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  • Education Publicity John Yukio Gotanda Named New HPU President

    John Yukio Gotanda Named New HPU President

    A Roosevelt High School graduate has been named the new president of Hawaii Pacific University. The HPU Board of Trustees selected John Yukio Gotanda as the university’s next president following a national search led by a university committee that included HPU trustees, faculty, staff, and students. An accomplished academic leader, Gotanda will take over as HPU’s president on June 30, 2016. He will succeed current president Dr. Geoffrey Bannister, who will retire on July 1, 2016 after five years at the […]

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  • Education Publicity Technology HPU team wins regional programming contest

    HPU team wins regional programming contest

    A team from Hawaii Pacific University recently won the Hawaii site of the 2015 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), Pacific Northwest region, on November 14. Competing in Division 1, the HPU team 00FF00 (hexadecimal code for green) bested teams from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, UH-Hilo, and host Brigham Young University–Hawaii. 00FF00 members Kevin Goo, Jiru “Jazz” Xu and Aaron Bernath solved various problems, requiring knowledge of algorithms, programming and teamwork. “Competitions like this serve as real-world preparation […]

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  • Events Featured Publicity Kids win latest Startup Weekend Honolulu

    Kids win latest Startup Weekend Honolulu

    History was made on Sunday when 12-year-old Buddy Leong, 10-year-old Koko Leong and 6-year-old Kyndra Leong beat out a field of over fifty adults to win first place at Startup Weekend Honolulu. The achievement may represent the youngest team to win a Startup Weekend worldwide.

    Founded in 2009, Startup Weekend has been held over 1,200 times in over 560 cities with an estimated 105,000 participants. The Global Startup Battle is now being held in over 250 cities worldwide.

    Over 25 individuals pitched an idea on Friday night and the 10 ideas with the most votes went on to recruit a team. The teams had until Sunday afternoon to create a business model, prototype, get customer validation and deliver a five-minute final presentation. They are judged by industry experts and a winner is named.

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  • Business Technology Hawaii manufacturing accelerator program launched

    Hawaii manufacturing accelerator program launched

    Two local experts in manufacturing and product development have co-founded the Startup Connector, a Honolulu-based manufacturing accelerator program. Startup Connector was created by Bob Nakata and Collin Kobayashi. Nakata was previously the CEO of Kai Sensors/Kai Medical, and before that, headed systems engineering at Verifone. His background also includes wireless technology startups and consulting with venture capital firms on wireless hardware development and due diligence. Kobayashi, meanwhile, heads 3D Innovations, a 3D printing, prototyping, and CAD firm. He is also […]

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  • Education Featured Publicity Tech-Savvy Educator Named Windward Teacher of the Year

    Tech-Savvy Educator Named Windward Teacher of the Year

    Stephanie Mew of Kapunahala Elementary is the 2016 Windward District Teacher of the Year. The third-grade instructor has taught at the Kaneohe school for 13 years and possesses 26 years of professional teaching experience.

    Known for her high energy, Mew incorporates topics that interest her into her classroom to inspire students. Topics have included technology, engineering, math, robotics, science and gardening. Fostering creativity, Mew also teaches that failure is sometimes good.

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  • Education Publicity Science NASA rocket launches UH student project into space

    NASA rocket launches UH student project into space

    University of Hawaii community college students watched their scientific payload spin into space today when a two-stage Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket was launched around midnight Hawaii time from NASAʻs Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The UH Community College team was the only community college whose payload was selected for this launch. Payloads developed by students from seven higher education programs were aboard the rocket. The UH Community College students are part of a collaboration known as Project Imua (Hawaiian for […]

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  • Environment Featured Publicity Weather Red Cross assists Saipan in wake of Typhoon Soudelor

    Red Cross assists Saipan in wake of Typhoon Soudelor

    Typhoon Soudelor made landfall over the weekend on the Mariana Islands of Saipan and Tinian. Category 2 hurricane force winds caused extensive widespread damage to Saipan, taking out the island’s power, water and sewage facilities and blocking major roadways. A state of disaster and significant emergency was declared for Saipan as current conditions are expected to last for weeks. Both Saipan and Tinian are part of the American Red Cross Pacific Islands Region, which includes Hawaii, Guam and the Northern […]

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  • Featured Publicity Science Technology KeckWatch App Fuels Fans of Astronomy

    KeckWatch App Fuels Fans of Astronomy

    Today, W. M. Keck Observatory launched a new smartphone app to stoke the curiosity and wonder of astronomy. KeckWatch offers mankind’s collected knowledge of the cosmos on the screen of your iOS device.

    In addition to being able to easily identify stars and planets with both conventional and Hawaiian names, it offers a unique glimpse through the gigantic eyes of the Keck I and Keck II telescopes, the two largest and most scientifically productive telescope on Earth. The app was built by First Light Design, the makers of category-defining app Distant Suns, and can be can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store today.

    “Our work studying the cosmos these past two decades has led to remarkable understandings of our Universe and has placed Hawaii as the premiere location on Earth for astronomical research,” said Hilton Lewis, director of Keck Observatory.

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  • Featured Science Technology World Solar Impulse Extends Hawaii Stay through April 2016

    Solar Impulse Extends Hawaii Stay through April 2016

    The solar powered airplane of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will stay in Hawaii until early spring 2016, despite early efforts to repair the batteries which overheated in the record breaking oceanic flight from Nagoya to Hawaii.

    Following the longest and most difficult leg of the round-the-world journey — which lasted five days and five nights (117 hours and 52 minutes) — Solar Impulse will undergo maintenance repairs on the batteries due to damages brought about by overheating.

    “After checking what happened, we came to the conclusion that we preferred to change these batteries before going further in the flight around the world,” said Borschberg in a special interview with Bytemarks Cafe on Hawaii Public Radio that will air later today. “And it’s not so simple, it’s not like changing the batteries of a car, it’s a bit more complex, so it will take more time.”

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  • Environment Publicity Lawmakers commit to 100 percent renewable energy by 2045

    Lawmakers commit to 100 percent renewable energy by 2045

    Hawaii lawmakers voted 74-2 today to pass the nation’s first 100% renewable energy requirement. The measure, House Bill 623, makes Hawaii a global leader in renewable energy policy by requiring that 100% of the islands’ electricity must be generated from renewable energy resources—such as wind, solar, and geothermal—no later than 2045.

    “Hawaii lawmakers made history today—not only for the state, but for the planet,” said Jeff Mikulina, Executive Director of the Blue Planet Foundation.

    The measure, if enacted by Governor David Ige, would make Hawaii the first state in the nation with such a 100% renewable energy standard. Blue Planet Foundation, whose mission is to clear the path for 100% renewable energy, praised the move.

    “Passage of this measure is a historic step towards a fossil fuel free Hawaii,” said Mikulina. “This visionary policy is a promise to future generations that their lives will be powered not by climate-changing fossil fuel, but by clean, local, and sustainable sources of energy.”

    “We applaud the leadership of both the House and the Senate, and of the energy committee chairs, Rep. Chris Lee and Sen. Mike Gabbard, for helping make this historic policy a reality,” he added.

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