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The aloha guide to Hawaii’s paradise – beaches, hikes, food, and culture for an unforgettable island experience

Hawaiian Kukui Nut Necklace

Hand-crafted in Hawaii, kukui nut lei necklaces channel the spirit of the islands. Strands of natural kukui nuts, Hawaii’s state tree, are carefully woven together with carved beads to create adjustable garland necklaces. The kukui symbolizes luck, enlightenment, and protection in Hawaiian culture. Wear an authentic kukui nut necklace to celebrate Hawaiian pride and bring good fortune wherever you go. These earthy, hand-made necklaces showcase the Aloha state’s organic beauty.

Puka Shell Necklace

Capture the essence of the islands with genuine Hawaiian puka shell necklaces. Puka means “hole” in Hawaiian – the small natural holes come from years of ocean erosion. Skilled artisans hand-knot these real shells into bohemian beach-chic designs. The neutral tones complement any outfit. Wear puka shell jewelry to relax your mind and transport your spirit to the tranquil shores of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace

Hawaiian fish hook necklaces capture the tribal spirit of the Pacific. The intricate bone and wood pendants are hand-carved in classic Maori shapes – symbols of abundance and prosperity. Strung on adjustable cotton cords, these unique necklaces are perfect for expressing your free-spirited side. Fish hook designs complement casual outfits with an exotic island twist. Wear these handcrafted works of art to showcase your adventurous vibe.

Hawaiian Shark Tooth Necklace

Hawaiian shark tooth necklaces make a bold statement with their ocean-inspired designs. Natural tiger, mako, and white shark teeth are carved into tribal pendants set on braided cords. Handmade in Hawaii from sustainably sourced shark teeth and bones, these striking necklaces are perfect for surfers and free spirits who feel a connection to the sea.

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