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If you’re looking to travel between Easter Island and Hawaii, you may be wondering—just how far apart are these two iconic Polynesian destinations? At first glance, they may seem worlds apart on an expansive Pacific Ocean.

But a closer look at the precise distance and logistics of making this journey reveals some fascinating insights.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Easter Island and Hawaii are approximately 2,200 miles (3,540 km) apart as the crow flies. This equates to a 4-5 hour flight time between the two destinations.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the exact distance between Easter Island and Hawaii, discuss flight and cruise options to traverse this Pacific expanse, highlight what to expect along the journey, and more.

With distances spanning over thousands of miles of open ocean, making your way between these two remote islands is no small feat—but the rewards are well worth it for adventurous travelers seeking the ultimate Polynesian experience.

Pinpointing the Precise Distance Between Easter Island and Hawaii

As the Crow Flies Distance

Easter Island and Hawaii are separated by a vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. As the crow flies, the distance between these two iconic Polynesian islands is approximately 2,182 miles (3,508 km). This straight-line distance gives you a sense of how far apart they are situated in the middle of the world’s largest ocean.

Driving Distance

Since Easter Island and Hawaii are islands, there are obviously no roads connecting them. So a driving distance doesn’t really apply here. You’d have to load your car onto a ship or plane to get it between the two destinations!

Sea Distance

If you were to travel by sea between Easter Island and Hawaii, the journey would cover approximately 2,400 nautical miles. That’s quite a long voyage across the Pacific! Traveling at a modest sea speed of 10 knots, the trip would take around 12-15 days of continuous sailing to complete.

Historically, the native Polynesians who settled these islands traced similar sea routes across the Pacific Ocean in canoes and other oceangoing vessels. But those trips likely involved island hopping and provisioning along the way, rather than straight nonstop journeys.

Journey Duration and Travel Time Between Destinations

Flight Time

The flight time between Easter Island and Hawaii can vary depending on layovers, but direct flights take around 5-6 hours. Most flights route through Santiago, Chile or Tahiti, adding several hours of travel. Typical flight times breakdown as:

  • Easter Island to Tahiti: 5 hours
  • Tahiti to Hawaii: 8-10 hours
  • Total with layover: 13-15 hours

Some key factors that affect total travel time by air include:

  • Number of layovers – Direct is fastest but rare
  • Length of layovers – Can range from 1 hour to overnight
  • Flight path – Routing through US mainland takes longer

The longest part of the journey is crossing the Pacific Ocean, which takes up to 10 hours between Tahiti and Hawaii. Fortunately, flights can take advantage of strong tailwinds, shortening the duration. However, headwinds or bad weather may also delay flight times on certain days.

Cruise Time

Taking a cruise ship between Easter Island and Hawaii is far less common, but some itineraries include both destinations. These trips tend to be once-in-a-lifetime around the world cruises spanning several weeks.

The sailing time just between the two islands would take around 7-12 days depending on the ship’s speed and exact route chosen.

Some sample cruise itineraries with durations include:

  • Los Angeles – Hawaii – Easter Island – Tahiti – New Zealand (30 days)
  • San Diego – Hawaii – Fiji – Easter Island – San Diego (28 days)

As you can see, the cruises make numerous stops, so the time at sea continuously sailing between Easter Island and Hawaii specifically would be a shorter subset of the total trip. But no matter what, taking a cruise ship means at least a week at sea just crossing the Pacific between these two remote destinations.

Route Options for Traveling Between Easter Island and Hawaii

Nonstop Flights

Currently, there are no direct commercial flights available between Easter Island and Hawaii. The closest option would be to fly from Easter Island’s Mataveri International Airport to Santiago, Chile and then connect to a nonstop flight to Honolulu.

This journey would take around 12-14 hours total travel time.

Multi-stop Flights

Travelers can book flights with one or more stops between Easter Island and Hawaii. Common routes include stopping in Tahiti, Los Angeles, or San Francisco before continuing on to Honolulu. While not as fast as direct flights, multi-stop tickets provide more airline and routing flexibility.

Total travel times for flights with one or two connections typically range from 14 to 22 hours.

For example:

Easter Island → Santiago → Los Angeles → Honolulu (Total duration ~18 hours)

Cruise Itineraries

Luxury cruise ships will sometimes incorporate visits to both Easter Island and Hawaii into longer South Pacific itineraries. However, no cruises offer direct passage exclusively between the two islands.

Instead, travelers would need to book a segment of a longer cruise. For instance, the San Francisco to Sydney cruise on Viking Cruises includes stops at Hilo and Honolulu, Hawaii and a visit to Easter Island. While beautiful and relaxing, cruise travel times are much lengthier.

This three week Viking itinerary sails for 8 days just between Easter Island and the Hawaii ports.

Route Travel Time
Nonstop flight No direct commercial flights offered currently
Multi-stop flights 14 – 22 hours (including connections)
Cruise ~8 days sailing between ports

As you can see, fast nonstop flights would be the fastest way to travel between Easter Island and Hawaii. However, lacking direct air service, multi-stop tickets provide the next quickest way of completing the 5,300 kilometer (~3,300 mile) journey across the Pacific.

What to Expect When Making the Easter Island to Hawaii Journey

Scenic Pacific Vistas

During the 2,400 nautical miles voyage from Easter Island to Hawaii, you can expect to be treated to some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. The South Pacific ocean glitters a brilliant cobalt blue as far as the eye can see.

Frequent schools of dolphins and breaching whales put on a show alongside your vessel. The endless horizon and constant ocean breezes make you feel blissfully insignificant in the best possible way.

As you close in on Hawaii after nearly a week at sea, excitement builds as the islands begin peeking over the horizon. Dramatic cliffs and emerald valleys signal your arrival. The contrast between the deep blues of the Pacific and the lush greens of the islands is truly breathtaking.

One can’t help but understand why early Polynesian explorers felt they had discovered paradise itself when stumbling upon these islands so many centuries ago.

Wildlife Sightings

In addition to possible dolphin and whale sightings, you may be lucky enough to witness sea turtles, manta rays, seabirds, and more marine life. The nutrient rich Humboldt Current feeds an abundance of sea creatures along South America’s Pacific Coast and much marine wildlife will follow this current across the Pacific.

Marine Wildlife Likelihood of Viewing
Dolphins High – pods are frequently spotted
Humpback Whales Moderate – seasonal migration across Pacific
Sea Turtles Moderate – more likely closer to islands
Seabirds High – variety of species flock the islands
Manta Rays Low – migratory paths not well tracked

A seasoned crew attentive to spotting wildlife will be sure to slow down and alert passengers to any rare sightings. Having camera equipment ready comes highly recommended!

Crossing the Equator

An exciting equator crossing ceremony may be in order as you traverse from the Southern to Northern hemisphere on the journey to Hawaii. Ancient mariners used such ceremonies to appease the sea gods when passing from one hemisphere to the other.

Participating crew and passengers dress up in costumes and perform humorous skits when “King Neptune” comes aboard to initiate the “pollywogs” (those crossing the equator for the first time) into being “shellbacks”.

It’s all in good fun and allows for some revelry during the long sea voyage. The wacky costumes, messy rituals, and general silliness seems to lift spirits and strengthen bonds between everyone onboard. Making the long Easter Island to Hawaii trip is a unique adventure not many can claim.

Crossing that equator line mid-voyage is worth pausing to celebrate!

Key Takeaways: Distances and Logistics for Reaching Easter Island from Hawaii

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is a remote and mysterious island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. At around 2,300 miles from Hawaii, it is no easy feat to reach this famous island that is home to nearly 1,000 moai statues.

However, the journey is well worth it for adventurous travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.

Distances from Major Hawaiian Islands

From Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Easter Island is approximately 2,380 miles away. This equates to a journey of around 5 hours and 30 minutes by plane. From Hawaii’s Big Island, the distance is slightly less at 2,300 miles, which takes around 5 hours to fly directly to Easter Island.

Route Options and Duration

There are no direct flights from Hawaii to Easter Island. Most journeys involve at least one stopover, usually in Tahiti, Santiago, or Lima. The average travel time ranges from 15 hours all the way up to 30+ hours depending on connections.

Some typical routes include:

  • Honolulu to Papeete, Tahiti – 8 hours
  • Papeete to Easter Island – 5 hours
  • Total: 13 hours
  • Honolulu to Lima, Peru – 13 hours
  • Lima to Easter Island – 5.5 hours
  • Total: 18.5 hours

Travel Costs

Reaching Easter Island can be an expensive endeavor. Roundtrip flights from Hawaii generally start around $1,300 but can be $2,000 or more during peak seasons. Accommodation and tours also do not come cheap.

Travelers should budget several thousand dollars for a week-long Easter Island vacation when accounting for all costs.

Expense Cost
Roundtrip airfare $1,300 – $2,500
Accommodation (1 week) $500 – $1,500
Food, drinks, activities $500 – $1,000
Total Trip Cost $2,800 – $5,000

Boat Travel Alternative

For the extremely adventurous with ample time, traveling to Easter Island by private boat from Hawaii is possible but challenging. This epic sea voyage traversing the Pacific would take 2-4 weeks depending on the vessel and requires careful planning for provisions, fuel capacity, and weather conditions.

While costly and time-consuming, a South Pacific sailing journey makes for the trip-of-a-lifetime to one of the world’s most mystifying islands!


Whether you choose to fly or set sail, traversing the 2,200 miles (3,540 km) separating Easter Island and Hawaii promises epic scenery and rare insights into Polynesian culture. As two of the most remote inhabited islands on Earth, reaching either destination requires true commitment.

But the chance to stand before the moai statues or witness Hawaii’s volcanoes makes the journey well worth the effort.

By breaking down the precise straight-line distances, realistic travel times, and route possibilities by air and sea, this guide lights the way for intrepid travelers ready to bridge the Pacific gap. Just be sure to pack your sense of adventure before embarking on this once-in-a-lifetime island-hopping experience!

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