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The CBS naval crime drama NCIS: Hawaii recently aired its first season in 2021. With season 2 underway, viewers are curious who might be joining the cast next. This article will examine some possibilities and speculation around new cast members based on available information.

Background on NCIS: Hawaii

Overview of the show and characters

NCIS: Hawaii follows a fictional team of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they solve crimes on Oahu, Hawaii. Premiering in 2021, the show stars Vanessa Lachey as special agent Jane Tennant, the first female special agent in charge of NCIS Pacific.

Other key characters on the expert squad include Alex Tarrant as Kai Holman, a Hawai’i local recruit who specializes in technology and forensics, Yasmine Al-Bustami as Lucy Tara, a junior agent fluent in multiple languages, Jason Antoon as cyber intelligence specialist Ernie Malick, and Noah Mills as Jesse Boone, the team’s eager rookie.

Viewers rave about the show’s constant references to Hawaiian culture as well as dramatic storytelling focused on unique island challenges like active volcanoes, typhoons, and dense jungles. According to critics, NCIS: Hawaii stands out from other NCIS series for its distinct Hawaiian vibe and passionate focus on environmental issues facing Pacific islands.

Performance and viewership in season 1

During its first sizzling season, NCIS: Hawaii drew an average 8.5 million viewers per episode. It was especially popular with ages 25-54, regularly winning its Monday night time slot for this key viewing demographic.

In fact, the show was the #1 new series across all of network television for 2021/2022 based on total viewership.

Clearly, audiences are loving the chance to hear the iconic “Book ‘em, Danno!” line delivered in a tropical paradise! As the number two scripted series on CBS behind the NCIS mothership show, NCIS: Hawaii seems poised for continued success when it returns this fall for a steamy second season.

Factors That Could Influence New Castings

Need to Attract More Viewers

With any long-running TV show, maintaining and growing the audience is always a consideration when making casting decisions. The producers of NCIS: Hawaii likely analyze viewer demographics and trends to see if certain new character types might draw in larger audiences from underrepresented groups.

For example, they may look to cast more Hawaiian locals or Pacific Islanders as new agents or characters related to cases. This could help strengthen the show’s connection to the local culture. Appealing to younger viewers is also often a priority, so casting younger actors in major or recurring roles can potentially pull in that demographic.

Replacing Any Departing Actors

If any of the main cast members decide to leave NCIS: Hawaii in future seasons, that would obviously create prominent roles to fill. The show would need new agents with the right chemistry and credentials to plausibly join the elite team.

The casting directors would likely look for actors capable of replacing the outgoing character’s contribution while also bringing something fresh to the mix. They may draw from the other NCIS shows for inspiration if a type of character worked well before.

Expanding or Changing Character Arcs and Stories

To keep NCIS: Hawaii intriguing for viewers who have tuned in from the start, developing new character backgrounds, relationships, and storylines is important. Introducing new regular or recurring characters related to the agents’ lives and families would allow for more personal drama.

Adding character arcs tied to emerging threats or Hawaii-specific issues would also help keep the show grounded in the islands. More roles for locals could build cultural authenticity while creating acting opportunities.

Potential New Cast Members

Specific actors rumored or well-suited for the show

With the success of the first season of NCIS: Hawaii, there has been speculation about new actors joining the cast in season 2. Some names floating around include:

  • Daniel Dae Kim – Known for his roles on Hawaii Five-0 and Lost, Kim would be a recognizable face likely to draw in viewers.
  • Grace Park – Also a veteran of Hawaii Five-0, Park has the acting chops and familiarity with filming in Hawaii to make a seamless addition.
  • Ken Jeong – The comedian’s humorous energy could lend itself well to a guest appearance or recurring role.
  • Keiko Agena – Best known as Lane on Gilmore Girls, Agena was born in Honolulu and would bring authenticity to the show.

Of course, there may also be some rising stars or lesser-known local Hawaiian actors brought on board to inject new life into the show.

What types of roles might be added

A few possibilities for new roles that could complement the existing NCIS: Hawaii team:

  • A new probie – The latest rookie agent to get broken in by the team. This would allow for humor and mentoring opportunities.
  • A criminal informant – A shady but well-connected figure on the islands who occasionally feeds the team valuable intel.
  • Tech expert – With cyber threats only growing, a specialist in online crimes could assist the agents with hacking, cryptography, surveillance, and more.
  • Medical examiner – A replacement for or assistant to Kate Whistler’s character could appear to deepen the forensic analysis.

The show’s tropical setting also lends itself well to plot lines involving the Coast Guard, lifeguards, marine researchers, or conservation officers.Characters tied to any of these professions might spice up storylines and offer new insider knowledge.

Whether new agents, informants, or other unique roles in law enforcement, additional cast members for NCIS: Hawaii‘s sophomore season seem imminent. Fans eagerly await news of who will be popping up on the beautiful shores of Oahu!

Fan Hopes and Speculation for New Characters

Fans of NCIS: Hawaii are eagerly anticipating news about which new characters might be joining the cast in future seasons. Though no official announcements have been made yet, fans have plenty of hopes and speculation about who they would love to see on the tropical spinoff.

More Hawaiian Representation

Many fans have expressed a desire to see more native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander characters featured on the show. Since NCIS: Hawaii is set in the culturally diverse islands, highlighting local culture through new characters would be welcomed.

  • Some fans suggest bringing in characters with roles in traditional Hawaiian practices like hula or ocean navigation.
  • Others think more representation from native Polynesian communities beyond Hawaii would make an impact.

According to a recent article, the current main and recurring Hawaiian characters have connected strongly with local viewers hungry to see themselves represented in media.

More Island Backstories

In addition to cultural representation, many viewers want to learn more unique backstories of how new characters ended up on the islands. Since Hawaii has a blend of locals and transplants, exploring what brought newcomers can reveal intriguing plotlines.

  • Some hope for characters with unexpected previous careers before joining law enforcement on the islands, like conservationists, athletes, or diplomats.
  • Others imagine characters with long family histories rooted in Hawaii for generations, allowing heritage story arcs.

No matter their origins, new characters with passion for protecting island communities could surely win over fans.

Casting Wishes

Of course fans have plenty of opinions over their dream casting choices for who could mix things up on the NCIS: Hawaii team!

  • Many suggest Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame would make a splash.
  • Some think Asian-American stars like Constance Wu or Anna Akana could draw buzz.
  • Others envision Oscar winner J.K. Simmons playing a wily veteran agent who transfers from the mainland.

While fans will have to wait for official word on if any new faces join the Aloha State crew, the hopes and guesses will keep swirling in the meantime!


While concrete details on casting decisions are unavailable, this article has covered the performance of NCIS: Hawaii so far and what factors could influence additions of new actors to the show. As the next season approaches, fans eagerly await any announcements of who might be joining the team in Hawaii.

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