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The popular new crime drama NCIS Hawaii has quickly become a fan favorite since premiering in 2021. Viewers have connected with the show’s unique Hawaiian setting and compelling characters, including Special Agent Maggie Shaw.

If you’re wondering who plays Maggie on NCIS Hawaii, the answer is actress Yasmine Al-Bustami. In this article, we’ll provide background details on Al-Bustami, Maggie’s character on the show, and what fans can expect from her in future episodes.

We’ll cover key topics like:

– Yasmine Al-Bustami’s previous acting roles

– Maggie’s personality and position on the NCIS Hawaii team

– Notable Maggie storylines so far

– What to expect from Maggie in upcoming episodes

Introducing Actress Yasmine Al-Bustami

Previous Major Roles

Yasmine Al-Bustami is a talented young actress who has taken on some impressive roles early in her career. She got her big break playing a recurring role as Mona Al-Ghul on the hit show Gotham from 2017-2018.

Mona was the daughter of iconic Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul, so Yasmine got to showcase her acting chops in intense, action-packed scenes.

Another high-profile part for Al-Bustami was Izzie on the popular CW series The Originals in 2018. Izzie was a witch who caused some major drama for the Mikaelson vampire family. Yasmine brought a spunky charisma to the character that really resonated with viewers.

Most recently, Al-Bustami plays a lead role as Special Agent Maggie Shaw on the new hit procedural NCIS: Hawaiʻi. Maggie is a former Honolulu police officer who brings her local know-how to the NCIS team.

Since the show premiered in 2021, Yasmine has demonstrated strong chemistry with her castmates while also portraying Maggie as a tough, smart investigator.

Awards and Recognition

While still early in her acting career, Yasmine Al-Bustami is earning recognition for her performances. In 2018, she won a Best Supporting Actress award at the Queen Palm International Film Festival for her work in the indie film The Pull.

She beat out over a dozen talented nominees for this honor when she was just 22 years old.

Al-Bustami has also been nominated for ensemble acting awards two years running at the Imagen Awards, which recognize positive portrayals of Latinos in entertainment. She was up for her roles on The Originals in 2018 and NCIS: Hawaiʻi in 2022.

With her profile rising due to her lead part on NCIS: Hawaiʻi‘s first season, we can likely expect more accolades to come Yasmine’s way. She brings depth and charismatic energy to every project she takes on. At just 26 years old, Al-Bustami has all the makings of a star on the rise in Hollywood.

Who is Maggie on NCIS Hawaii?

Personality and Position on the Team

Maggie Shaw, played by Julie White, is a quick-witted and determined FBI Special Agent who joins the NCIS: Hawaii team in season 2. Despite initial friction with Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey), the head of NCIS in Hawaii, Maggie earns the team’s trust with her sharp investigative skills and ability to think outside the box.

As an FBI agent on loan to NCIS, Maggie brings a unique perspective and skillset to the team. She has a dry sense of humor and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind, which sometimes ruffles feathers. However, her candor is appreciated by the team as they know Maggie always has their back.

Backstory and Notable Storylines

Not much is known yet about Maggie’s backstory before she joined the NCIS: Hawaii team. We do know she has a teenage daughter named Laura who lives with Maggie’s ex-husband on the mainland. It’s hinted that the divorce was difficult on both Maggie and Laura.

In one of her first cases with NCIS, Maggie crosses professional boundaries and puts the entire investigation at risk. She redeems herself by helping solve the case, proving herself to be an asset to the team.

Maggie also forms a strong bond with Detective Katsumoto as they work several high-stakes cases together.

As the season progresses, we’re likely to learn more about what makes Maggie tick both personally and professionally. For now, she remains both an enigma and a vital member of the NCIS: Hawaii ohana.

What to Expect from Maggie in Future Episodes

Maggie Shaw, played by actress Julie White, is a key character on the hit CBS drama NCIS: Hawaii. As the no-nonsense Special Agent in Charge of the Pearl Harbor field office, Maggie brings a wealth of experience and steadfast leadership to the team.

Though details on future episodes are scarce, here’s what fans might expect from Maggie moving forward.

More Backstory and Personal Details

So far this season, we’ve gotten a few glimpses into Maggie’s past, including her previous career in Washington D.C. and struggles with PTSD after losing an agent in the field. However, there is still much to uncover about what drives Maggie personally and professionally.

Upcoming episodes may reveal more details about her family life, how she rose through the ranks of NCIS, and the cases that have shaped her over the years.

Testing Her Leadership and Resolve

As the head of the Pearl Harbor office, Maggie faces constant tests of her leadership, decision-making, and ability to hold her team together under pressure. Future storylines will likely see Maggie navigating incredibly difficult situations that push her to the limit.

This could involve conflicts within her team, high-stakes cases that threaten lives, or even potential budget cuts and oversight from Washington putting the future of her office at risk.

Further Exploring Her Dynamic with Tennant

One of the most compelling relationship dynamics on NCIS: Hawaii is between Maggie and her second-in-command, Special Agent Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey). Maggie and Jane often butt heads over cases and investigative methods, but also develop a mutual understanding and respect.

Moving forward, fans can hope to see this complex mentor/protégé relationship deepen through shared hardships, secrets revealed, and having to rely on one another when the chips are down.

More Opportunities to Show Her Authenticity

While Maggie projects a tough, no-nonsense exterior at all times, Julie White’s empathetic performance suggests there are hidden depths and vulnerabilities to explore. Future storylines may allow White to peel back more layers of Maggie’s character and show different sides of her personality, leadership approach, and even a hint of her personal life outside work.

This would only serve to make Maggie more three-dimensional and relatable.

In the end, Special Agent Shaw remains an integral piece of NCIS: Hawaii‘s success. And fans hope to continue seeing complex, compelling storylines revolving around Maggie as the show ventures deeper into its inaugural season and beyond.


Maggie Shaw promises to be an integral part of NCIS Hawaii as the show continues. With actress Yasmine Al-Bustami bringing depth, talent and enthusiasm to the role, fans can look forward to learning more about Maggie’s backstory and seeing her develop compelling relationships with her colleagues.

We’ll have to stay tuned to upcoming episodes to find out what dangerous situations Special Agent Shaw gets into next!

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