestic mountains to stunning beaches, Kauai offers families a chance to experience Mother Nature at her finest.

Waimea Canyon

Known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon is one of Kauai’s top attractions. This massive gorge features colorful rock formations and boasts panoramic views of the island. Families can take scenic drives along the canyon road, stopping at overlooks to take in the dramatic vistas.

Some parts of the canyon allow hiking, offering the chance to see native plants and traverse the interior of this natural wonder.

Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is perhaps Kauai’s most iconic landmark. This stretch of towering sea cliffs and secluded beaches looks like something out of Jurassic Park. While Na Pali’s beaches require strenuous hiking to access, families can still admire the coastline by taking boat tours along the coast.

Spotting sea turtles, whales, and dolphins is common on these cruises past lush valleys and thundering waterfalls.

Wailua Falls

One of Kauai’s most photographed waterfalls, Wailua Falls drops an astonishing 80 feet into a picturesque pool. The short, easy hike to the base of the falls makes it very family-friendly. Kids will love swimming under the cascade of water while parents can relax on the banks of the stream.

Bring a picnic lunch to dine by these falls made famous in films and TV shows like Fantasy Island.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Perched on Kauai’s North Shore, the Kilauea Lighthouse offers fabulous ocean views and opportunities for wildlife spotting. An old lighthouse provideshistorical context while kids will enjoy spotting passing whales, seabirds, sea turtles, and even monk seals lounging on the rocks below.

The surrounding wildlife refuge features a lovely nature trail great for family walks amid native plants and trees.

Hawaii (Big Island) – Adventure and Culture

The island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island, is a paradise for families seeking outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. With its rugged volcanic landscapes, towering waterfalls, black sand beaches, and rich Hawaiian heritage, the Big Island has something for everyone.

Exploring Volcanoes National Park

One of the Big Island’s star attractions is Volcanoes National Park, home of the active Kilauea volcano. Families can take safe hikes across old lava flows, see steam vents hissing from the earth, and gaze into the glowing Halema’uma’u crater.

It’s an awe-inspiring look at the Earth’s raw natural forces. The park also protects delicate volcanic features like the Thurston Lava Tube, a massive underground tunnel formed by flowing lava. Rainforests filled with native birds round out this exceptional landscape.

Swimming with Manta Rays

Few experiences match gliding alongside manta rays, with wingspans over 10 feet wide. Many Big Island companies offer nighttime snorkeling excursions where visitors can float face-to-face with these gentle giants.

Guides use underwater lights to attract plankton, manta rays’ main food, creating an unforgettable family adventure.

Exploring Historic Kona Town

The charming seaside village of Kona provides a window into old Hawaii. Along its quaint streets lined with historic buildings, families will find art galleries, boutique shops selling Hawaiian crafts, and cafes serving macadamia nut sweets.

The main attraction is Huliheʻe Palace, an elegantsummer home for Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s. Kids enjoy seeing the palace’s artifacts, like feather capes once worn by kings and queens.

With its incredible scenery, Hawaiian culture, and family-friendly adventures, the Big Island makes an outstanding destination for unforgettable vacations.


While every Hawaii island has spectacular offerings, Oahu emerges as the best bet for most families.

With world-famous Waikiki Beach, iconic Pearl Harbor, fun parks, kid-friendly resorts and easier navigation, it simply checks the most boxes.

But beach bum families may prefer mellower Maui, outdoor adventurers can embrace the volcanoes of Hawaii or natural beauty hounds may opt for waterfall-filled Kauai.

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