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If you’ve ever wondered exactly how far apart the tropical paradise of Hawaii is from the southern charms of South Carolina, you’re not alone. With over 4,900 miles separating these two iconic destinations, the distance can seem dizzying.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Hawaii and South Carolina are approximately 4,921 miles apart if you travel in a straight line from Honolulu to Columbia.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the distance between Hawaii and South Carolina, from the flight times to what it would take to drive or boat between the two states.

Flight Distance and Times from Hawaii to South Carolina

Nonstop Flights

There are currently no direct, nonstop flights available between Hawaii and South Carolina. The two states are located around 4,600 miles apart, making a nonstop flight logistically challenging and not economically viable for most airlines.

Connecting Flights Through Major Hubs

The most efficient way to travel from Hawaii to South Carolina is by booking a flight with one connection through a major airline hub city like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, or Chicago. The total travel time on such an itinerary usually takes between 10-13 hours depending on your departure point in Hawaii and gateway city on the mainland US.

For example, flying from Honolulu to Charleston with a layover in Los Angeles or Phoenix would cover a total distance of around 4,970 miles and take about 12 hours and 30 minutes. Most of the travel time is spent on the long oceanic flight between Hawaii and the west coast hub airport.

The connection onwards to South Carolina is just 4-5 hours.

Some key data points on Hawaii to South Carolina flight times:

  • Honolulu to Charleston: 12 hours 30 minutes (connecting in PHX)
  • Kona to Myrtle Beach: 13 hours (connecting in LAX)
  • Maui to Columbia: 11 hours 55 minutes (connecting in DFW)

Driving Distance and Route from Hawaii to South Carolina

Route Overview

Driving from Hawaii to South Carolina would be quite an epic road trip adventure! Since Hawaii is an island state located in the Pacific Ocean, you would first need to drive from the Hawaiian island you’re on to the west coast of the continental United States.

The most common route would be to take a car ferry from Hawaii to Los Angeles. From there, you would drive east across the southern part of the country all the way to South Carolina.

The total driving distance from Hawaii to South Carolina is approximately 4,860 miles, traversing through 10 different states along the way. The route would take you through major cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, New Orleans, and more before arriving in beautiful South Carolina.

Total Drive Time and Mileage

Driving at a moderate speed of 60 mph on the interstates and allowing for gas, food, and rest stops, the total drive time would be around 81 hours of non-stop driving. Of course, no one drives completely nonstop on a 4,860 mile road trip adventure!

With reasonable extended stops for sleeping, sightseeing, and exploring some of the amazing places along the route, this epic drive could easily take 1-2 weeks or more to complete.

Here is an overview of the route mileage and drive time from Hawaii to South Carolina:

Route Segment Mileage Drive Time (at 60 mph)
Hawaii to Los Angeles Port 92 miles 2 hours
Car Ferry – Los Angeles to Port Hueneme 119 miles Overnight
Port Hueneme to South Carolina 4,649 miles 77 hours
Total 4,860 miles 81 hours driving

As you can see, the vast majority of the mileage – over 4,500 miles – is driven from California through the southern states over to the east coast. Driving across the entire southern tier of the country makes for an exceptionally scenic road trip covering many miles and many states!

Traveling by Boat from Hawaii to South Carolina

Route Options

When traveling by boat from Hawaii to South Carolina, there are a few potential route options to consider. The most direct route would be sailing east across the Pacific Ocean, passing south of the Baja California peninsula through the Panama Canal, then north along the east coast of the United States to South Carolina.

This route is approximately 11,000 nautical miles and would take 3-4 weeks for a modern sailboat averaging 5 knots speed.

Another option is to sail northeast from Hawaii to San Francisco, then transit the Panama Canal eastbound to the Atlantic Ocean and onward to South Carolina along the east coast. This route adds only about 500 extra miles but allows stopping in San Francisco to potentially restock supplies if needed.

No matter which route is chosen, planning adequate provisions and preparing the boat and crew for several weeks at sea is essential. Careful consideration of weather patterns, potential port stops, and contingency plans are important when embarking on such an extended offshore passage.

Total Nautical Miles and Estimated Travel Times

  • Hawaii to San Francisco: approximately 2,400 nautical miles
  • San Francisco to Charleston, SC via Panama Canal: approximately 8,500 nautical miles
  • Total distance: about 11,000 nautical miles

The total travel time can vary drastically depending on vessel speed and weather conditions encountered, but some ballpark estimates are:

Vessel Speed Total Days at Sea
5 knots (moderate cruising sailboat) 49 days
10 knots (powerboat or fast sailboat) 24 days
20 knots (motor yacht) 12 days

As the table shows, faster boats can make the 11,000 mile trip in less than two weeks, while more moderately-paced cruisers should plan on 4-7 weeks at sea. Proper offshore voyage planning is crucial either way to account for potential weather delays, equipment issues, or other unforeseen circumstances.

But with sound preparation and prudent seamanship, experienced mariners can successfully navigate between beautiful Hawaii and historic coastal South Carolina.

The Straight Line Distance Between Hawaii and South Carolina

When looking at a map of the United States, Hawaii and South Carolina appear very far apart. That’s because they are separated by about 4,308 miles in a straight line between Honolulu, Hawaii and Columbia, South Carolina.

This immense distance spans multiple time zones and nearly the entire width of the North American continent.

Calculating the Distance

The most precise way to measure the straight line distance between two points on a sphere, like the Earth, is to use the haversine formula. This takes into account the curvature of the Earth when calculating the shortest path between Hawaii and South Carolina.

Plugging Honolulu’s latitude and longitude coordinates (21.3069° N, 157.8583° W) and Columbia’s (34.0007° N, 81.0348° W) into the haversine formula gives a result of 4,308 miles. Software tools like Google Maps display similar straight line distances when you select the “measure distance” feature.

A Vast Distance

To give some perspective on how far 4,308 miles is:

  • It’s over 3x the width of the entire continental United States, from Maine to California.
  • You could fit multiple European countries like France, Spain, and Italy between those two points.
  • It’s nearly the distance from Paris, France to Baghdad, Iraq.

Very few direct flights exist crossing this immense distance between Hawaii and the southeastern US. Most trips would require multiple flights with layovers taking 15+ hours of travel time.

City Pair Miles Apart
Honolulu, HI to Columbia, SC 4,308 miles
Paris, France to Baghdad, Iraq 4,536 miles

As this comparison shows, the straight line mileage from Hawaii to South Carolina rivals immense intercontinental distances. Measuring this crow-flies distance on a globe highlights just how remote Hawaii really is from the continental United States.


We’ve covered the key details on exactly how far Hawaii and South Carolina are from each other by plane, car, and boat. While the distance spanning over 4,900 miles may seem daunting, advances in transportation have made traversing this length quite feasible.

Whether you’re planning an itinerary to hit both destinations or simply satisfying your curiosity, you now have the complete picture on just how vast the Pacific Ocean separating Hawaii from the East Coast truly is.

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