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Riding with Uber in Hawaii can be an affordable and convenient way to get around the islands. With fare estimates starting around $5, Uber provides a budget-friendly transportation option for visitors and locals alike.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Base fares for UberX in Hawaii start at around $5, with per mile rates from $1.14 to $2.75 depending on the island. Additional fees like booking fees and surge pricing during peak demand times can increase total fares.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down exactly what factors into Uber’s fare calculator in Hawaii so you know what to expect for different types of rides across Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

Base Rates for Uber in Hawaii

Base Rates for Uber in Hawaii

UberX and UberXL base fares on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island

UberX and UberXL offer affordable rideshare options in Hawaii. Base fares start at $1.75 on Oahu, with additional charges per mile and minute. On neighbor islands like Maui, Kauai and the Big Island, base rates for UberX are slightly higher at $2 due to lower demand.

Here’s a breakdown of standard UberX/UberXL rates in popular Hawaiian destinations:

  • Oahu (Honolulu): $1.75 base fare, $1.14 per mile, $0.22 per minute
  • Maui (Kahului, Lahaina): $2 base fare, $1.35 per mile, $0.24 per minute
  • Kauai (Lihue, Princeville): $2 base fare, $1.35 per mile, $0.24 per minute
  • Big Island (Kailua-Kona, Hilo): $2 base fare, $1.45 per mile, $0.25 per minute

As you can see, UberX pricing is consistent across islands after the initial base fare. UberXL carries a small premium over UberX due to larger vehicle size and capacity. Expect to pay about 1.2x the UberX price for an UberXL in Hawaii.

Solo travelers or couples are generally fine with UberX, while larger parties may benefit from UberXL.

Base rates for other Uber services like UberSUV and UberSELECT

In addition to basic UberX and UberXL rides, Hawaii also offers premium Uber options like UberSELECT (nicer cars) and UberSUV (SUVs and minivans) in certain areas:

  • Honolulu: Offers UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberSUV
  • Maui: Offers UberX, UberXL
  • Kauai: Offers UberX only
  • Big Island: Offers UberX, UberXL

UberSELECT carries about a 65% premium over UberX, while UberSUV rates run 2-2.5x higher than UberX depending on vehicle size. However, Hawaii’s rates are capped by regulation, so premium Ubers cost significantly less than other US cities.

For example, Honolulu’s UberSUV rates max out at around $2.05 per mile – quite reasonable for a high-end ride.

Uber Option Sample Base Fare (Honolulu) Per Mile Rate Per Minute Rate
UberX $1.75 $0.59 $0.15
UberXL $2.10 $0.70 $0.18
UberSELECT $2.90 $0.97 $0.24
UberSUV $4.25 $2.05 $0.45

As you can see, UberSUV carries premium pricing, but could be worth it for larger parties wanting extra comfort or amenities. No matter which level of service you choose, Uber offers a convenient transportation option across Hawaii.

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Per Mile and Per Minute Rates

Time and distance rates by island and Uber option

Uber prices in Hawaii vary by island and type of Uber ride. Here is a breakdown of estimated per mile and per minute rates:

  • Oahu
    • UberX – $1.17 per mile, $0.18 per minute
    • UberXL – $1.85 per mile, $0.30 per minute
  • Maui
    • UberX – $1.54 per mile, $0.30 per minute
    • UberXL – $2.05 per mile, $0.35 per minute
  • Kauai
    • UberX – $1.25 per mile, $0.25 per minute
    • UberXL – $1.95 per mile, $0.35 per minute
  • Big Island
    • UberX – $1.35 per mile, $0.28 per minute
    • UberXL – $2.15 per mile, $0.38 per minute

As you can see, Uber pricing is highest on Maui and lowest on Oahu. Rates also increase quite a bit for UberXL versus UberX. Other factors like surge pricing during peak times can also raise rates substantially.

For most accurate price estimates, check the Uber app directly and enter your specific pickup and drop off locations. But the above per mile and per minute rates give you a general idea of the relative costs across islands.

Factors That Increase Your Uber Fare in Hawaii

Prime Time/Surge Pricing

Uber uses a dynamic pricing model that increases fares during times of peak demand. In Hawaii, prime surge times tend to coincide with rush hour, weekend nights, holidays, and major events/concerts when large numbers of riders are requesting rides simultaneously.

According to Uber’s website, fares can increase up to 3 times the standard rates during surge pricing. The exact multiplier depends on the level of demand. You’ll always be notified of the surge rate before you request your ride.

If you’re flexible on timing, waiting a bit for surges to subside can bring the fare back down.

Booking Fees

In addition to the actual fare, Uber tacks on service fees and taxes to each trip. The booking fee is $2.45 per UberX ride you request in Hawaii. Note that UberXL and higher vehicle tiers have different booking fees starting at $3.65.

Taxes and Surcharges

You’ll pay all standard taxes and surcharges that apply to transportation services in Hawaii. This includes the general excise tax (4%), county surcharge (0.5-1%), and sometimes airport fees if your trip involves airport pickups/droppings.


Tipping your Uber driver is optional in Hawaii, but always appreciated given the rising gas and living costs. Most riders tip 10-20% on the pretax subtotal. You can add a tip when rating your trip or up to 30 days afterwards if paying in cash.

Ways to Save Money on Uber in Hawaii

Ways to Save Money on Uber in Hawaii

Compare with other rideshare apps

Uber is not the only rideshare app operating in Hawaii. Competitors like Lyft, Via, and Freebee often have promotional discounts and cheaper regular rates. For example, Lyft estimates rides in Honolulu cost 40% less than UberX.

Comparing prices across apps for the same ride can lead to significant savings.

Avoid peak times when possible

Like airlines and hotels, Uber uses demand-based dynamic pricing which means rides cost more during the busiest times. According to Uber’s site, fares in Honolulu can surge over 3 times the base rate during peak demand.

When possible, avoid booking Ubers during rush hour, bar closing times, and major events to pay the non-surged base fare.

Time Fare Estimate*
Monday 7 AM $12-17
Friday 10 PM $39-53
*For UberX from Waikiki to Honolulu Airport

Take UberPOOL

UberPOOL allows you to share the car with other riders heading in the same direction. According to Uber’s site, POOL rides in Honolulu save up to 50% compared to UberX. The tradeoff is slightly longer rides and less control over who you share with.

Still, significant savings make UberPOOL an excellent budget option.

Estimating Your Hawaii Uber Fare

Uber’s online fare estimator

Uber provides an easy-to-use online fare estimator to help riders get an accurate price quote before booking a ride in Hawaii. By entering your pickup and drop off locations, the Uber app will provide an estimated fare range based on the route distance and estimated travel time.

Uber takes several factors into account when calculating fare estimates in Hawaii:

  • Base fare – This is a standard fee to start each trip.
  • Booking fee – A small fee that helps support Uber’s operating costs.
  • Mileage rate – A per mile rate during the trip.
  • Time rate – A per minute rate during the trip.
  • Surge pricing – Fares may increase during high demand.

So before you request a ride, enter your trip details in the app to see if UberX, UberXL, or another Uber option best fits your needs and budget. The price estimate considers route distance and travel time due to factors like traffic.

Get accurate price estimates before booking

Uber emphasizes transparency with upfront pricing. After entering a destination in the app, riders will get a fare quote for UberX, UberXL or Uber Select based on the exact route distance and estimated drive time.

Pricing is very consistent, but the final fare may vary slightly from the estimate due to unexpected traffic delays or other changes during the trip. Users find Uber’s fare estimator to be highly accurate for planning travel budgets.

In addition to the online estimator, riders can get free fare quotes by contacting Uber’s customer support with any cost questions before booking from an airport or hotel in Hawaii.

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Uber offers affordable rides across Hawaii’s most popular islands. While base fares start around $5, final prices vary based on ride type, time and distance traveled and other fees. Use Uber’s fare estimator and pay attention to surge times to get the best deal on your next Uber ride in paradise.

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