Lime suspends Honolulu scooter rentals

Official statement from LimeBike:

Yesterday, the City offered us a rationale behind impounding our scooters, citing our low-speed electric scooters classify as mopeds. As a result, we have decided to temporarily suspend our service out of respect for the city, our riders, and local team-members, while we review the relevant code and evaluate our next steps.

We hope to be able to work collaboratively with City leaders to establish a sensible regulatory framework around this new shared scooter model so that we can return to serving the City & County of Honolulu.

Nearly two thousand riders in Honolulu have already relied on our scooters as their convenient, affordable transportation option, and we are eager to bring our scooters back to the City soon.

Lime aims to improve urban mobility, transportation, and cities by transforming the way people get around them and eliminating traffic congestion. We hope to do the same for Honolulu, as we have in the 60 other markets where we operate.

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